Saturday, October 12, 2019

2018-2019 Upper Deck Clear Cut Review

Upper Deck and Topps both release an acetate product in the same week so for collectors who collect both hockey and baseball, the products can be compared in a head-to-head. When it comes down to it, the Upper Deck's offering is less satisfying, less of a value, and more expensive. That's not good.

Product Thoughts
One thing that Upper Deck Clear Cut has going for it is the look of the cards. Upper Deck has always done a magnificent job of making cards look nice and classy. The Clear Cut cards have a great looking frosted white portion that has tasteful foil highlights to go along with the blue on-card autograph. The one-touch that it comes in is sealed with the Upper Deck hologram which gives it a nice touch as well. In terms of design, Upper Deck gets a thumbs up.

Where the product falters is the price. Boxes of Clear Cut are about eighty dollars at the time of release. That's eighty bucks for just one card. Hockey has traditionally been weaker in terms of the value of cards when compared to the other major sports. So to pay so much more for a product doesn't bode well for the release. Topps' Clearly Authentic has the exact same configuration but at twenty to twenty five dollars less. If I had to choose a product, I would go for Topps all day long. Not only is it cheaper, but the potential to pull a card that is worth more is much higher with that product.

Watching break after break of Clear Cut, what I've seen the most of have been just plain 'ol rookie cards. If you just want to test the waters of Clear Cut and buy a single box, chances are you're going to pull a rookie auto. Unfortunately, the product is stacked with rookies that are not significantly worth anything. Finding a great vet or a high-end rookie is a very tough proposition. You're much better off just finding the player you like and buying the card as a single. The gamble here is too ridiculous.

I don't want to be a complete downer on the product. One thing that I did like about Clear Cut was if you got a redemption card, you at least got a Rookie Debut Canvas along with it - that way you didn't just feel like you got nothing but a long wait in you box.

All-in-all I was really looking forward to Clear Cut, but the reality of the product is that it just isn't worth the price. If the price were to reach the fifty dollar range I could see myself getting more, but for now... nope.

  • Excellent looking cards.
  • If you get a redemption you still get a UD Canvas rookie card.
  • On-card autographs.
  • Expensive product compared to other sports versions.
  • Loaded with cards that won't have much value.
  • The breaking experience is over too fast.

Overall Rating:



  1. I'm in. Love your reviews. Helps me save money lol

  2. I'm in, thanks for showing me why I shouldn't buy it. Might join some group breaks though.
    Yt username - Fade HIYA

  3. I’m in. Way to expensive for what you get.

  4. I'm in. Too expensive but possibly worth it at a lower price.

  5. ken c. its expensive but i do find the cards nice.... the big hits are so good too.... but chances so sliim

  6. I'm in - Always great to see your breaks, Luke, but I too feel your sentiments on the most recent break for the N. Roy RC. A quick glance at the checklist and to see the assortment makes the asking price hard to commit to. There are some great possibilities to pull from legends, HOFers, and current stars, but they can be far and in-between the average pull. I agree that if there are any cards you are planning to add to your collection, pulling them from the secondary market might be the way to go.

    YT: McBones

  7. I'm in! Love the acetate, but a Roy unnumbered auto is pretty disappointing.

    YT: CY Lam

  8. Too pricey and too many worthless rookies sigs.

  9. would have to agree with you for sure

  10. I'm in. Sadly, like what seems like most of Upper Deck hockey these days these cards aren't worth it. Thanks for the review regardless!

  11. Good review, agreed on all the points. Would love to see a low price point product with a similar presentation. Youtube username NJames.

  12. Love the autos douglas hutton

  13. Your review is spot on with my thoughts on the product. I do consider it way cheaper than Splendor. That being said, I will buy my cards 2nd hand on the net.

  14. I’m in. Huge gamble and easy money for Upper deck. I wouldn’t even call it a hit or miss... it’s more of a miss-miss-miss-miss-miss-miss-something meh

    yt: Dylan James Chang