Saturday, October 26, 2013

Cardboard Commentary #32 (Josh K's Custom Card)

I really appreciate it when I get a 'just because' package in the mail. These packages are awesome pick-me-ups and a great surprise! This week Youtuber Josh K sent not only one, but two good sized packages to me. I totally didn't expect them, and they totally made my day! This week was actually a very busy, hectic, and tiring one for me. Getting Josh K's packages in the mail at the end of the week was just what I needed!

Most of what Josh K sent me were Sharks related cards. I love the San Jose Sharks, and getting more Sharks cards is always cool. But there was one card in particular that really stood out... a Joe Thornton custom card that he designed and made.

The Thornton custom was made from a decoy and a cut photo (probably from another hockey card). That's all fine and good, but it's what else is on the card that's unique. Included on the custom is a piece of shoe lace as well as three shark teeth! Now, I can see one day lace cards becoming popular, ITG did some skate lace cards a while back that were big hits. But, having the shark teeth on the card was really different.

Companies like Panini are putting diamonds into their cards (for football and basketball), so embedding other unique materials may not be too far behind. Upper Deck has had their fossil cards, I guess that's what this pretty closely resembles... but in combination with the actual sport and a player.

To top off this custom is a facsimile signature of Thornton's. It's actually not a bad job! Obviously it's not the real deal, but I've seen a lot of Thornton autos, this was a pretty decent rendition of it.

My hats off to Josh K for this custom card. Great job here. If you have any custom cards you'd like me to show off, please let me know! I always love seeing the creativity in the card community!


  1. This is pretty cool that you did a review of this I'm glad your liking this card that much and there might be another surprise soon to be in the process of making some more cool cards of Logan Couture an others