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Retail Review #221 (10/11 Panini Pinnacle)

I'm going to stick with Panini again this week because of their product's frequency of giving hits. Pinnacle was a mid-level brand during its time, but blasters of the product usually gave collectors at least a jersey card when they bought one. And that's what I really appreciate about Panini, their retail products were really, really, good to collectors.

Price - 

Packs - 8
10/11 Pinnacle Packs

I can easily say that I always enjoy opening up Pinnacle. It's a rich product in that there are lots of fun inserts to find when opening up blasters of it. At the time of its release, it was just an 'ok' product to me. As time has gone on, I've really come to appreciate it - especially at the price point it is available at. There really isn't a much better deal if you're looking to open up a retail product and get a hit from it. Besides the hit, if you enjoy base cards and reading card backs, Pinnacle is a wonderful product for that.

Let's open up this little guy right now:

Review -
I've got to say that this was one of my favorite Retail Review breaks in a while. Sure, there wasn't a huge big money hit, but I felt that I got some awesome cards from this blaster. I actually had a tough time coming up with a top three this week as it really should be a top four! Aside from my top three, I got an Alexander Ovechkin Team Pinnacle card. You guys know I'm a big fan of Team Pinnacle inserts. This card would usually be in the two spot if I got a hit, but I felt that the other cards were just so strong I couldn't include it! This was a fantastic break.

These were the top three from this blaster:

Top 3 Cards

#3 - Gilbert Perreault Card No. 18
The Pantheon insert is just something I don't see very often. I have a feeling that the insertion ratios for this particular type of card is on the difficult side. The card looks really cool and has a strong, bold look about it.

#2 - Alex Ovechkin Card No. 7
Double the Nufex for Ovi in this blaster! It was a toss up on this card or the Team Pinnacle to be here in the second spot. I chose this card because the chances of getting this card out of all the other base parallels is pretty low. Just a side note, it's funny how this card is no. 7.

#1 - Ryan Malone Card No. 11
Ryan Malone isn't as big of a name as Ovi or Perreault, but this was my only hit in the blaster - and of course it's serial numbered too! I love getting hits, so this card gets an automatic placement in my top spot this week.

Overall Value -
Overall this was a really awesome break that I really enjoyed from the very first pack onward. I'd recommend Pinnacle to every collector out there. If you happen to see some Pinnacle at a decent price I'd pick it up given the chance. I really wish the brand was still around to give collectors a nice product on the shelves at retail stores.

Let me know what you thought of my break in the comment section below. Have you ever pulled anything good out of one of these? I'd love to hear about it.

Overall Value Score:

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