Saturday, September 28, 2019

2019 Panini National Treasures

National Treasures is probably Panini's best known high-end product. It's a brand that's been around for a long time now, and collectors love it. The cards come in a very fancy wooden box that is very exciting to open up. This high-end product comes at a pretty steep price though - you're gonna have to shell out about $500 to get yourself your own NT breaking experience. And that's waaaay more than most collectors out there can afford.

Product Thoughts
National Treasures cards are excellent, clean looking cards. Panini has really perfected the elegant and simple design - it truly does look worthy of being billed as a high-end product. Each box comes with eight cards. You should really expect only hits, but there are some packs with NT base cards in them. Sadly, I feel that the first half of the break (4 cards or so) are just filler. The first four cards are where you will find your plain jersey cards and the base card. For such a high price tag, it's kind of disappointing to just pull little jersey cards - no matter how nice or fancy the design is.

Panini states that each box will have a book card in it. Book cards have been around for a while now and I'd love to see a bit more innovation in them. If a card is going to be made into a book, there better be something in the book that you can't get in a standard card. The Kyle Wright that I pulled just has a signature and a big piece of standard jersey. It's not exciting. Of course, there are book cards with tons of players or signatures out there, but these regular book cards honestly don't need to exist. I'd rather just have a standard Kyle Wright card that's of normal size.

The box that I bought seems like an afterthought that the packers at Panini put together. There were three mediocre rookie patch autos in it of players that are of little hobby significance. The only saving grace is are the nice patches that came embedded within the cards. If you were just judging by my box, you'd probably think National Treasures was just a bunch of rookie junk. That's not the case as I've seen many boxes loaded with some great cards - I chalk this box up to bad luck. It happens.

Thankfully, I bought into quite a few group breaks of National Treasures and was able to snag some very sweet cards from it. Please keep a lookout on my Youtube channel for my mailday videos when those cards come in. I think the best way to buy into National Treasures is to go the group break route. Group breaks can be risky, but at least you're not blowing $500 at a time for a spot.

  • Excellent looking cards.
  • Fun product to open up.
  • Many excellent cards to find in the product.
  • Very expensive.
  • Many rookies in the product water it down.
  • Small little jersey cards also water the product down.

Overall Rating:



  1. I’m in. That sucks that you didn’t pull anything that great. I think if someone’s spending that amount of money on cards you should get a really nice card or two. But I guess that’s not how it is anymore. YT-Yodude Janson

  2. I'm in. Great review as always Blacksheep! I feel bad that you got a dud box for $500 ): A shame that they cheaped out and just gave you plain jerseys and RPA's of no name rookies. IMO every box should be banging given the huge price tag.

    YT: Dylan James Chang

  3. I’m in. I think it’s a high-priced product but not many notable names in this break.

  4. I'm in. Nice product but too pricey

  5. Incredible cards !! I wish I could afford a box.

  6. Good quality patches with on card autos. Good to see but there was not much value in this box. The box itself though is a keeper .

  7. Outstanding review my friend! I would not by this product based on your box,your review convinced me to give it another look before passing judgment.

  8. Nice review! I did like the cards, like you said it could be better. But you did get awesome patches and a nice Eloy. I might buy one too. I did good in a break, thats what have me thinking in a personal. Lets see what happens... Thanks for sharing your video and for the review!

    YouTube Username: Mr Nice Guy Baseball Cards

  9. I'm in. Nice looking cards but seems like you didn't get a lot of bang for your buck!