Thursday, December 12, 2019

2019 Topps Mini Review

Topps puts out a never-ending array of products it seems! I decided to try out the online exclusive Topps Mini cards that are a smaller version of the standard Topps base set. I'm not usually a fan of smaller cards, but Topps stated that these cards would have a pretty limited print run, so I gave a couple of packs a shot.

Product Thoughts
I paid about twenty five dollars per Topps mini pack. I actually wish I had gotten more as they are completely sold out at The cards come in a black Topps box with a silver pack containing all the cards. You get a nice stack of cards with the first portion of the pack being parallel cards. The standard cards come after the parallels and are from all of the different Topps base sets from the 2019 year. Series One, Two, and Update are all here. Besides being smaller, these cards also lack any foil, so they have a very flat matte look and feel to them.

Topps gives you a slew of numbered parallels. My first pack actually had a number of very low colored parallel cards. I got both a red numbered to 5 and this Dansby Swanson 1/1! It was very cool to find a 1/1 in one of my packs. Collectors really love Topps numbered parallels, and I think these will be very popular with collectors looking for distinct versions of certain cards. Getting a Pete Alonso rookie or someone of that ilk would be very lucrative.

The 1984 retro cards also can be found in the packs. These cards mirror the '84 cards in the standard series, but again lack the foil. I guess Topps didn't want to splurge with these smaller cards. In any case, these cards aren't too special. The parallel cards, however, look very nice. The colored border on them as well as the serial numbering elevate the cards nicely. Check out my video break to see a sweet pink bordered Matt Olson numbered to just 25. It's probably my favorite pull of my 2-box break!

Besides parallels, autographed cards can be found in mini versions. These cards are sticker autos and look rather pedestrian. Still, getting a good one would make any collector pretty happy. 

  • Many colored and numbered parallels per pack/box.
  • Certainly a different product than what you usually see.
  • Limited.
  • The standard mini base card is flat looking without the foil Topps usually uses.
  • Sold out already and pricey on the secondary market.
  • Not an easy product to store away because of its size.

Overall Rating:



  1. Nice cards but not my cup of tea due to their size.

  2. I think the cards look very sharp and their size is unique. I’m in.

    YT James Cusanelli