Friday, April 6, 2018

2017-2018 Upper Deck O-Pee-Chee Platinum Review

After a few weeks of no new NHL releases, Upper Deck comes out with OPC Platinum for collectors to get their hands on. OPC Platinum is a brand that has been around for a few years. It's pretty friendly on the budget and offers collectors an array of parallel cards to chase. Hit collectors will appreciate that each box contains an on-card autograph to look forward to.

Each box of OPC Platinum comes with 20 packs. At four cards per pack you'll get eighty total cards after you're all said and done. In opening my box, I found that you'll pretty much get three base cards and 'something else' in each pack. That 'something else' could be a retro variation, parallel card, or a hit. OPC Platinum boxes come under that hundred dollar mark. I would consider this product to be in the mid-end range when compared to everything else that is out there.

The OPC Platinum base cards are completely foil board. Often times all foil cards in sets like these tend to bend, but these cards are slightly thicker in feel. I don't suspect that they will bend or bow as time goes on. In terms of design, the OPC Platinum base cards carry the same look as their standard OPC regular cards released at the beginning of the hockey season. The back of the card is nice and glossy as typical of a modern release, however, how cool would it be if these cards had the foil front and old school cardboard backs? Make it happen Upper Deck!

The variety in this collection of cards comes with the parallel cards. If you love chasing parallels and collecting rainbows, this is the set to do it with. The standard rainbow parallel has a refractor-like shimmer. These are the easiest to find as they fall one in four packs. Other colors have more difficult rates and some are even serial numbered. The Golden Treasures parallel is the top of the class as they are 1 of 1's.

Mixing it up a little are the insert cards found in OPC Platinum. Platinum Records, Destined for Glory, and In Action are all insert sets found within OPC Platinum this year. These insert cards share the same foil look as the base, just with a different design. Autographed variations of the insert cards can be found in packs, but they are usually pretty tough pulls.

Most of the autographs found in OPC Platinum will be the rookie autographed cards. These come about one per box and have a nice on-card signature. Upper Deck has done this for the past few years with OPC Platinum and it has been a nice draw for collectors to chase when busting boxes of OPC Platinum. Getting only one rookie auto in the box does make the chances of pulling a great one pretty difficult, however.

O-Pee-Chee Platinum isn't a bad product, but it also isn't that exciting. For me, there are probably too many parallels of the base cards. I tend to like cards that carry a lot of value, and the parallels here aside from the very rare ones seem to be just filler. Putting an entire rainbow of a player would be pretty cool looking though. I think OPC Platinum works best as a retail product. There are plenty of fancy looking cards and enough hits to be exciting at that level. As a hobby product, I'm just indifferent.

If you like comparisons, OPC Platinum has a very similar feel to Panini's Prizm product. If you like that set then this one should be right up your alley!

Overall Score: 7/10


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