Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Cardboard Commentary #58 (Player Watch - Edmonton Oilers)

For the past four years, the Edmonton Oilers were THE team to get in a group break. Because of their constant mediocrity on the ice, the Oiler have been 'blessed' with very high draft picks. The Oiler rookie cards have all started off scorching hot - usually the top cards to get of the season - and collectors scrambled to get a hold of these cards. But how long will they want to purchase cards of players who play on a team that can't break through with success in the wins column?

The young Edmonton Oilers have so much talent. Starting with the 2010/11 rookie card class of Taylor Hall and Jordan Eberle and moving on to Nail Yakupov and Justin Schultz this year, the potential for an amazing team and hobby domination should be there.

Hockey card collectors love to speculate on talent, and collectors have poured a lot of money into Oiler rookie cards. The future always seems so bright in Edmonton, but collectors might be wondering when the team will finally turn the corner and be good... how about the playoffs?

What I am wondering, though, is if the team doesn't have success and doesn't show significant improvement... when will collectors sour on the Oiler cards? I've always held the 2010/11 hockey card season as one of the best in recent memory because of the dynamic pair of Hall and Eberle. I'm excited to open 2010/11 products even now because of the those two players. And 2011/12 brought us the likes of Ryan Nugent-Hopkins - he was one of the very few players to want to pull that year. And if I get any 2011/12 product, he's who I want to see.

But nobody likes failed expectations, and Edmonton does have a danger of doing just that - failing expectations. If they do, it will be a major blow to the hobby as people who have heavily invested in these cards will not be happy as prices plummet.

We're not there yet, and I know there are plenty out there who are still chasing the young Oilers, but the Oilers need to get it together... and fast.

Have you collected the recent Edmonton Oiler rookie cards and prospects? Let me know what you think of the Oilers and their future value in the hobby in the comments section!

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