Saturday, March 3, 2018

2017-2018 Upper Deck Synergy Review

Upper Deck has released a brand new hockey card product called Synergy. I definitely applaud them for taking a step outside the norm and getting this product launched. Hockey collectors have seen the same products from Upper Deck time and time again, so having Synergy come out is a refreshing change of pace and a chance to see something different!

Synergy comes in a small box similar to what they pack Artifacts into. There are only 8 packs per box and only 3 cards per pack! So really you're not getting too many cards when purchasing this product. The box states that this product is PACKED with hits. When Upper Deck says hits I believe they mean cards that are non-base and not memorabilia or autographs exclusively.

The Synergy cards have a energetic look to them that is pretty different than other Upper Deck products that we have seen. The borders of the cards are a colored acetate while the main portion of the cards are foil board. The cards really pop and the shimmer and shine of the foil accents are sure to please collectors who enjoy a flashier design.

The acetate colors of the cards denote the variation of the base set the card belongs to. Red acetate cards are the most common. Slightly more rare are the blue cards, followed by green. Purple acetate versions are the toughest as they come 1:55 packs. The actual base set of Synergy is exceptionally rare. Standard veteran cards are numbered to 17. Tier 2 rookies are numbered to only 8! So in Synergy, the parallel set is the easier of the two to collect. I'd say getting the standard set with the serial numbering is next to impossible!

In terms of inserts, Synergy has a few different ones that include acetate cards and all-foil cards. These inserts add a nice little variety to the parallel cards mostly found in packs. Some of these inserts have parallels of their own that have serial numbering. These cards are more traditional in that it's the parallel card that is more rare.

Autographed cards are available in Synergy packs, but come at a rate of 1:40. That's one autograph per 5 boxes. Pretty tough to hit I'd say. The one insert card harder to pull than an autograph is the Cast for Greatness insert. These all metal cards come 1:67 packs. Apparently, there are also Synergy cards that can be found that change color depending on where you are. Upper Deck showed these cards off on their social media channels.

All-in-all, I'd say Synergy is an excellent release by Upper Deck. They've changed things up in this set and given collectors something new and interesting to purchase. The cards look great and are of high quality. High-end collectors will no doubt be searching for the true rookie cards limited to only a handful printed. Thankfully, Synergy isn't a product that is too expensive either. It's definitely not low-end, but has a price that should be comfortable for the average collector's budget.

Overall Score: 8.75/10