Friday, January 5, 2018

2017-2018 Upper Deck Trilogy Review

The first set of the 2018 calendar year is Upper Deck Trilogy. It's a brand that Upper Deck has released for many years now and is familiar to collectors. Like many of Upper Deck's core brands, this one has definitely gone through some changes recently. Let's see what Trilogy is like this year.

Trilogy was once one of Upper Deck's higher-end brands. Not the highest like Ultimate or The Cup, but a couple notches below them. It had an interesting pack configuration that really capitalized on the brand name of Trilogy. I seem to remember three mini packs per box back in the day.

The most recent release of Trilogy deals away with all that. In fact, Trilogy is practically on-par with what Artifacts is. And Upper Deck isn't trying to hide it. The Trilogy and Artifacts box are practically the same in terms of look and content... and they are priced pretty much the same as well! I'm not sure if having two product so similar is a good thing. I've always liked the fact that there was a different product with different types of cards at nearly every price range.

In terms of the cards, the Trilogy base are very high quality. The cards have a nice thickness to them and come with plenty of shine. The base have a premium feel to them and the rookie cards are adorned with Upper Deck's awesome shimmery foil.

My box came with two autographs and a jersey card. Each hit was serial numbered - I like that. Though the autographs were of the sticker variety, they looked pretty nice on the cards. Typically earlier season releases are more sticker heavy, which I'm ok with.

I think my biggest complaint about Trilogy is that the cards are all too similar to each other. There isn't too much variety when it comes to the look of these cards. They have a foil look and similar designs. Good thing you don't get too many cards per box as I'm pretty sure you would tire of the quickly.

Overall I'd say Trilogy is a middle-of-the-road release. Sure, there will be nice hits sprinkled within the set, but I don't see this set as one that collectors will think about too much once other sets are released after it. I wouldn't fret to pass over it.

Overall Score: 6/10


  1. The base design reminds me of something you would see from Ovation.

  2. It's got a nice look, but with such a small base, this would likely be a one-hobby-box purchase-and-done thing.

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  3. It's a gamble and a hobby. I call it a gambby! Great review again.
    YT: Skroeker24

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