Sunday, November 30, 2014

Retail Review #129 (12/13 Upper Deck Series One Tin)

I'm definitely excited to open this tin of 12/13 Upper Deck Series 1. People are always recommending tins to me, but they are just so hard to get a hold of where I live. I've finally gotten one of these to check out here on Retail Review - I hope that delivers in terms of my expectations for it!

Price - 

Packs - 12
12/13 UD Series 1 Packs

2012/13 was not a great year for hockey, so that's probably why these tins can be had a such a low price now. Comparing just the packaging, I'd definitely go for a tin over a blaster any day. It just feels a lot more special to be opening up a tin rather than a standard blaster box. There's something about a tin that just ups the ante.

I'm sure that comparing tins to blasters shouldn't be too different. I'm expecting to get a couple of Young Guns and some insert cards. In terms of rookie cards, there's not much I'll be looking for as this year was not a good year for rookies. I'm hoping for some nice cards of established stars in the NHL.

Let's pop the lid off this tin and see what's inside:

Review -
The break started off pretty slowly as I opened up what seemed to be base pack after base pack. But once those were through, the tin definitely picked up and got better. The actual packs inside the tin feel thicker than those you get in a retail blaster. Everything about this opening experience was enhanced compared to those.

I ended up getting a pretty large stack of base cards as well as some nice canvas and insert cards. I pulled three canvas cards out as well as a Silver Skates foil card of Daniel Sedin. I have to say that I felt satisfied after getting all these cards out of the tin. Did it meet expectations? Yup!

My favorite three cards of the break are as follows:

Top 3 Cards

#3 - Ryan Callahan Card No. WC-11
This jumbo sized card came in its own holder inside the tin. These types of cards may be difficult to store, but they make nice bonuses inside tins.

#2 - Joe Pavelski Card No. C70
I've got to put Pavelski here at two because I'm a huge Sharks fan. This photo of Pavs is pretty nice as well as it looks like he is trying to channel Bobby Orr.

#1 - Anders Lindback Card No. GJ-AL
Nice! A hit! It's great to get a hit in retail. Now that I've gotten a UD jersey from this tin, it makes me wonder if there are hits in every tin. I don't have enough experience with them to know for sure.

Overall Value -
For ten dollars this was a very nice little break. I was very pleased with the break, and would happily get more of these to open up. The tin delivered more content than a regular blaster would have. It's no wonder that people recommend these Upper Deck tins to me! They are a very nice retail product.

Let me know what you thought of my break in the comment section below. Have you ever pulled anything good out of one of these? I'd love to hear about it.

Overall Value Score:

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  1. Nice break! D&A Card World has them on clearance too. I have a few in my cart waiting to be purchased!

  2. Nice, break. The jersey are not 1 per tin, they usually fall around 1:24 packs or 1 per 2 tins, although I have purchased a number of tins over the years and think the odds may be even lower.
    Since you got the jersey card you ended up only getting 2 YGs, which is ok but usually you will get at least YGs and hopefully get someone good (although like you mentioned that was not a great draft year) and someone you like.
    I like your blog and Im just starting to look around, feel free to check out mine too