Friday, November 10, 2017

2017-2018 Upper Deck Series One Review

Everyone's favorite Upper Deck release has now... well... released. Series One is out and collectors will be eagerly buying it up to collect the new Young Guns, inserts, and even the base cards. Series One is a product that every hockey collector can purchase and enjoy. The price is right and there are plenty of desirable cards to find. This well-rounded set is always a hit!

Base Card Design -
Upper Deck base cards have always been clean and neat. This year's set is in that same vein. The focus of the card is on the photo. The team logo and player name nicely frame compliment the photo by not getting in the way. The foil accents and borders don't distract at all - they actually do a nice job of adding some nice flare to the elegant design. As always, the photos on the cards really stand out. They capture unique angles and great action shots - noticeably more so than last year. I feel the photos are a cut above and each card is really enjoyable to look at.

The card back is extremely clean, maybe too much? The font and stats are on there pretty small and there seems to be too much extra space that could have been utilized better. I still, however, appreciate that Upper Deck employs a full color back with the player photo. I also love the fact that there is a little write of for collectors to read. It's a great way to learn about the player featured on the front.

The star of the main Upper Deck set is the Young Gun set. Young Gun rookie cards are highly sought after by all collectors. One of the appeals of the set is the way they look. I'm always intrigued by what the next design of the Young Guns will be. This year's design is good, but I wouldn't say great. It follows the main set as the cards are clean, but there isn't anything about them that make them particularly special. I'd rank the look of these cards somewhere in the middle of the pack when it comes to Young Gun design.

Base Card Design Score:

Inserts/Game-Used/Autos -
Upper Deck boxes come with 24 packs. Collectors can expect to find plenty of insert cards, textured Canvas cards, as well as a memorabilia card. Upper Deck Series one does have autographs available, but they are pretty difficult pulls.

Like in previous years, the UD Portrait insert cards are back. These cards are all in monochrome and give collectors an up-close look at the player's face. This year's cards have a wider angle shot of the player whereas last year the headshot was much tighter. I like the wider perspective as it gives just a touch more context to the image.

Shining Stars add a colorful pop to the set. The standard Shining Stars are in a silvery reflective foil. Rarer versions like the red foil Ovechkin I pulled have a beautiful colored shiny background. The parallels are tougher pulls but I don't see these cards having a huge secondary market value as probably tons and tons of them were printed. In Series One you'll only find centers, left wingers, and goalies. Does Upper Deck have something against right wingers? Well, my guess is that they will appear in Series Two.

Centennial Standouts are inserts that commemorate the 100th anniversary of the NHL. The cards spans all eras of hockey and showcase some of the greatest players to ever play the game. This is a large set that has a design that could be used if it were its own base set is own release. Collectors who really love NHL history will love these and enjoy pulling all these cards together.

The Second Six insert set is an odd one to me. The cards look like base cards, but there is a foil logo at the top. The Second Six cards have a different back and are pretty tough pulls. Each card can be found one in a thousand packs! Yikes! There are other similar cards to these with some pretty hard pull rates. It really shocked me when I saw how difficult a pull it was!

The UD Canvas cards this year have a lighter look due to the yellow/orange motif in the border design. I like it quite a bit as it gives the Canvas cards a refreshingly different look than in years past. They sort of remind me of fall... which is great as that is the season we are currently in. These cards feature the signature texturing that they have always had. Base cards and Young Guns both get the Canvas treatment.

For collectors who just really want hits, Upper Deck throws in a jersey card at a rate about one per box. The official rate is 1:36, so there's no guarantee, but most boxes should have one. The UD Game Jerseys have been a staple in Upper Deck for a long time and they are nice hit to find when buying packs. These jersey cards don't usually hold too much value, but it's always fun to get a mem card.

As I mentioned before, autographed cards are in this product, but good luck pulling one. Clear Cut inserts are also here as well as other acetate cards. For being a mid/low level release, Upper Deck Series One really does have a ton of great things to find in it. The cards are tried and true and are great fun to collect.

Inserts/Game-Used/Auto Score:

Overall Value -
Upper Deck boxes come in at well under $100 each. It's a legacy product that doesn't rely on hits to have value. I love the fact that good Young Gun cards can be really worth quite a lot. Upper Deck Series One gives collectors the opportunity to really pull some great cards at a price that anyone can afford.

This years release continues the tradition of having a beautiful looking set with exciting cards to pull. Whether you buy by the pack, box, or case... there are good things to look forward to that aren't out of reach in terms of rarity.

Every hockey collector has to get their hands on some Upper Deck Series One. It really is a 'must buy' each and every year.

Overall Rating:

Check out my box of 17/18 Upper Deck Series One:


  1. Product looks nice again like always and I love those centennial standout cards!

    YouTube: Brennan Osinski

  2. That was actually a really good box you broke. I love the look of the young guns this year...

  3. I don't know.. I thought the product was somewhat underwhelming this year. You're paying a lot of money for a box that does not guarantee you a jersey. The portraits and young guns are nice though. Overall 6/10. The Carter Portraits and Nico YG were my favorite hits.

    SCF Username: FrolovFan31

  4. I think that 2017-2018 Upper Deck Series One looks clean. I like the looks of all the cards however I feel like with every break I watch people do on this product, they are all pulling the same cards. I would think that wouldn't happen but maybe it's just luck. I will most likely be picking up a feel packs of this product and am looking forward to Series 2!

