Friday, September 6, 2019

2019 Topps Luminaries Review

I'm absolutely astounded by the amount of really high-end baseball products that Topps puts out. It's like an unending stream of expensive products! I've been able to keep up... but really just barely! Topps' newest release is Luminaries, a one-hit-per-box deal that provides only the best players from Major League Baseball.

Product Thoughts
Luminaries doesn't have too much fluff. With just one card in each extremely nicely designed box, you don't even get the low-tier rookies Topps like to throw in with all the heavy hitters. Just about every player you get will be an MLB-er of note. That doesn't mean they'll all be worth a ton, but you won't be pulling no-names out of this product. With boxes upward of two-hundred dollars, many of the cards you find will probably end up in the $50-$100 range. That's a nice value for a card, but you'll be paying twice that for it most of the time.

Obviously I was able to snag a HUGE hit from Luminaries, but this product is only for those who have deep pockets who can afford to splurge a bit. Of the higher-end products though, Luminaries feels like it's a better deal than most as the player selection is top notch. As a group break product, you're really risking a lot as there is only one card per pack. Doing a team break? Prepare to bust most of the time. I'd get in on a serial number break and cross my fingers!

  • The cards look really nice.
  • Many of the cards have excellent game-used memorabilia pieces.
  • You won't find terrible rookies here.
  • Not a good group break product to join in on.
  • Very high risk.
  • Two-hundred dollars for one card.

Overall Rating:



  1. Luminaries looks like a very nice and finished product. Very happy for you with the Trout and Vlad Sr was my 2nd favorite player growing up behind Garciaparra, so I think you did pretty well! youtube: andrew allen

  2. I’m in super nice break for you and great cards your luck has changed

  3. Very nice product wish I could even afford to get in breaks but it's pricey for me I really hope I win this vlad auto thanks for the chance YT: Lloyd Abraham

  4. Great cards and review, I am a hockey guy but appreciate all cards! - KingerZach (YouTube)

  5. Saw the break and when you got slot 1, I said he's gonna get a 1 of 1 and bang !!! Awesome product and you got one of the top cards in the series. Congrats!!!

  6. Great pulls man! Love the review! Thank you. I'm a Angels fan here so those are 2 huge pulls for me. Good stuff (YouTube veiwer Cody Hodgman)

  7. Woooow, absolutely incredible, Luke! What a beautiful pull - grail-level pull from a group break, good Sir! Thanks for the incredible gesture of giving away the Hit Kings, Vlad Guerrero Sr on-card auto! A beaut as well!

    YT: McBones

  8. Thanks for the review! Your videos are a fun watch and your opinion is considerate to the hobby! Looks like the baseball God's are smiling down on you!

    Also I'm in for the giveaway. Youtube name is JeradWinburn. Thanks and have a great day!

  9. I really like these cards. Your review was awesome!

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