Wednesday, August 28, 2019

2019 Topps Five Star Review

Topps Five Star is another super-premium offering from Topps. These expensive cards come only two-per-pack for about a hundred and fifty dollars. That's like seventy five bucks per card! Five Star isn't cheap and is really only for the collectors who enjoy quite a bit of risk in their purchases. Collectors who opt to go in for a group break of Five Star can save some money, but the risk is still great as there are only 16 cards per case break. And that means many spots can go hitless. So buyer beware!

Product Thoughts
I really do like the finer things in life and Five Star definitely is in that category. The product is not for the faint of heart as it is very expensive for what you get. The only real saving grace here is that all autographs are on-card (except for the cuts from players who aren't around anymore) and the numbered cards are pretty low numbered. Getting a good player that will make up for the cost of a box isn't that easy. Most boxes will yield a couple of autographs that don't make up for the cost of a box. Pull a big name though and the sky's the limit!

I mentioned that group breaks of Five Star are iffy. I joined in on two group breaks of Five Star - a serial number group break and a pick your team break. I got really lucky with the serial number break and scored a nice Vladimir Guerrero Jr /20. My other spot was the San Francisco Giants. I was lucky enough to get a Steven Duggar rookie auto from that. Many of the break participants came out empty. With only 2 cards per pack, there will not be much to go around, so really know what you are getting into if you decided to go the group break route. It may be better just to bit the bullet on a box for a guaranteed two cards.

  • The cards are absolutely high quality with a great premium look and feel.
  • The autographs are all on-card.
  • You'll find the biggest names in this product.
  • The product is very expensive and you only get two cards in a pack/box.
  • It is easy to pull 2 autographs that don't give much value.
  • Big risk.

Overall Rating:



  1. I'm in. Nice little write-up. I agree that this is a risky product. That being said, I think that this one is worth it since the cards look so premium and are quite thick. Keep up the good work! - Danboyle13

  2. I’m in. This product is for sure risky. I don’t think it’s worth the risk because like what you said is you can pull autos that aren’t worth much.— Yodude Janson

  3. Love the cards douglas hutton

  4. I am in. $75 per card don’t know if it’s really worth it.

  5. This product is for high rollers and rich dudes. Not for me at all. YT:Jeeparooooo

  6. I'm not the biggest fan of products with this configuration, but do lile the design of the cards. They feels like premium cards of course but a couple of more standard cards per pack would make me feel a bit more ok with the price tag..

    YT: Majlfp

  7. I'm in! Huge fan of this!