Wednesday, December 13, 2017

2016-2017 Upper Deck Black Review

I thought The Cup was the final product last season... guess I was wrong! Upper Deck Black gets the final product honors.

Black is a one pack/box product and is considered to be high-end. For around $200, you only get 5 cards. Thankfully, the cards feature on-card autographs and do away with the manufactured patch ridiculousness that was Black Diamond. I would happily purchase this Black product over that one.

I love the look of the cards. The base cards feature some great looking rainbow foil, as do the hits. The foil looks really amazing on the black backgrounds of the cards. Black has always looked amazing and this year's edition of it carries on in the same vein.

The pack/box that I opened had three on-card autographs, a base card, and a standard jersey hit. I'd have to say that overall I was satisfied with what I got out of it - of course, pulling an Ovi patch numbered to 10 will always leave you with a nice feeling.

Would I recommend this year's Black? I think I would.

The cards look top notch and Black has traditionally been a strong product to collect for well-to-do collectors. It certainly is high-risk and high-reward, but if I had to take a chance, I'd do it with Black.

Overall Score: 9.25/10


  1. Wow!! That Ovi is worth the price of admission by itself! Great pack.

  2. UD Black is the best! Love the look of the cards!

  3. Nice! I agree with Matt that those cards look great. Also, have you ever opened up cards on Upper Deck ePack before?

    I've had some great luck on it. I'd check it out if you've never opened up ePacks before.

    Anyways, keep on collecting!

  4. Woah - You know the saying " Once you go Black..."
    YT - Skroeker24