Thursday, August 1, 2019

2019 Topps Chrome Review

Topps Chrome has long been a very collectible set. These souped up versions of the standard Topps cards from 2019 are bound to be sought after. Topps has released many ways to collect this set as they have hobby exclusive standard and jumbo packs as well as a slew of retail products that have unique parallel cards for collectors to chase. I know that I, for one, will be spending a lot of money on this at both the hobby and retail levels. 

Product Thoughts
Topps has built up this brand throughout the years. It was extremely popular when it began back in the 90's and it has continued strong ever since. The chrome effect on the standard base cards elevates the look of the card greatly. They have a nice, thick feel that makes each card premium. And unlike the standard Topps release, the regular packs of Chrome only contain four cards each. With a set that is over 200 cards, pulling the specific players you are looking for can be quite a challenge.

I chose to purchase a jumbo box of Topps Chrome because the boxes of jumbo contain 5 autographs each. Regular Chrome packs only give you two autographs. The jumbo packs also contain 13 cards per pack, which just feels nicer to go through rather than the paltry 4 that come in the standard pack. All of the autographs that I have pulled from Chrome have been of the on-card variety. Having the signature on-card is so much better than when the companies slap a sticker auto on the front of the card. On-card autos look better and you know that the player at least touched the card (albeit only for a brief second).

Besides the autographs, the colored parallel cards of Chrome are worth chasing. There are certainly rare parallels numbered all the way down to one, but some unnumbered parallel cards (like this pink parallel above) don't need any serial numbering to look amazing. If a player from the 2019 rookie class gets hot in the future, collectors will be clamoring to get their hands on parallel variations as prices tend to soar.

One of the weaker aspects of Topps Chrome is their insert card selection. There aren't too many types inserts to be found Chrome, but they are very easy to find inside packs. Autographed variations of inserts can be found in the products as well - which adds a lot of collectibility to those particular cards. If it were up to me, I'd just ditch the regular inserts and add more color to the set.

Though I'm not a fan of most inserts in 2019 Chrome, I do like these Future Stars cards. They have a similar look to Future Stars cards of the past. If Topps gets one thing right, it's utilizing old designs in inserts and parallel cards. I'm not a huge fan of the background of these cards, but the "Future Stars" logo makes up for it. I just love the retro feel of this logo!

Back again are the 1984 retro looking cards. As a huge fan of that year of baseball cards, I'm always happy to pull these cards from 2019 Topps products. The 1984 retros all sport a refractor-like finish to the front of the card. At first I thought that the card was a special parallel, but as it turns out, all the 1984 retro cards have that nice refractor rainbow bursting forth whenever light hits it.


  • On-card autographs.
  • A step up from the standard Series 1 and 2 Topps base sets.
  • Excellent looking parallel cards in a huge variety of colors.


  • The cards tend have a slight bend to them right out of the pack.
  • Regular packs contain just 4 cards.
  • There are probably too many parallel cards to attempt a rainbow collection of a player.

Overall Rating:



  1. Sure, the parallells look good and it's fun getting exclusive cards in retail products. But... I think there are too many different versions of them. Overall, a good looking and fun set, though.

    YT: Majlfp

  2. Topps chrome are the best looking cards Topps makes.

  3. That box was pretty good. 5 autos and all on card is something that all companies involved in sports cards should include.

    Upper Deck at the beginning of the year signed a exclusive contract that only allows them to create NHL logoed cards. I really hope a card company like Topps gets into hockey cards again.

    Keep up the format of the reviews also;) I like the "Positives" and "Negatives."

  4. Another solid break, Luke! Thanks for sharing and I definitely agree with your assessment in the Positives and Negatives section. The on-card autos add a bit more excitement and having them at least having access to what you pull makes it a better option than just stickers (especially if they are an active player/rookie). Thanks for the shot at winning!

    YT: McCoy M/McBones

  5. I really like the look of this set. If I collected baseball I'd be purchasing this product for sure. I really enjoyed and learned a lot from your review.

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