Thursday, October 24, 2019

2019 Topps Triple Threads Review

Topps Triple Threads is a higher-end product that gives baseball collectors four hits (two autos and two memorabilia) every time they open up a box of two packs. Triple Threads has been an impressive product for years, and has given baseball card fans gorgeous looking cards with low numbering and sweet relic pieces.

Product Thoughts
Thought not cheap, Triple Threads is a product that seems to be decent in terms of what you can pull in it. The cases I've seen opened have spit out a lot of great content such as 1/1's, books, and triple autographed cards. Buying a single box can be a little risky, but it seems as thought this year's product is loaded up a bit more. There are just some Topps products that seem to be better than others. For example, Clearly Authentic seemed to be more concentrated with good hits rather than Gold Label and Archives Signature. Triple Threads is seemingly more like Clearly Authentic.... and that's a good thing!

Triple Threads cards are adorned with lots of shiny foil, a great feeling card stock, and relic pieces that usually have a varied color scheme such as the Jason Heyward I pulled. I've found that Topps have done a really nice job of making sure the cards have that little extra edge in the looks department. It lets you know that there are actually distinct pieces of relic in there that came from different places rather than just a long piece of relic coming out of three sets of letter cutouts.

Something else I really appreciate about Triple Threads is the commitment to having game-used material in the cards. The relics say so right on the front of the card, and that's awesome. With so many event-worn pieces out there, having Topps place game-used relics in these cards make them that much more special.

There is a lot to like about Topps Triple Threads. It's pricey, but I can see myself purchasing more of it because of the quality of both the cards and the hits available in it. I think Triple Threads is one of the best products Topps has put out this year and am very impressed with it!

  • Stunning looking cards.
  • Many of the cards have very low serial numbing and game-used material.
  • Good potential to pull out a big hit.
  • Out of the price range of most.
  • You'll still find some lame rookies.
  • Many of the autographed cards are on sticker.

Overall Rating:



  1. Sick cards! Reminds me of the cup! I'm in!

  2. Ok product but if you don't hit you are stuck with cards that are not worth much like every expensive offering. Your box was not great.

  3. Another sensational,well written review! The cards are sure dazzling looking, I like the 2 box box format.

  4. They seem like really nice cards. I am not a huge baseball card guy but I do like the looks of these!

  5. Live the cards this year douglas hutton