Saturday, October 26, 2019

2919-2020 Leaf Superlative Collection Review

I haven't opened any of Leaf's hockey products, but I thought I'd give Superlative a try. It's expensive, but comparable to some of Topps' higher-end one-card-per-pack offerings so I went for it. Collectors can expect to find premium autographs and memorabilia within the boxes of Superlative. There are some very interesting cards available, so if you're looking for something a bit off the standard Upper Deck releases, this is one of the few available choices.

Product Thoughts
At about $150 per box at release, these cards are pricey. I'd say that the quality of memorabilia rivals The Cup though. Shields as well as large patches are some of the major selling points of Superlative. Leaf has got to put in their best effort here because otherwise collectors wouldn't go for a product that isn't officially licensed by the NHL. The two memorabilia pieces that I got were both patches and fairly nice sized chunks. No picture is really needed, and there really isn't much room on the card for photos anyways. I guess as long as the card is completely filled with the memorabilia, it looks pretty good.

While the memorabilia cards impress in Superlative, the autographed content is a little lackluster because - from what I've seen so far - they are mostly sticker autographs (or cuts). For a super expensive product, most collectors would expect on-card signatures. That's not the case here. So in this case The Cup has a huge edge.

The Leaf releases are very niche and probably won't reach a huge collector base. I'd say that only collectors looking for something beyond Upper Deck would give this a try. Because the product is unlicensed, they will definitely not hold the value of an equivalent Upper Deck card. But if you're just looking to get some great game-used relics, this may be a nice place to look.

  • Some amazing looking relic content.
  • Cards are very low numbered.
  • A nice alternative for collectors who want something different.
  • Expensive.
  • Unlicensed product so no NHL logos.
  • Sticker autographs for something considered high-end.

Overall Rating:



  1. That is an amazing review. I really like Leaf and feel it's a breath of fresh air to give money to another company not named Upper Deck.

  2. New to your blog. Found it by clicking the link on your YT video for this break. My YT username is San Jose Fuji.
    Looking forward to reading future posts.

    By the way, if you're a fan of 90's hockey inserts I just wrote a post on my blog about some cards I found at my local flea market last weekend. There were some really cool hidden gems in that collection. Here's a link:

  3. Nice review! I think the card is awesome and your review is spot on. The price

  4. Great review as always. Yes it is expensive but look what you got.

  5. I’m in. Awesome card! Trouvaille translates to Findings. Not a fan of unlicensed products, plus this is way too expensive for a one card box.

  6. I actually might give this product a go eventually. Seems that there is good potential compared to Upper Deck product.That card is maybe about half the money of the product which isn't too shabby.

    Upper deck has an exclusive multi year licence (2019) with the NHL, so Hockey collectors are stuck with few products to collect. I would love to see topps or even Leaf become popularized within the hockey card community as it would give Upper Deck some competition.

    Thanks for the giveaway and great review as always:)

  7. Always a joy watching and reading your reviews, Luke, and this is no different. Congrats on the Lemieux / Jagr dual patch pull! It is always great seeing their (Leaf/ITG) releases include a wide variety of retired greats/legends, old-timers, as well as current stars/rookies, but their price point continue to grow exponentially each release/year. The Superlative sub-brand still brings the hits but it can come at a hefty price.

    Thanks for sharing your break, and the chance to win a piece of ITG history out of your Vault.

    YT: McBones

  8. I'm in! Seems worth it....

  9. I'm in. Expensive for just one card.

  10. im in. seems nice of a product.

    yt: e y

  11. Awesome review but not a fan of the product. YT: penscards95

  12. I'm in! Expensive and unfortunately it's unlicensed, but pretty nice cards!

    YT: CY Lam

  13. Great review I will definitely check out others you do as im getting back in to collecting and would love to know before i buy. rob Campbell