Friday, July 24, 2015

2014-2015 Upper Deck Premier Review

Upper Deck comes strong at collectors with a 'new' product in UD Premier. I put new in parenthesis because it is a product that Upper Deck has come out with in the past, but has now re-released. Premier is one of those one pack affairs that packs quite a wallop both in hit content and in entrance fee. Looking at the gorgeous previews of the product has gotten me excited about what this product can bring to collectors. Now it's time to open up a box and see if it lives up to the excitement around it.

Base Card Design -
The UD Premier base card comes on thick card stock similar to that of what Ultimate collection base cards have. They are about the thickness of a regular jersey card. As with most card sets, thicker card stock denotes a more premium product - and UD Premier is certainly premium. Each base card is limited to just 249 copies. The cards have a modern design with geometric shapes that border the player. Silver foil highlights the card and adds some shine that makes the card pop a bit. The design is typical for Upper Deck. It's nice, but doesn't stand out meaningfully.

UD Premier goes the acetate route with their Premier Rookie cards. They actually remind me a lot of the National Treasures rookie cards from last year. These cards come embedded with a large swatch of patch right in the center. The patch is highlighted by a foil border. Above the patch is the player photo, and below is a place for an on-card player autograph. It's a clean looking card, but again doesn't scream greatness at me. I do like these rookie cards better than the standard base design, but it's a bit plain for me still. Rookie cards are either numbered to 299 or 199 like the Jonathan Drouin card above.

Base Card Design Score:

Inserts/Game-Used/Autos -
A box of UD Premier only comes with seven cards. I have found that most boxes will have two base cards in them - which leaves you with five hits. Premier has its fair share of amazing hits. Collectors will find giant patches and autographs of the NHL's best.

The rookie cards come with plain jersey parallel cards. These cards have a nice shiny rainbow foil with a spot on the card for the player's event-worn jersey patch. These are most definitely just filler cards in the product. I'm not sure how many hard core collectors would get excited over these. That being said, if you're a player collector these are nice and easy cards to find and add to your collection.

Dual jersey hits like this one of John Tavares and Ryan Strome are marginally better than the single jersey hits. I do like the design on these much more since it's pretty different than the base design. These actually remind me of the OPC Premier dual jersey cards from 09/10.

I'm pretty sure it's safe to say that all collectors enjoy on-card autographs, and that's what UD Premier has. The clean look of the Legendary Signature cards is nice and there is ample room for the player to leave a nice large signature. Unlike some of the other cards in set, these are not serial numbered.

The best card in my box was the Jonathan Drouin rookie card, and I'm quite happy pulling that! But there are many other sweet cards to be had in UD Premier. I'm sure collectors will especially appreciate that huge hand numbered patch cards that can be found here. These patch cards are like the ones that Panini used to put in Prime when they made cards.

Inserts/Game-Used/Autos Score:

Overall Score -
UD Premier is an expensive product... upwards of $200! It is certainly a high risk, high reward type of brand. For the collectors with big pockets it is a break that is super fun. It's always great looking in packs and seeing what amazing pulls come out. For collectors that find it to be a bit too expensive, it might be wise to hold off on a box of this. My advice to them would just be to find singles on eBay as they will be a significantly cheaper option.

Upper Deck has done a nice job in bringing back UD Premier. Part of me is a little underwhelmed by it, but it still has cards in it that are absolutely jaw-droppingly awesome. But I guess that's just how these pricey product are nowadays.

Overall Score:

Check out my box of UD Premier:


  1. I am a bruins fan and I love this Brad Park card and as usual I find your are lucky compare to me, I was hunting for this Drouin card

    Yt: Ezitronic

  2. The cards look like the usual good quality from Upper Deck

    YT: brendan roskewich

  3. Awesome drouin! I love the look of the rpa's!

    YouTube- Card Collector23

  4. I don't feel like breaking down and buying this for $300. Should've been priced the same as Prime ($265). I'm sick of these cards being so expensive. Laughing all the way to the bank, Upper Deck is. At least it's not trying to be as expensive as The Cup.

    yt- ryannturnaa

  5. I'm not sure if I would pay that much for a box. Still a good product ans a great vid

    YT:Simon L-Roy

  6. Sweet hit on the last card. I do like the design and am a huge fan of the Brad Park card.

    YT: Alex Conway

  7. Nice cards dude!

    YouTube: ItzDrocHD Gaming

  8. Love the look of the cards and the patches you can pull. I think the only downside to this product is the price point.
    YouTube - phxfan19

  9. Premier has been one of the best products of the year, nice cards!

    YouTube: TheHahn18

  10. Really good box I would have got one but the price is too much the rookie patch auto kind of looks like the 13-14 national treasures rookie patch auto but that might just be me.

