Wednesday, August 7, 2019

2019 Topps Tribute Review

Tribute is one of Topps' premium card sets. Boxes of only six packs will cost nearly three hundred dollars. The products boasts that each box will have 3 on-card autographs as well as 3 memorabilia cards. Tribute contains a mix of both legends and current players. Rookies are also prevalent in the product - especially in terms of the autographed card selection.

Product Thoughts
At first glance, I couldn't figure out why this product was so expensive. I get that there are six hits in the product, but Tribute just doesn't have that premium look that I am used to. Cards in hand, the set does look nice as the cards are thick and made of glossy acetate. It's a pretty untraditional looking 'premium' card. I do applaud Topps for utilizing a design that veers away from the usual all white or ornate looking background. It's a unique set, but definitely a bit too pricy in my opinion.

One of my favorite things about game-used baseball memorabilia is that sometimes you'll get a little MLB sticker that has a number on it. Go to the MLB authentication site and you can find out where the piece of jersey you got came from. This particular David Ortiz jersey piece came from a game in which he played the Oakland A's back in September of 2016. Being able to do that is pretty awesome. It definitely adds meaning to the little piece of cloth in the card. This was my first card with a MLB hologram like this, but I've seen many cards pulled out of Tribute with this affixed. It's very sweet.

With a name like Tribute, you'd expect to only find the best of the best from baseball. In terms of old-timer content, it is certainly there. Many of my base cards were of baseball legends. From newer retirees like Jeter back to guys like Johnny Bench. Getting Hall of Famers is always a good thing, so I'm happy with a pull that nets me some older mem pieces.

Triple piece memorabilia cards are pretty common pulls from Tribute and many of these cards feature more recent players. The design of the card is decent, but for a product that is this expensive, I feel that these cards are a bit lackluster. Also, the numbering on the card is quite high. This particular Eddie Rosario is numbered to 150. Mid-tier products have that sort of numbering. Something that costs this much should have numbering around 100 or less.

Speaking of high numbering, check out this rookie card of Rowdy Tellez. Yikes! This card is numbered to 435! That just feels like a lot to me. With a number so high it Topps could have just left the serial numbering off. At least that way people would be left guessing at the rarity of rookie cards like this. As it stands, I'm not terribly excited about pulling a rookie to 435.

The standard autographs that you'll see out of Tribute all basically look this Mitch Haniger card except with different colored borders. This is a purple variation numbered to 50. Other parallels are blue or green or some other color. The look of these cards is pretty nice as the colored borders really pop. Having all the cards autographed on-card is also a very nice touch. Better yet are the shadowbox autographs, but those come maybe one per case. My box, sadly, didn't have one of those.


  • Each pack has a hit (memorabilia or on-card autograph).
  • The cards sport a different look than most premium sets.
  • Cards are made of acetate which give them a glossy feel and shine.


  • Boxes are in the high two hundred dollar range.
  • The serial numbering of the cards seems to be a bit too high.
  • Many breaks I've seen seem to be lacking in terms of quality hits.

Overall Rating:



  1. I'm in. Really good looking autos, but when it comes to Topps, I get too used to the Topps Chrome shiny look which kinda makes me dislike the look of their other products a bit more. Good review, and I'm glad to see that cardboard review back and running :)

    YT: Dylan James Chang

  2. I'm in. I agree that a card numbered to 435 lessens the exclusivity of the product. Makes it seem more mid-tier, kinda like Museum, rather than a supposed high end product. The base cards do look nice though.

    YT: ktchpmn

  3. I'm in. Nice write up and review as always! As most people are saying, I think that this is a nice product with too high of a pricetag. Cut the price in half and I'd say that this is a homerun. I like the Haniger hit a lot as he's one of my favorite players. - Danboyle13

  4. I’m in. The product has good card images, but a lackluster look and feel. The pictures and signatures are premium, because the auto are on card, and they are great photos. You also don’t seam to hit those great players in a box your paying 300. Good product 150-130 is the right price.

    YT: 123 321

  5. I'm not a huge fan of the red/white/blue bottom of the base cards, but except of that I think Tribute has good looking cards this year. The MLB sticker on the memorabilia cards is a cool thing, but I think it should be done in a better looking way (don't know how yet..). Now, a big part of the jersey piece is covered by the sticker which for me makes the card less appealing to the eye.

    YT: Majlfp

  6. I like the look. The on card autos is fantastic. Your review is magnificent.

  7. Great cards but a bit pricey. YT: Jeeparooooo

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