Thursday, July 18, 2019

2019 Topps Allen & Ginter Review

Allen & Ginter is a fan favorite set that has a bit of everything in it. Not only are there baseball players, but you will also find cards of pop culture stars and even cards of people who aren't really that famous to begin with! It really is the kitchen sink when it comes to baseball cards. Hobby boxes will contain three hits and a large amount of base cards.

Product Thoughts
Allen & Ginter is a mid-tier product aimed at collectors that enjoy the retro look and feel of baseball cards. These cards certainly have their own unique look as the images used are all painted renditions of the card's subject. These cards also have a smooth, matte cardboard feel that give them and old time texture that you just don't see in many other products.

The box opening experience is pretty fun in that you get 24 packs to open up. That's a good amount of packs and a good amount of cards. You'll end up with a nice stack to go through and enjoy after you're all done busting everything open. As the box is opened you can expect to find three hits. Considered hits are autographs, memorabilia cards, rip cards, printing plates, and book cards. There is, however, no guarantee to hit any sort of fixed mix of these cards.

For example, some boxes can just have three common memorabilia cards, which would be somewhat disappointing. Looking at the back of the pack for the odds, you'll see that big interest hits are extremely difficult pulls. Go online and watch breaks of A&G and you'll see that getting something spectacular from a box just isn't that common.

Collector interest in mini sized cards is pretty mixed. I, for one, am not a huge fan of them as they provide storage problems. I just don't know what to do with them in my collection. I understand that there are rare mini cards and there are those that do enjoy them, but I'm just not sure the appeal of them. I do, however, like the framed versions of the mini cards as they extend the card's size to what the standard card dimensions. Besides the mini cards, there are also over sized box loader cards as well. Again, these are take-them-or-leave-them type collectibles. Since they aren't a standard size I often find myself not knowing what to do with them. I don't think they have a great look to them and are a burden on storage.

Though Allen & Ginter is an odd set, I find myself attracted to it. There are plenty of really high-end cards available to find, and that is enough to tempt me to purchase it. Boxes run about $100 each and are readily available. I'm sure there will be plenty of blaster boxes at retail to purchase as well and I'd love to break a blaster for Retail Review.


  • Relatively low price-point that most collectors can afford.
  • Lots of packs and cards per box to enjoy.
  • Three hits per box as well as a box loader and mini cards.
  • A chance at some very rare and valuable cards.


  • Many non-baseball related cards with a few very strange subjects.
  • Rare hits have odds that are astronomical.
  • Not a great product if you don't like cards that are not standard sized.
  • Only last names on the base cards with a non-conventional stat layout.

Overall Rating:



  1. I really like the format of this review compared to the last time you had the card board review up and running. The "Negatives" and "positives" are a nice touch that summerize the review.

    The product was pretty good for collectors like me, since I love those tabacco cards/ oversized cards. Hits would have been lack luster if it weren't for that framed autographed card.

    As a hockey collector, upper deck is losing a'lot of respect from me as the years of collecting go by. I truely believe that the last good year was 2015 and everything from there on went down the drain. Products like these that have attention to detail and an array of inserts is amazing! Keep up the great work:)

    -Ethan Larsen...

    1. Thanks for the thoughtful comment! I appreciate the feedback and would love to continue improving the blog!

  2. This review is fantastic. You really put a lot of thought into it and it shows. I have found that you can fit two o pee chee mini cards into a top loader sideways. That is how I store mine. I don't know if those minis are the same size though.
    Michael Krutz.

  3. Welcome back The Cardboard Review! It has been a while and a greatly missed component of your breaks and channel! Another solid break of Allen & Ginter with nice mix of mulit-sports (in a baseball-advertised product) for the collector to enjoy! With the higher odds for bigger and better hits, I feel the price is decent (could be a touch cheaper) but when compared to the other breaks across baseball (or other sports in general), it offers good value.

    I echo your thoughts on the mini cards though I feel that some of their alternate borders and colours add a punch to your overall break so I don't mind them. The storage component can be a head-scratcher for sure.

    YT: McCoy M

  4. Nice to see you back here. Nice product in A and G. Can't wait to see more breaks to come.

  5. Great to read reviews here again! I agree with you regarding the mini sized cards. They are in one way a fun touch, and can also look good with small details. But since the bigger size is the common nowadays, it's hard to know what to do with minis as well as oversized jumbi cards.

    Thanks for the review!

    YT: Majlfp

  6. Many non-baseball related cards with a few very strange subjects.

    People that decide to spend their money are aware of the checklist and know that the chase cards in the product are non baseball. This has been the driving point of the product ever since it was released, but other than that a nice review :)

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