    YouTube TOR Hockeycards

  11. Nice break and great review!

    YT: Josh Bittner

  12. Very nice box!
    Youtube: RedWraith

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. Nice rookie patch!
    YouTube: Gabriel T.

  15. I agree in that the rookie patch autos look similar to those of national treasure from panini last year but for some reason, Upper Deck's is less appealing. I do however think this base design of UD Premier is great.
    YouTube: Justin Lee

  16. Great video and nice pulls!
    YT: Tom Keegan

  17. I don't really care for the look of the base cards but I love that Brad Park Auto!

    YouTube: Brennan Osinski

  18. Nice break! Great review!
    YT: kedzie3320

  19. Love the big patches, a combined Prime/National Treasures look to the cards! Great with on card autographs :)

    YT: MrThendro

  20. really nice box and drouin

    yt:the bigman

  21. + A lot of good looking cards, and a chance to pull cards like the sweetest you could pull from Panini Prime.
    + Finally rookie jersey cards from a bigger part of the rookie class, like of my PC player John Klingberg. But maybe it would have been better to include these event worn jersey pieces in a cheaper product?

    - The base cards are The Cup all over again. They are even numbered to 249 as well. Come on UD, do something unique!
    - As stated earlier, event worn material isn't what I want. With such a high price tag UD must be able to afford game worn jerseys from the rookies as well, at least to the good looking patch/autos.

    Youtube: Majlfp

    1. you mention the price point and how UD should be able to get the actual GU jerseys in it, they skimped so much they couldnt even get a drouin jersey from the era he's played in. drafted in '13 but there are patches of a jersey the lightning stopped wearing in 2011, 2 years before he was drafted, so they really cut corners not even getting the right jersey for him to throw on at an event

  22. Its neat, but the design is not that good.
    -matt gauthier

  23. Nice box and great drouin!

    yt: hockeycardheaven

  24. nice box break and overall a nice product
    youtube irbehockeycardcolect

  25. Nice box especially the drouin
    Yt 22canucksfan33

  26. Hoo Hoo Hoo! Premier indeed. Very nice break and review!
    YT - Skroeker24

  27. great break and review the drouin was super sweet

    YT: newyorkislanders777

  28. It's great the swatches are huge and the base card design is nice.

  29. Awesome box! Got a couple great hits in there.

    Youtube: crazyshnitzel

  30. The previews looked very Prime-ish. But it doesn't have the same visual punch. - Reebz0r

  31. Lots of hits but probably not worth the crazy price of 300$. Although the Brad Parks legend was nice\
    YT- JackH9 RR

  32. the drouin patch they used is not even from the time he has been with the lightning. it clearly came from the lightning uniform set that was retired in 2011. i've seen that on another drouin card from this product as well and its annoying, it is extremely innacurate and makes it blatantly obvious that drouin never wore it in a game, and even event worn means UD couldnt even pick up a new lightning jersey to have him wear for a minute.

  33. Nice Box !that drouin card looks sick

  34. That Drouin 4-color patch Auto is sick! Pretty sure it's gonna pay for the box or so. Last week at my local card shop, someone pulled a Gretzky auto # to 10. Definitely a nice product for those who are waiting for The Cup.

    Youtube : frankthachamp

  35. The Drouin is truly incredible! Awesome product, and great review as always!

  36. Nice Drouin! YT: matt hemmati

  37. The card designs are great. I loved that sick patch you got. And I also loved the Brad Park auto (I'm a Bruins fan). The product is great and so are your reviews!!!!

    YouTube: hockeycardcollector914_

  38. I'm not sure if it went throught the first time or not but:

    Overall I think it was a great box break. I personally think that UD Premier is one of if not the greatest product of the 2014/15 season.

    YouTube: Topshelf Hockey Cards

  39. Another great review Luke! Love the clean on-card Legendary Signatures and have to agree with you that the standard jersey cards are a tad underwhelming at UD Premier's price point. The "dual" and "sixes" jersey cards are definitely a step up but not by much.

    Nice RPA pull nonetheless!

    YT: McBones

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