Tuesday, August 19, 2014

2014-2015 Upper Deck MVP Hockey Review

This is that strange part of the collecting year when products from the upcoming season release before last year's final products come out. MVP is available now even though the highest end products like Ultimate Collection and The Cup are still awaiting release. 14/15 MVP is a full release of the brand. Upper Deck had previously used it as an insert in their flagship lines. Let's see how it looks back as its own entity!

Base Card Design -
The MVP base cards utilize a large border area to encapsulate the card. Each card is primarily white and gold with team color highlights on the borders. The MVP base design goes along with past MVP designs but lacks the touch of premium quality that it used to have. MVP cards had foil on the front to give each card a little pop. Because it doesn't have that, these cards definitely fall a bit flat in terms of their look. It's a cheap looking card that looks lower end.

Though there are no photos on the back of the base cards, I rather like the back design. The large gold MVP logo looks good and actually shimmers a bit in light. There are limited stats on the back of the card and no written paragraph of the player - it's definitely few frills - but I guess that's what you pay for! The one thing I do like about the MVP base are the guides on how to pronounce the hockey player's name. That's pretty useful!

Rookie cards in the set share the same look as the base cards except for a large 'Rookie' logo where the team name was on the standard base card. When MVP was released in Upper Deck Series 1 and 2, the rookie cards had a distinctly different design that I actually rather liked. I'm sad to see that the effort wasn't put into these cards.

Base Card Design Score:

Inserts/Game-Used/Autos -
Boxes of MVP will yield parallels, inserts, and maybe even hits in them. This year there are quite a number of different tiered cards to look for. It can be confusing as to what kind of card you have, so refer to the pack or the bottom of the box to check for the rarity.

The most basic parallel card comes one-per-pack. And i actually like these much better than the regular base. These parallels are what MVP base cards should be! These cards have the foil and the facsimile signature that MVP has been known the carry. The base card design score would have been much nicer if Upper Deck just had these as their base cards.

The NHL 3 Stars of the Week cards are a pretty novel idea to put into an insert set. These cards show which players earned that special recognition during the season. I don't remember ever seeing cards like this before. I got to hand it to Upper Deck for coming up with an ideal like this for a card set.

The Rookie of the Month card set is similar to the NHL 3 Stars card except that it just features one player. The Rookie of the Month cards are actually a pretty tough pull comparatively. They are stated to be 1:40 packs.

Colors & Contours is a great looking set. The use of foil and die-cutting is outstanding on these cards. When I pulled my first one I thought I had gotten something really special. It turns out these cards have a great variety of different tiers and rarities. Looking on the back of the card will clue you in to what type of card you might have. I imagine that these will be fun for player collectors to track down.

I was fortunate enough to pull a Super Script parallel of Shane Doan in the box. These cards use a blue foil and have numbering to just 25. Super Scripts were a popular parallel set when the cards in the past, and hopefully they will be again.

The most unbelievable card I pulled in my box was a Pro Sign Wayne Gretzky card. I just couldn't believe it! It's always amazing when you can pull something like this out of a lower-end brand. It just goes to show that these things can actually happen. It is awesome that Upper Deck inserts cards like this into lower-end brands to give it a boost in terms of what collectors can get out of it.

There are many other types of hits to find in MVP as well. Memorabilia cards and dual autos are available. Rookie redemptions can be pulled too. I would guess that each box of MVP would have one hit in it, but I don't think it's a guarantee.

Inserts/Game-Used/Autos Score:

Overall Rating -
I obviously got really lucky with my box of MVP with the Gretzky autograph, but overall I think MVP is a solid offering by Upper Deck. There are a lot of interesting goodies you can pull out of it this year. I was actually pleasantly surprised. My only qualm about MVP are the base cards, but every other card in the product is a winner. MVP makes a worthy addition to the lower price-point hockey card brands.

Overall Rating -

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  1. i really loved mvp this year! i never was an upper deck fan, i preferred panini, but this product is really cool!

    youtube username: K.A. Ellis

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  7. I think MVP is a great product especially for the younger collectors. That Gretzky was UNBELEIVEBLE.
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  8. Very nice pull Love the DOAN!!

