Wednesday, July 24, 2019

2019 Panini Immaculate Collection Review

I feel like high-end baseball products come out all the time! With hockey, it's a slow journey towards the high-end products. Now that I'm collecting baseball, it seems like every other release is something spectacular and expensive! Today Panini released their Immaculate Collection set chock full of autographs and memorabilia to find in each tin. Immaculate is one of Panini's top tier brands so the expectation for what we can get is through the roof!

Product Thoughts
I was a bit hesitant to purchase a tin of Immaculate because of its high price point, but upon seeing some breaks of it online, I decided to take the plunge. I hadn't been much of an Immaculate fan before as I thought the cards were pretty plain for a high-end offering. Many of the windows for the memorabilia were small to me, and the set just didn't have a huge 'wow' factor. But seeing tins opened online changed my mind. I saw a ton of great content including cleats, buttons, socks, as well as patches and bat pieces. Nice memorabilia pieces were coming out of a good number of tins so I purchase my own.

Tins of Immaculate baseball are $250 as of the writing of this post. It's a bit steep, but I thought they would be more since the basketball version of Immaculate is a bit more expensive than that. It was pretty much at the very highest price I was willing to pay for it. I thought that the box I opened with pretty middling. The Tatis Jr. was a nice hit, but nothing really blew me out of the water from this particular tin.

I was a bit surprised at how many rookie and young players were in the breaks of Immaculate that I saw (mine included). Immaculate seems to be pretty rookie heavy with less of a focus on old school greats. Since I prefer the older players, I guess this is what makes me feel that the product is a little lacking (for my personal tastes). For those who enjoy the newest of the new, then Immaculate is pretty great as it seems to put out tons of the young guys.

Rookie Patch Auto cards numbered to 99 are always a popular type of card. It was pretty sweet to pull this card of Danny Jansen with a pretty decent looking patch. The overall look of the card is pretty nice and clean. I get sort of an Upper Deck SP vibe from it as that brand was always pretty clean cut with team colors on a white background. I'm gonna cross my fingers and hope Danny Jansen becomes an amazing player.

For something that costs as much as this does, it is a little sad to see that sticker autographs are utilized for some of the cards. Sticker autos are never as cool and make me think that the product isn't as high-end as it advertises itself to be. One other thing that is a bit annoying is that many of these cards have a little bit of chipping or white edges right out of the box. This is very typical of high-end cards from all companies - I guess its just a design flaw. But it sucks. Hopefully companies can find a way to get these expensive cards out to collectors without the damage. Otherwise they should change the product name to Not Immaculate.


  • Boxes have been giving out some very nice hits (as seen from online breaks).
  • The tin of Immaculate isn't as expensive as its basketball counterpart.
  • Truly unique items like cleats, buttons, and batting gloves can be found in the product.
  • Rookie heavy product if your'e into that kind of thing.
  • Panini has done a great job of featuring players even without their team logo.


  • There are sticker autographs on some cards.
  • Many of the cards have chipping issues on the edges and corners.

Overall Rating:



  1. Nice product and nice review! It reminds me a lot of The Cup. I'm glad that you brought The Cardboard Review back as I always enjoy reading what you have to say about various sports card products. Keep up the great work, Luke! - Danboyle13

  2. Nice review. Also nice pics. Hard to see on YouTube sometimes how they actually look. But head pics look great. I agree with the small Windows’s that Verlander is nice. But just a touch bigger would really help give the card a WOW factor of 10.
    I’m in. Hawkeye3366

  3. Cool product and cool review! I will have to agree with you on the fact that these high end products are a bit ambitious when it comes to packaging. If you see any white chaffing on the cards, it is because the manufactures either put them in too quickly or it is just the process... I'am not really sure. I really hope one day that all the card companies put their products in pack formats instead of a tiny box with foam like the cup does for hockey.

    One of the things about this review is that it is nicely spaced out and the pictures are enlarged which is an added bonus. I had posted a comment on your Youtube video explaining my thoughts on this product on how there are no base cards. This is actually great to see because if I shell out $300 for a box and it comes with a base card instead of a hit, I will be pretty mad to say the least.

    Keep up the added format as well. The "Positives" and "Negatives" part of the review is always nice since it summarizes the whole blog basically. I thoroughly enjoy reading these reviews as always and I look forward to more. Thank you for all the great Youtube video's as of lately as well. Your channel will definitely grow some more if you keep it up:)

  4. The jumbo jersey/patch cards really helps Panini, while they don't have the license. Would like to see a bit better cards with that price tag, though.


  5. I’m in! Besides the Verlander 4 color patch, the rest were underwhelming. Better packaging would prevent the dinged corners. I love Panini, but it’s hard to justify $250 for a product like this. Yodiwan1 on YouTube.

  6. This is a very fair review. I am a little disappointed about the sticker auto. The cards do look phenomenal but the Verlander swatch should have been larger. I'm in. Michael Krutz

  7. I’m in. DLouisG1978. Cards are great but too expensive for me.

  8. This product is a hit or miss and sadly you missed. Youtube name: Jeeparooooo

  9. realy nice breack that verlander patch wow nice pull (name on youtube Dominic Crete)

  10. Always great to hear your thoughts in depth on your blog, and very excited that The Cardboard Review is back in full swing! Lots to talk about in terms of the expectations of the box. A few nice pieces in your break (Tatis Jr., Verlander, and Jansen) but overall, the similarities in the designs across numerous years, leaves the collector wanting more. It is unfortunate that there is so much chipping on these higher-end cards. I feel that, for the price point, their memorabilia window could be a lot larger (sans the Jumbo Jersey) to showcase the pieces and offer more "value".

    YT: McCoy M / McBones