Wednesday, February 5, 2020

2019-2020 Upper Deck Allure Review

Upper Deck brings out a completely new brand called Allure. The name suggests something that should be beautiful and desired. The cards come in a cube-shaped box that reminds me more of Panini Certified than anything else that Upper Deck has done - but that's good, as I think Upper Deck needs to have a more varied selection of cards on the market.

Product Thoughts
I mentioned Panini Certified, but the actual cards are more like Select. The base cards have a nice thickness to them with some very shiny foil board. The mirrored finish allows you to pretty much see yourself in the card if looking directly into it. The design is ok, but I wouldn't say I'm a huge fan of it. There just needs to be a bit more intention to the cards with a name like Allure. It may be that this is just the first year and Upper Deck is testing the waters with this new brand, but I feel the cards need a bit more of a wow factor in terms of their basic look and design.

Standard rookie cards are quite common in the set. Rather than having a fun subset like Future Watches or Young Guns, the Allure rookies simple have a 'rookie' logo placed in the upper mid-right of the card. Like I stated before, the design could be a lot better. The logo looks pretty generic with little thought put into it. In general these rookie simply are not too alluring. Ahahaaaaa...

The design elements ramp up with the inclusion of parallel cards. There are a number of parallel cards in Allure to chase. Some of the cards, like this Erik Karlsson card above, feature special die-cutting. The die-cut look is ok, but what really strikes me about the card is the change in background color. The different colors featured in Allure are what really make this set appealing.

Since I've started collecting other sports, I've found that collectors have gone nuts over parallel cards. I feel that in hockey the parallel card collectibility is much lower. Perhaps Upper Deck is trying to really hit hard on the parallel card front with this new brand. There certainly are many parallels with lots of different looks and limited numbering. If parallel cards become a huge thing in hockey, Allure could be a pretty special set with all its fancy offerings.

There should be at least a couple of its per box. The most common hit will be the plain jersey card. These cards look nice with some shiny red foil on them, but the value of these cards will never excite collectors too much. Finding a short print card of a good player or rookie would be much more exciting than this hit.

There should also be an autograph in the hobby box breaks. Seeing as this product is heavy on rookies, I'm sure you'll find lots of rookie autographed content. Sadly, the autograph that I pulled was on-sticker, which should be the norm for a product within this price point.

And finally the product rounds itself out with some insert cards that I found surprisingly nice looking. I was impressed with the design and the way the insert cards look. Upper Deck made good use of the foil in creating these. Overall, I'd say Allure is a decent mid-range product that has nice potential going forward. I do really enjoy the parallel content and would be very happy to see parallel cards really take off in the hockey world.

  • A step in a different direction for Upper Deck.
  • Huge amount of parallel cards to chase.
  • Lots of rookies to find.
  • Bland rookie card design.
  • Autographs on stickers.
  • Plain jerseys still a disappointment to pull.

Overall Rating:



  1. I'm in! Love your videos sir! That Suzuki card is sweet. (Youtube is Cody Hodgman)

  2. I'm in... really not a bad looking set. Gotta love shiny! And the fact that the orange parallel is called "orange slice" is great to me for some reason. Thanks for the review (YouTube name is Mike Lint)

  3. I'm in! Absolutely adore this product! Basically o pee chew platinum but with jersey cards

  4. Parallels are great and some like steel and green quartz are awesome to pull. Didn't like the pink you pulled it had no name for it on the back so a mistake in my mind.

  5. I have see a lot of breaks of this and still on the fence whether i like it or not. Lots of rookies, which is great, but it feels like it is UD just trying to put something out there to be similar to Panini... just my thoughts... could be better but couuld be much much worse...(youtube: Rainy Daze)

  6. I'm in! Love this product, fantastic inserts and hits. Definitely get the Panini vibe! [Yt : TheHabsGuy]

  7. Can't wait to pick up a box. I'm in.

    YT: Mike Schmidt

  8. Great set to collect douglas hutton