Wednesday, February 26, 2020

2020 Topps Heritage Baseball Review

1971 is the design that Topps is using for their Heritage set this year, and it is a looker! Last year's set was pretty mundane in design, so I'm glad this set bounces back with a striking look. Though the cards may look way better, the content in Heritage is pretty much the same. There are a ton of base cards as well as fun parallel cards to look for when you buy a box.

Product Thoughts
First and foremost, these cards look really good. The black borders give these cards a bold look that makes a statement. Everything on the card pops out at you. Though the black borders look great, they only look great if they are in great condition. Black borders can be chipped easily. If you don't take care of these cards when they are handled, you're going to get a lot of cards with bad edges.

As you open packs of 2020 Heritage, you're going to be seeing the same thing over and over again. You may think you're getting all base cards, but you really aren't. Topps throws action photo cards in as well as short printed high numbered cards. You're going to want to inspect the backs of the cards carefully to really know what you have. Some variations are extremely rare and have very high secondary market values.

While some cards are hard to tell apart from the standard version, others are easy. The white bordered parallel cards are obviously different. These card give a glimpse of what the card would look like without the black border. Yeah... it looks totally terrible. I'm so glad Topps went with the black!

There aren't many modern looking cards in Heritage, but the Chrome versions have that metallic shine to them that is unmistakable. These cards also feature serial numbering on the back. I love the way these cards look and actually wish they were easier to pull. Collecting a set of these Chrome cards would be awesome - I just can't spent the time and money to do that though.

Insert cards are easy to spot as they typically have a radically different design than the standard base. Sadly, these inserts come on the same card stock and don't have much going for them in terms of collectibility. I consider these cards just throw-ins to put more notable names in the set.

Some of the cards in Heritage feature historical moments and relics. Topps will often put cards into a product that highlight important events. The Flashback set does just that, but these cards won't have much collector interest. There are relic cards, however, that feature coins of different rarity. I bet those would be a fun pull!

You'll either find an autograph or relic card in every hobby box of Heritage. Heritage isn't a hit intensive product, but there are some beauties to find. Most of the boxes in a case will have a standard relic card. My first pack actually contained this on-card autograph of Will Smith. I almost couldn't tell it was an autograph card. Good thing I was going through that first pack slowly!

  • Base cards look amazing.
  • Potential for some amazing hits.
  • Not particularly expensive.
  • Hard to tell that some cards are short prints.
  • Not a hit driven product.
  • Photos are uninspiring.

Overall Rating:



  1. I'm in! Nice review!

  2. 1971 design is awesome with the facsimile autos on every card. Not enough hits should be at least two.

  3. I enjoy the look of the black bordered Flashback inserts.

  4. Love the card design this year douglas hutton