Monday, September 16, 2019

2018-2019 Upper Deck Premier Review

Upper Deck is ramping up their high-end card releases with Upper Deck Premier. These one-pack tins will cost you around $200 and come filled with hits. The cards are on premium card stock that is nice and thick (thought not as girth-y as The Cup, of course). The cards are well-designed and look great, however, I question the value to be found here as Premier doesn't have the same allure as either the Cup or the recently released Ultimate Collection.

Product Thoughts
Premier comes in a nice tin and at a fraction of the price of The Cup. I guess you could call it "The Cup Lite". There are rookie patch auto cards in this product as well as numerous large patch cards as a main draw. The autographs come on-card - which should be the case for the price you pay for this stuff. Though this product is pretty expensive, I don't really feel that Premier is a great offering from Upper Deck. Aside from the really amazing jumbo patches, the value of these cards show that collectors don't put much stock in it.

If you look at the RPAs, you'll see a generous piece of patch, a good amount of foil, an on-card autograph, and numbering that is somewhat similar to that of The Cup. But I find that the value of these cards doesn't reflect the quality of their design and appearance. I wonder if this is because Premier is a relatively newer product than The Cup and Ultimate Collection. It doesn't have the longevity of those other two brands - it's just the kid that isn't as popular. And that sucks because the cards do look good and they are expensive to purchase in box form.

For a pricey product, getting the jersey cards thrown in at the end of the pack doesn't really do it for me. The jersey cards are pretty thin feeling and are a bit of an afterthought. They're really just filler is what they are. I don't find these cards to be very interesting or fun to get in such an expensive product. These cards give Upper Deck the opportunity to boast about the number of hits per box, but those in the know will know how hollow those numbers really are.

In the end, it sounds like I'm just bashing on Premier, but I'm really not. It's a great looking product with some awesome jumbo patch cards available to find. Maybe a good idea would be to cut out all the fluff like the boring plain jersey cards and get the price down just a bit more. As it stands now, Premier is too high a price for a brand that collectors don't seem that excited about.

  • The cards are beautifully designed.
  • On-card autographs are always desirable.
  • There are some truly stunning patches in Premier.
  • Expensive with card values that don't match up well with other UD brands.
  • Plain jersey cards used as filler.
  • Some of the blue ink autographed rookie cards look as if the pen used wasn't working well.

Overall Rating:



  1. Solid review. As you mentioned, I do agree that upper deck should lower the price if there are jersey cards within. I also think its disgraceful that upper deck adds base cards in their upper end products. Instead of that one base card you got, it should be another auto or a jersey even.

    The structure of the review is really good also. Not too long or too short. Pros and cons are a nice summary of the review also.

    Thank you for the giveaway and video. Keep up the great work!

  2. Great blog!! Thank you for the giveaway and video! so appreciated!!

  3. dave Krajewski
    That Nico Hischier is probably one of the nicest rpas I have seen in a while

  4. I’m in. Nice break. Pretty expensive box/park

  5. Premier has some enormous potential but as always in high end products the odds are way up there. YT: Jeeparooooo

  6. Interested in that Turgeon if its available.. I'm in!

  7. That Hischier looks great! I'm in.

  8. I’m in. Good lord! Again with the nice Habs hit! Like the cards but also can’t get by the price tag. Kind of want one just for the Roy tin.

  9. I’m in. Not a bad box that nico is pretty nice but I don’t think it’s worth it YT- yodude Janson

  10. I’m in. A bit pricey but the Patch autos are sick.
    YT: open sesame

  11. Im in im huge fan of the exquisite cards so i tend to stay to black diamond and ice. But i have opened 2 boxes premiere this year

  12. I really like your review and feel exactly the same about Premiere.

  13. I'm in. Nice break, too bad it's so pricey.

    YT: Ching Yeung Lam

  14. Awesome break, Luke! Another great video and congrats on the Nico Hischier RPA from a few seasons ago! Great little Pettersson jersey pull as well given his collectibility following his Calder-winning season (and personal Canucks-bias)!

    YT: McBones