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2016-2017 Upper Deck MVP Review

Upper Deck has officially started of the 2016/17 hockey card campaign with the release of MVP Hockey. This lower-end brand has always been one of the first products out of the gate for Upper Deck. In recent years, MVP has really upped its content by adding inserts, autographs, and memorabilia cards into the brand. There are no guarantees to get one per box, but the prospect that they are there is great in and of itself.

Base Card Design -
For a low-end card, the design and feel of the MVP base cards is above expectation. The cards aren't plain, but rather have a design that is unique and well-thought out. In a small way, the shapes used in the background have an Ultimate Collection look to them. Yes, yes... it's a pretty far stretch for  a comparison, but I just mean to say that the base cards use design elements that aren't the run of the mill look. There's no solid border here - the design scheme just fades nicely into the card and gives a frame-like look that makes you focus on the player featured. Overall Upper Deck did a solid job on these cards and I think those who purchase MVP this year will enjoy them.

The back of the card mirrors the front design but eliminates all photographic elements. You basically just get stats and bio information. There's not much of interest to see here unless you need to take a look at how a player did between the 11/12 and 15/16 NHL hockey season. Something else collectors may find useful is the pronunciation of the player name located under their position in the center of the card. MVP is one of the very few brands that includes pronunciations. It's a great little addition since may people (myself included) struggle with the correct way to say a player's name on occasion.

Rookie cards in MVP share a similar design to the regular base cards save for a 'ROOKIE' logo located at the top of the card as well as a blue/gray color scheme rather than the bronze/gold look. The rookie color scheme is much better looking than the standard cards. The color works a lot better for hockey cards. The rookies in MVP are players that got a chance to play last season but didn't get featured on a card. These rookies tend to less popular than the ones that get playing time right when the season begins. There will most likely be an update to these cards in a later Upper Deck release.

At first glance I would have thought that the NHL Territory foil cards were special inserts into MVP, but they are actually numbered as part of the main set. The theme of these cards is the place in which the feature player plays. These cards have a nice foil background of the skyline of the city. They are nice cards that may be popular with collectors who enjoy cards with a strong team/city connection.

Leading Lights are another main-set-numbered subset that looks like an insert. These cards are also feature a foil background. Rather than focusing on a place, these cards honor players who were outstanding in different statistical categories.

Base Card Design Score:

Inserts/Game-Used/Autos -
As MVP is a low-end brand, getting a hit in the product can be quite difficult. The only guarantees collectors get for hits is at the case level. Last year I was really lucky and got an amazing Wayne Gretzky Pro Sign autographed card. This year my box didn't contain a hit.

Making their return are the Silver Script cards. These cards have been around in MVP for a long time. I have always liked the look of these cards as they have a very nice looking facsimile autograph on them in silver. The facsimile autos on the fronts of these cards actually look like real autos signed in silver ink. Hopefully nobody gets confused and thinks hey pulled an autograph with these!

Colors and Contours make their way back into MVP this year. These nice looking die-cut cards confuse me as there are different color and level tiers. Collectors will have to really study the back of the packs to know exactly how rare of a card they pull from this set. These cards certainly stand out with their holofoil background, but I'm not sure how many collectors will actually take the time to find out how rare their card is.

New this year are puzzle cards. Puzzle cards are a variation of the main set. The front of the card is actually the puzzle piece. The back looks like the standard front of an MVP base cards except for card number and a few other back-identifying marks. I have never been too fond of puzzle cards, so I'm not jazzed about these cards at all... but they may appeal to some collectors who like the challenge of putting the entire picture together.

It would have been really nice to get a hit from this box, but I think a lot of my mojo was used up with last year's MVP. Though hits may be hard to get, they are certainly not impossible and should cone out at a nice pace if buying boxes of the product.

Inserts/Game-Used/Autos Score:

Overall Rating -
It's always hard to believe it when MVP comes out as its usually out when card products from the previous season haven't been released yet. For collectors dying to move forward, MVP would be a fun product to bust.

MVP is a familiar product to collectors who have had a few years under their belt collecting. I think it's a product that has improved year after year - even if just a little with each passing season. There are some legitimately nice cards that can be pulled out of MVP.

MVP is not a product that will break the bank. Anyone can pick up a pack or even a box. After being used to paying $100+ dollars on boxes, it was pretty good paying under fifty for this hobby box.