  5. I like series one this year. YouTube Coaster Lovers

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  7. Love the canvas design this year. You hit 2 of the best YGs as well. But I just find this product very boring. Centennial standouts looks like Tim’s inserts and SS and Portraits again...ho hum. YG design is also pretty similar. Did you get a hobby hit? I didn’t see one but I could be wrong. With a hobby box here at $100, I don’t see much value and with no McDavid or Matthews this year you are overpaying. Thanks for the break!

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  9. I like the product but I wish the rookie class was as good as last year!


  10. Great product as always. its a set anyone with any budget can collect. great video. Nice YG of the #1 draft pick lol

    YT: EmKayBe

  11. Nice set. Looking forward to getting some tonight. Wished you had gotten an acetate card in this box


  12. Nice box and nice Hishier. Hopefully it doesn't go to 160$.

    YouTube: Paul Courcelles

  13. You are really behind on the product! It feels like you kinda given up on the hobby. Especially since you stop doing Sunday breaks!

    Codiac Hobby

  14. Thanks for the break looks good.

    YT - Flames Fan14

  15. I think the photography is better then last year's but it still isn't great. I also think that it is to much, because you are not guaranteed that much, unlike other boxes that give you more for a similar or cheaper price. Overall I give it a 6 out of 10.

    YouTube: Emma Dougherty

  16. Great pulls and great box!!

  17. One of the best boxes ive seen yet!


  18. Nice set can't wait to get a golden knights card
    Yt MG Cards

  19. nice i liked last years better and the year before that better
    yt:nick brady

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  21. Seems like the boxes have more in them and also have more variety! Really like the new product.

    YT: Luke Christensen

  22. Can't believe that you pulled Nico Hischier. Sucks that even with that it doesn't pay back the box.

    Yt:Jian Wang

  23. Great break with the Nico! I think this years card look really nice and im loving the design of the YG's

    YT: freshestemo

  24. I like the design of the cards but I wish they included one auto at least. The young guns cards look good.

    YT: Jonathan Warden

  25. The young gun cards are really nice looking and 2 of the top rookies this year so those are even better. upper Deck S1 doesn't dissapoint.

    YT: Josh Bittner

  26. I like the design and the lighter colours of the product this year, the young guns look nice as well!
    Youtube- vancouver bears

  27. That was a pretty good box. Hischier and McAvoy young guns, and the Canvas young gun. Series 1 seems pretty good this year as always.

    YT: ZeroWolfGiven

  28. Liked last year's base design better, but nice hit on the Nico YG

    YT: Justin Lee

  29. Man What a Box!

    YT:RH LP

  30. Dam..... Sweet pulls... love the jersey cards this year
    youtube: Mahudh Aslam

  31. Nice set this year! Photography on the cards is amazing!!! I’m also confused about the second six inserts...

  32. Nice break
    Nice young guns
    Nice card
    Good set

    Yt: Hockeycard44

  33. Nice break as always, you always get me excited about new products. Would kill for that McAvoy young gun.

  34. Love your review and I really like the look of the Young Guns design as well. As per usual the base card photography is top notch. Nice pulls too!

    Youtube: Mike Gallagher

  35. Nice Crosby Second Six! Wonder how it'll be received, being a new inset that's rare but not particularly prominent looking at the same time.

    YT: CY Lam

  36. Really good, will buy for sure.

    youtube:David Talbot

  37. This comment has been removed by the author.

  38. Wow... nice pulls in this box, Luke! Congrats on the Nico Hischier YG and the Crosby Second Six! Thanks for sharing as always!

    YT/SCF: McBones

  39. Really love UD Series 1 this year. It looks like they 14-15 and 16-17 designs on the base of this year. As always, nice video!

    YT : Julien Bouchard

  40. Overall i think the product is just slightly better than last years. As a bruins fan, the McAvoy young gun was the best pull in the box.

    YT: Matt Gauthier

  41. I love the Charlie rc!!!!! And the Brad Marchand

  42. Ahoy, I enjoyed the break of your series 1 hobby box. This one felt more value than the previous pricier boxes you reviewed. Keep itup!

    Youtube user name: sapphirecore

  43. cool cards. nice nico hishiere.
    YT - Sebraider93

    1. Hischier and McAvoy too is good I think together worth 160$CAD

  44. UD series one is good this year, like the base, inserts
    YT Hawksfan 50

  45. I like ud’s designs except jerseys because they look like the 15-16 series one jersey and the centennial remnants because you get them too many times in a box.
    Youtube : LeoProduction

  46. Actually really liking the card designs this year. Now that I have seen the young guns up close they look nice. I also love series 1 and 2 so ill defienetley be buying a box of both. Got to find that Boeser young gun!

    Youtube name: Brayden Morgan

  47. very neat portraits design this year. Reminds me of the Pinnacle B insert set from 1991

  48. Scf: Adams64
    I think that you did really well on your box. Mcavoy, Hischier, and Svechnikov canvas are pretty nice hits. UD Series 1 & 2 are one of my favourite products and I will be buying lots. It is nice to have a new insert set in centennial standouts. Many people are talking about how there is no "big" player, but I do not mind as it makes the product more affordable for collectors who are just looking to build their collection. There doesn't have to be a huge profit for it to be a great product. Nice review!

  49. I really like the cards that say 100 anniversary

    YT:Davids NHL Goal Horns And Soccer Songs

  50. I like this product overall. The base and the NHL 100 cards looks really nice.
    Instagram: @fuelledbypassioncollectibles

  51. Very clean looking card, I love it YT-Steven5161

  52. Nice looking cards, disappointing young gun line up

    Youtube: Brad Godard

  53. I think it looks good, but nothing too exciting this year imo.

    Instagram - @fuelledbypassioncollectibles

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