Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Cardboard Commentary #41 (New Year's Eve)

This Cardboard Commentary is coming in a tad later than usual. It's been a busy time around these parts with family and traveling! I've been all over California this past week and a half. Made the trip to the southern most part of California - San Diego... then the middle - San Francisco, before coming back home to the Sacramento area. As 2013 draws to a close, and 2014 dawns on us, it'd be nice to think of some collecting goals for the new year... a collecting resolution post!

I wrote not too long ago that I've been feeling a slowdown in the hobby. And I still believe that feeling is there. But you know, as in all things, there are ups and downs. Hopefully it'll turn around pretty quickly and get back 'up' ...post haste! With the Olympics just around the corner, NFL playoffs starting up soon, basketball heating up, and even baseball on the horizon, I hope that interest in sports (and especially cards) will be renewed.

That being said, there are a few things I personally would like to do this coming 2014 year. Here they are:

  • Continue adding to my Logan Couture Player Collection. I still comb eBay everyday for new Couture cards, but I keep seeing the same old things over and over. Now that he's a veteran player, there are less cards of his coming out besides parallels and things of that nature - which can be hard to find. Because new products don't seem to be that heavily broken, I'm not seeing his more rare cards come out. It was a bit discouraging this past year to miss out on a 12/13 The Cup 1/1 Tag/Auto of his on eBay. That card went for a surprisingly high amount. Not getting that one definitely put a damper on my Couture PC spirits, but I just gotta let that one go.
  • Re-start my collection of 1986 Fleer Basketball in PSA 9. As my Youtube followers know, I had started trying to collect the set of '86 Fleer Basketball. That set is (to me) the cornerstone set to have in basketball. I got a good amount of cards in the summer, but I abruptly stopped when fall and winter hit. I recently watched a special presentation on the 1992 USA Olympic Basketball Team aka The Dream Team. That really inspired me to get back on this horse! Hopefully you'll start to see me pick up more cards from this set!
  • Keep focusing and narrowing my collection. This last one is a more general thing that I have been doing, but I want to continue it. I have found that just buying boxes and boxes and packs and packs without a goal has been pretty pointless. I've always felt like I was just throwing money away. Goals like the two I have above give my collection meaning, and so I want to apply that to all that I collect. I have a few other PCs like my Sacramento Kings auto PC, Giants on-card auto PC, and my Bible Verse Inscription PC. I want to continue to really focus on these and not worry about buying cards for buying cards sake.
Well, there you have it! It's just a short list... but that's the way it needs to be. You can't make a huge list and expect to have it happen. Do you have any collecting resolutions this year? I'd love to hear them in the comments section. I encourage you to have one or two!

Happy New Years!


  1. Mine aren't to dissimilar to yours:

    - I'm a Bieksa collector, and these days I'd be lucky if he has a base card let alone an insert (though thankfully he was in 13/14 Prism), but there are still plenty of his older cards that I haven't got. His 05/06 The Cup RPA for example.

    - Buy less boxes. I don't have much of a choice here, with UPS shipping doubling in price last August, and the Australian dollar now down to US$0.88 its getting to be quite expensive. I may just save my orders for the big releases.

    - Start selling/trading. I've been collecting since the 11/12 season now, and in that time I've probably sold/traded 10 cards. I'm buried under stacks of cards that I should really start offloading. There aren't too many collectors in Australia that I'm aware of, so I'd probably have to trade/sell internationally, and that's where I've been tentative. The horror stories I see on card forums of deals gone wrong.

    - reebz0r

    1. thanks for the comment! i hope you get the bieksa cup rpa. cup rcs are the best! as for trading, i would encourage you to do it. the forums aren't that bad, and especially if you trade with people who have very high feedback.

  2. I got the provloige to open the case that my card store bought for them to open... It was very medeoker... But from what I've seen it's quite the product! Wish Morgan rielly had an RPA though :(