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  9. I was expecting this break to yield nothing, the you pulled that. Amazing and you deserve it, great you tuber.

  10. I agree with you on the base cards, but as you said the inserts are awesome!!! I got a Cory Scnieder souverniers and the card is beautiful :)
    Yt: dominic rene canic ;)

  11. wow, awesome box with that beautiful Gretzky auto!!
    SCF user name 09232003

  12. You are lucky man! You are not guaranteed any hit with this product and you got 2 (the Super Script numered to 25 is considered a hit). As for the die-cuts, you get an average of 6 per box and there are 3 level of rarities as well as three colours. Interesting product and nice break.

    Youtube : frankthachamp

  13. Love the Klefbom !
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  14. Looks like a decent product, would only buy for Kuznesov , nice break
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  15. Wow. A Gretzky auto in a low end product? Can't say I've seen that before! Love the Klefbom rookie as well. Looks like a very clean product, will definitely buy a box or two.

  16. Sweet product all in all, great review as well! YouTube username Is AustinGrabas

  17. nice big hit of the great one auto but looks interesting im use all mvp cards pretty much fake autos on it so looks like be cool have 2 versions of basic set or even use non facsiml to get real autos youtube is ironjeep58

  18. What an insane hit with the gretzky. I love the look of the pro sign cards. Honestly the base design is kind of disappointing considering that this is from the new 2014-15 product line and that Upper Deck will be the only manufacturer. They won't have any competition and i think, to me, They kind of slacked off on the base design of this year's MVP

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  19. Don't love the product but that Gretz was just sick!

  20. Sick Gretzky! Love this product!

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  21. + The Colours & Contours set seems to be great looking
    + The chance of pulling numbered cards, even if it's a low end product

    - You are not guaranteed a hit per box!
    - This can't be the cheapest product of the season? They have to bring back even cheaper products, something like Victory (but more exciting)!

    Youtube: Majlfp

  22. Wow great box I have to pick one up! You should open another one! YouTube : hockey everything

  23. Really nice box and product! I tried the retail and its very good for the price
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  25. Sick Gretzky!
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  26. This is a great set for kids & player collectors.
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    Interested in cards from these players:
    Parise, Kuemper, Andrew Shaw

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    I thought MVP was solid this year.
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  35. Great Review! Amazing Gretzky.
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  36. MVP is seen to be a lower end product, but overall for the price range it is alright, unless you pull a really big hit as you did.
    - Graboguru

  37. To start, I am super happy Upper Deck brought MVP back in full circulation. I have a lot of good memories of this product as it was right up my ally when I was younger being cheap and exciting.

    Now, about the product, I'd kick it off with a bit of a negative with that the base do look cheap. However, it isn't an expensive product so at least they are true to themselves. I'd also have to agree with you that the Colors and Contours cards are amazing! When I first saw that in your video my eyes widened. Probably one of the nicest looking cards I've ever seen. I also like the idea of the Rookie of the Month cards which brings me to variety; I love the variety of MVP. There is so much to get and always a small chance at something big (like your Gretzky, I was super happy for you) and lots of packs all for a relatively low price. This makes the product well rounded and you can only get so disappointed with the results of a box. By this I mean is it is a really fun break for everyone and if you don't do too well, at least you didn't blow a butt-load of money. And if you did well, then you are very pleased. Another thing I like about the product is the printed autographs on all the base cards, I remember when I was younger that was my favourite part of the product. All in all I think this is a very well rounded product!

    Once again thanks so much for a great review and once again no need to enter me into the contest. I am more than happy to just watch and enjoy and leave my opinion. You always make it fun and for that, I thank you.

  38. great break!

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  39. wowwwww, i can't believe you pulled a gretzky auto out of a mvp box!!!

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  40. The gretzky card pretty much makes the box better. Awesome, relate able review.
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  41. Nice box! I got one for Christmas and pulled Bobby Orr pro sign!

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