Sunday, November 3, 2019

2019 Topps Holiday Box Review

As the Christmas season approaches, Topps spreads the holiday cheer with their release of holiday edition cards. These boxes are Walmart exclusives and were very popular last year. This year's edition could be just as hot! If you see some laying around at the store, I'd recommend picking it up as it could disappear very quickly!

Product Thoughts
The holiday edition is the standard 2019 Topps base design spruced up with red and green Christmas flare. The cards are cheerful and fun - the Christmas border really gives the card some life. I find myself really liking the look of these cards quite a bit. You'll find cards from all the Topps releases (Series 1, 2, and update) in here.

Some of the most fun cards are the photo variation short prints. Topps will sneak in a Christmas tree or some lights around the player. It's a neat idea and really does get the cards into the Christmas spirit. I personally find photoshopping a Christmas tree into the background of a card to be hilarious. I was very happy to find the Juan Soto variant in my first holiday box. Given his performance in the recent World Series, it was a great one to find.

It's hard to tell in the scan, but the Luke Voit card above is actually a parallel card. The snowflakes that are on the left side border of the card are actually a metallic shimmer. You'll find a handful of these parallels per holiday box. Though they are pretty easy to find, they look really nice and make the card really pop.

Each Holiday box comes guaranteed with a hit - either an autograph, relic, or relic-autograph! It truly is a pretty sweet gift! The gift theme and design of the Willson Contreras card shown above is perfect for this set. Very cute. Topps has done an outstanding job with this holiday release. I wish other companies would do something fun like this as well. I love these cards and can't find a single fault with this product!

  • The cards are fun.
  • These are a Wal-Mart exclusive so the price is set and will not go up (or cheaper if they do a Roll-Back). At about $20 a box, this is a great deal.
  • One hit per box at the retail level.
  • These will disappear fast.
  • They will cost a lot more on the secondary market.
  • Only available at Wal-Mart.

Overall Rating:



  1. very different, but fun cards... Rainy Daze

  2. "I,m In"...Your reviews are Great with...Year and Name of Product...Price of Product...Location of Purchase...Positive/Negative view of Product...and Overall Rating. I've seen many trading card videos and few of them are as informative as yours. Keep up Good Work & Hope to see more vids.

  3. Thanks for the review. They are nice looking cards, a bit different for my liking but nice cards nonetheless.

  4. I'm in! Love this product! Im more into hockey though....

  5. fun product
    yt: E Y

  6. Wonderful review! This looks like a fun set, I wish they would do something like this in hockey. You would figure Upper Deck would like to pad their pockets with a product like this.

  7. I’m in! Love the design of the cards especially that Juan Soto card. James Cusanelli

  8. I really like how these cards give off the Christmas vibe!

    YT user name: san jose fuji

  9. Great review Luke, as always - thanks for bringing both the hobby and the retail level of breaks to your channel so constantly. The holiday vibe of the cards is a fantastic touch and the different level of variations (ie. the Soto) with the Christmas easter eggs are great!