Saturday, December 14, 2019

2019-2020 Upper Deck Buybacks Review

Buyback products are definitely a thing. Upper Deck, along with other companies, have products that feature cards that have already been released re-packed for collectors to find. Some of the cards come just as they were when they came out years ago, other cards have added autographs and a certificate of authenticity. Each box comes with two cards - a Buyback branded base card as well as the actual buyback card.

Product Thoughts
The first card that you'll see when opening up a box of UD Buyback is the base card. The base cards remind me a lot of Black Diamond. There is plenty of foil as well as an etched background. These cards are tastefully done and come in a toploader sealed with an Upper Deck sticker. There are a variation of numbers that these base cards come in. I pulled a Martin Brodeur gold parallel serial numbered to 50. These base cards - while well made - aren't too exciting. It's almost as if these cards just shield that main hit from the box so it's more of a surprise.

There is a huge variety of buyback cards you can find. I've seen many Young Gun autographs come out of case breaks. A Young Gun autograph is an 'ok' pull, but there are some truly epic cards you can find here. Upper Deck touts the Connor McDavid autographs that they have in the product. Looks like I pulled the wrong Oiler!

I joined in on a group break and came away with this Nikolaj Ehlers RPA from Premier. This card doesn't come with a certificate of authenticity as it was already guaranteed in print on the back of the card. The card has a nice patch on it, but I wasn't very excited when I got this card. It really seems like something from left field. 

  • A great way to find cards from older sets.
  • On-card autographs.
  • Both cards come with its own holder.
  • Expensive.
  • Some cards that have been inserted are questionable.
  • High risk product.

Overall Rating:



  1. I'm in. Good looking cards

  2. Thanks for sharing, Luke! I feel your disappointment with this product given your pulls out of two difference occasions. The thrill of one of the more enticing pulls in their checklist is definitely there, but there are some questionable options they chose as a buffer for their ROI for the series as a whole. Wish there was a better result for you, good Sir

    YT: McBones

  3. I’m in. Yea not sure about these boxes. Seen so many terrible pulls.

    YT: TheYash

  4. I'm in!!!. Not really into the price tag of these cards. But they are alright looking

    YT:HabsHardCore Fan

  5. I’m in.

    The pulls I’ve seen don’t seem to be worth the high price tag.

    YT: tpbj86

  6. I’m in. I really like the canvas and young guns autos that’s what gets me excited about this product, but i also love the ehlers.

    YT: Isaiah Armstrong

  7. Nice cards and a great review but the price point is just too much....

  8. I'm in. Not a fan. Not worth the price even for a good hit.

  9. Buyback is for the high rollers only or breaks

  10. I'm In. Big gamble but very tempting.
    YT: mohipya

  11. Hi Man. Good luck and cards way too overpriced I’ll forward you could get.

  12. I’m in. The cards are a bit overpriced but it’s a cool idea.

    YT: James Cusanelli

  13. Well I'm in, definitely should watch more breaks of it on Youtube.
    Yt PKCabbadge

  14. I’m in. It’s a gamble but some nice things can be pulled! LOVE that’s Ehlers card!

    YT: Brennan Osinski

  15. The base cards definitely have a BD feel. When I watched your video, I couldn't help but laugh at that price tag. Upper Deck is making a killing on this product.

  16. Im in extra entry my user name is 100k subs without a video challenge

  17. Im in, cedrik dupuis-mainville is my yt name.

  18. Very risky buy. I like the concept, but it's such a gamble. I'm in.

    YT: Mike Schmidt

  19. I’m in. I love the idea of getting a great rare auto but the gambling risk is too high.

  20. I’m in. I love the idea of getting a great rare auto but the gambling risk is too high.