A lot of high-end collectors will most likely avoid MVP, but this set of cards is great for more casual collectors just looking for something affordable to break and take a chance on.

Overall Rating:

Check out my break of MVP below:


  1. Enjoy mvp every year but they kinda ruined it with not getting a hit in every box.

  2. I was never a fan of MVP but it sucks they aren't giving a guaranteed hit per box. I'm not a fan of those puzzle cards but I do love those die cut cards!

    YouTube: Brennan Osinski

  3. I am not a fan of the puzzle pieces either. My guess is that they are just using those as decoys. but i love the contours cards


  4. I think the cards are good.

    YouTube Hockey Highlights

  5. Ok product youtube is MG Cards

  6. nice break I love the rookies from this year compared to last year youtube is NUCKSFAN167

  7. Wish they had a hit in every box but still pretty cool!
    YouTube: giosol1

  8. It's a nice and affordable product and I like how the contours cards look like.

    Youtube: Paul Courcelles

  9. Great job love this product I really liked the cards!

    YouTube: MarlyNation

  10. In my opinion the base looks better than the base of the past few years.
    YT: Josh Hockey Awesomeness

  11. Mvp is allways fun! Big step up from last year!

    Youtube: Kim rosman

  12. The base looks way better than last years! I don't really like the silver script cards as you can barely notice the autograph on them, but I really love the colours and contour cards!!!

    YouTube: sniper87

  13. Like MVP every year. Disappointed about no hit in a box though. But like the silver scripts!
    YouTube: CreepsPokemonTime

  14. the base is nice compared to last year

  15. Never have been a fan of the MVP serious.. Too many inserts and what not and now this year they decided to do those puzzle pieces. Like you said hits are far and in between.

    YT: freshestemo

  16. Not sure what happened with the silver scripts this year; the signature is so light you can barely see it, not shiny like in past years. This is certainly a good series to collect if you like inserts and aren't too hung up about (not) getting jerseys/autos. Nice Review!
    YT: OldSkoolHockeyKardz

  17. Honestly I haven't been a huge fan of Mvp in the past but this year I really like the look of the base cards, it's also good that it's a cheaper set so I can actually complete it lol, YouTube is

  18. The base cards have Bette rooming pictures but still look like the same MVP. The inserts look amazing though. Overall I would give this a 7/10 as well. It isn't the best but isn't the worst.

    YT: Jerry zhang

    1. The base cards have better looking pictures****

  19. + The base card design is better than the last couple of seasons, even though the golden color scheme still isn't great.
    + It is a cheaper alternative, even though I wouldn't complaim if an even cheaper alternative would've been re-invented.

    - It would've been nice to be guaranteed something in each box. If not a jersey or autograph, maybe at least a numbered card.
    - The card backs are pretty boring since there's not even a text about the player.

    Youtube: Majlfp

  20. love your breaks!

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  21. I hope i win!!

    YT: Thejerseycards

  22. Probably wait till it is added to EPacks and buy some packs there.

    YT - Flames Fan14

  23. Great price point for this low end collection of cards.
    I love that they have Josh Morrissey from the Jets in this collection. Ill just be buying his single cards, not a fan of any other cards in this release.

    Great review, as always!

  24. MVP was better in the days, but nice to see that it's still in the game! Nice break :)

    YT: chiefrocka

  25. The design is great, though I personally prefer the NHL Territories and C&C from last year. Despite being cheap, it still isn't great to not get any hits of the box, since that basically guarantees that you'll get very little in value for the box.

    Youtube: CY Lam

  26. Nice review, I think that the card look nice and it's à nice product for beginer.

    Youtube: Ozzy Mike

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  28. I bought a box of this product. I really like to build this set every year. Kind of sad that hits fall only one every four boxes... Great review!

    Youtube : frankthachamp

  29. Good thing that UD released a decent low end for once. You should try and get blasters of MVP so you can actually get a numbered card.
    Yt: hi7109

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  31. I think Upper Deck should retire MVP because you get 0 hits.

    YT: HC96.Trading.Company

  32. Even though its a low end product, i have started collecting it this year, its a decent lower end product
    Youtube: bibo65603

  33. Never been a fan of MvP.. Might have to get this one!

    YT: Bro Bro-ntosaurus