Sunday, December 24, 2017

Retail Review #273 (Target Authentic Memorabilia Box)

It's been a while since I did an episode of Retail Review. It was never my intention to completely end this series, so you'll be seeing them from time to time - just not on the weekly basis it used to be. I'm also changing the format of the blog postings. Rather than pay an absurd fee for photo hosting on Photobucket, I'm going to stop using pictures and just have video up. I'll stick with this look for the time being and see how it goes!

Price - 

Packs - 3
16/17 MVP, Artifacts, and Upper Deck Series 2 (Retail packs)

This break is a throwback to the early days of Retail Review. Back then these re-pack boxes were pretty commonplace for me. I'd go to Target, check out some of the repacks and pick one up to open. They were cheap and fun, but didn't yield much. This particular repack guarantees a memorabilia card along with three packs.

I was surprised to find that the memorabilia card I pulled was pretty decent. It was, however, upsetting that it didn't come with any card sleeve or protective plastic to hold it in. The card has a minor corner issue, and it probably came from the lack of a holder. The packs were from last seasons releases, which was a nice little surprise. Usually you get backs from a few years back. I appreciated the fact that these cards were pretty up-to-date!

For about ten bucks you could do a lot worse. I think this particular repack box was pretty decent. It was a fun little break and I'm glad I picked it up!

Top three cards: 08/09 Forsberg Ice dual jersey, 16/17 Stamkos/Tavares Canvas Checklist, 16/17 Ovechkin MVP puzzle checklist

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  1. You know you can host the pictures for free directly on the blogger format, right?

    Our local Target has not brought these in for hockey. They have baseball and football regularly, occasionally the NBA, which I usually buy when I see them.but never hockey.

  2. The Forsberg jersey piece is pretty sweet. Worth the $10 for that and the kick out of ripping a few nostalgia packs.

  3. Thanks for the review.

    YT - Flames Fan14

  4. The Forsberg jersey made all the difference!

    YT - Dean's Vlog