Sunday, July 12, 2015

Retail Review #160 (11/12 Upper Deck Series Two Tin)

Last week I opened up some 11/12 Series One, so naturally this week I'm going to open up some Series Two. Instead of fat packs, this Retail Review will feature a Series Two tin. I don't open tins up too often in Retail Review, but they are a very popular retail product among my readers. I'm always getting suggestions to open them up! Well, here ya go!

Price - 

Packs - 12
11/12 UD Series 2 Packs

I don't think 11/12 Series Two was all that memorable. While Series One had the big gun of Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, this second set just didn't have the huge pop that collectors were looking for. I remember that there wasn't that much excitement over it upon its arrival. The good thing was, though, that you could still find Ryan Nugent-Hopkins rookie cards in the form of OPC and Victory update cards. Sure, they are worth a fraction of the price of his Young Gun, but they are still a nice little pull if you get one.

Upper Deck tins are hard to find at actual stores in my area, so I had to order this one. I think the tin concept is a good one and I enjoy opening them up. Tins add a slightly more enjoyable experience when opening them up - plus they make a nice little keepsake or card container for people to use.

Let's crack open the lid to this tin and see what cards come out of it:

Review -
I was definitely impressed with the amount of content that came out of this tin. I think every pack had some sort of insert or update card to enjoy. Besides the array of special cards, I also got three Young Guns in the tin. I can't remember if that's the normal amount you find in one of these, but that's definitely better than the standard two YGs you get in regular blasters.

None of the cards I found were big value cards, and I didn't get any RNH rookies, but I felt that this tin had a strong amount of variety and kept me interested as I opened it up.

Let's see the top three cards from this break:

Top 3 Cards

#3 - Tomas Vokoun Card No. C206
Ahhh, the sweetness of the UD Canvas card photographs! This photographer got really up close and personal with Vokoun and the puck he was trying to stop. What a great capture!

#2 - Mark Sheifele Card No. 136
Sheifele was one of the rookies to look for in 11/12, but has since been forgotten by most collectors. That doesn't diminish my opinion of this great MVP rookie card design though.

#1 - Taylor Hall Card No. OS6
Taylor Hall was the big rookie card to get the year before, and now I pull his big base card. These giant sized cards are cool to find and to enjoy. I'm not sure how it'll fit in with the rest of my collection though.

Overall Value -
For under $15, this tin was a great deal. I had a ton of fun opening up the packs from 11/12 Series Two and seeing what was inside them. I can't really recommend this series if you're trying to find huge value. I mean, you might land a rare Canvas Young Gun card, but the chances can be pretty slim. If you're looking for interesting and fun cards, this just might be the retail product for you!

Let me know what you thought of my break in the comment section below. Have you ever pulled anything good out of these packs? I'd love to hear about it.

Overall Value Score:

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  1. You got a lots of youg gun so that a nice box but I dont love serie 2

  2. I opened up a 14-15 series two tin, and It came with three young guns, two canvas cards, some other inserts and a bunch of o pee Chee. 11-12 seems much more exciting because of victory and MVP.