Wednesday, October 23, 2013

2012-2013 Upper Deck The Cup Review

So... after a decent amount of 2013/14 hockey card products have already come out, Upper Deck drops 2012/13 The Cup on us. Does the phrase 'better late than never' apply here? I guess so! Because The Cup is the product that gets just about every hockey card fan excited. I know I certainly am. With this latest edition, Upper Deck has gone on record as saying it's one of the most limited and loaded editions they have ever done. Well... let's check this juggernaut of a release out!

Base Card Design -
As with all The Cup base cards, these cards are THICK. There is no memorabilia embedded to make them thick... they are... just thick! This year's design is top notch, and makes me sad that the hockey card season last year was so abbreviated. Judging from Upper Deck Series One, and not looking at The Cup, I can see Upper Deck had the idea to put out very sleek, very modern, very slick designs in the year 2012/13. The Cup base card steps away from the more ornate designs that they have done, and uses a template that gives a sense of cool and coldness. Silvers, whites, and blue/grey shades dominate the card design. It's really a modern masterpiece. Rather than going over the top, Upper Deck has used a careful hand in making these cards look sharp with a modern elegance.

The back of The Cup base card has also been designed very carefully. I love seeing the movement that the graphics create on the card. There isn't a huge amount of information for collectors to pour through with these, but that has never been the point of the highest-end cards. I mean, c'mon, care you going to be flipping through your Cup base to read stats? Of course not. These card backs have been rendered in full-color with a pleasing design that compliments the front beautifully.

Coming one per tin are the Rookie Patch Autograph cards. These are the top rookie cards to get each and every year. This year's design follows the base cards with a minimalist feel. Though the design has some great elements, it does lack a little luster for me. There seems to be a bit too much white space, with the player photo being a bit on the small side. The RPA design reminds me more of something I would see from SP Authentic rather than The Cup. I do like the design, but I think more could have been done.

Base Card Design Score:

Inserts/Game-Used/Autos -
Besides the base card that you get, everything else should be a hit or rookie based card of some sort. There are so many different things to find in The Cup, and all with limited numbering. One tin break will never allow you to see all that it has to offer, but it can give you an idea of what you can expect.

Wait a minute, this isn't a Cup card! It's Ultimate Collection! Yes, Upper Deck has put a 2-card mini pack of Ultimate Collection in the Cup tins this year. It's a great added bonus. The Ultimate collection base cards are no joke. They come on nice, thick card stock and have a phenomenal design. Like I said earlier, I would have loved to see what a full 12/13 Upper Deck hockey release would have looked like. Card designs like this is what I really enjoy!

Besides the Ultimate Base card, you get an Ultimate hit. Here's a rather large jumbo patch of Reilly Smith. The patch is a generous portion, and I like that the color scheme matches the base card perfectly. You can expect to find many of the Ultimate Collection staples in these 2-card minis. Ultimate Rookies, Signatures, Patches, and other favorites have been inserted for collectors to find.

Probably the most mundane card I pulled was this Anze Kopitar jersey base card numbered to just 25. Obviously there is room for an autograph. It's a pretty glaring white space! It's not a great looking card, but it is limited to just 25... at least it's got that going for it. Upper Deck did a better job of this jersey and more limited patch parallel last year.

Here's a quad jersey card numbered to just 10 of the Senators. Ten is GREAT numbering, but I'm afraid jerseys aren't that exciting. Patches... well... that would have been great! I'm sure I'll find a Sens fan that will enjoy this card.

1/1 Printing Plates also make their return. These unique collectables aren't as popular as they once were, but they are still one-of-ones, and they will always be sought after by player collectors. Matt Duchene has had a nice start to this year, so I'm glad to pull this one out. An autograph on it would have been very nice though.

And here it is, my hit of the tin... SIDNEY CROSBY and MARIO LEMIEUX Dual Scripted Swatches. This is why you buy The Cup. I was amazed to pull this card as Crosby does not do dual signings very often at all. This is an exciting piece to pull for me... FOR SURE! One of my best pulls ever! I'm thinking this was a case hit, but I was told a Jaden Schwartz RPA to 99 also came from the same case. I guess Upper Deck was telling the truth when they said this year's Cup was loaded!

I can't even list all the cards that you could find in The Cup besides what I pulled... there's just too many. But just know that The Cup is always filled with amazing cards... drool worthy cards.

Inserts/Game-Used/Autos Score:

Overall Rating -
If you can afford The Cup, but The Cup. It is the most exciting hockey card product you can buy. It is a huge rush to open, and there are just so many amazing cards to get. If you like veteran and HOF autographs, Upper Deck has stated that this year's version has a huge amount of them to find. Judging from what I have seen and what I have gotten, that seems to be the truth. If you can GO AND GET THE CUP.

Overall Rating:

Check out my box of 12/13 The Cup opened at D&P Sports Cards in Sacramento, Ca: 


  1. Love the Cup!!! Been really hit or miss from what i've seen but there are just countless awesome hits, including your Mario/Sid dual!!


  2. It looks great this year! That Smith patch is a beauty!
    SCF - bhawksfan3

  3. I've seen some pretty aweful boxes but there are the odd good ones. I still can't compel myself to dish off the doe to get a box cuz the rookie crop is crap. I'd wait to buy it, hopefully it doesn't sell well and the price goes down. I dunno what you paid but to me it's too risky.

    yt - ryannturnaa

  4. this stuff looks way better than last years. sort of reminds me of 10 11 the cup. love the design of both the cup and ultimate. the crosby/lemiuex is sick

    YOUTUBE: jtayl132

  5. Great review as usual! This years Cup seems to be a little more based on the Veteran/Retired due to the lockout and the restrictions of the rookie crop! Beauty hits none the less!

    YT: HockeyCardBreaks

  6. Wickedness! Never know what yer gonna get when taking a sip of THE CUP! A justified rating on your review.

    YT = Skroeker24

  7. Great review!

    SCF: Leafsman

  8. Great product! All the cards look sick!

  9. Hey really love the cup wish i could buy a box

  10. Will sit this one out. Simply out of my price range, not many PC hits from the checklist I've seen and tbh the look of some of these cards is down on previous years. RPA's almost look like an ITG card, the way they've cropped the photo to the head and shoulders, and non-auto variants are pretty sparse. The Ultimate cards look better to me. Will stick to picking up Burrows' cards on the secondary market.

    - reebz0r

  11. That was a dud of a box until the last card. That is what scares me because I could get a decent Gretzky rookie OR The Cup.....which if that Crosby-Lemieux card wasn't there I would be knee deep in buyer's remorse..

  12. You missed the jewel of this release to me the Brilliance cards. Going to be popular like the draft board cards were on first release. Not a fan of the ARP design, the silver and white background make the cards very bland, and a white patch and oh my, its a ghost card. Nice hit on the dual scripted but not sure you found $500 worth of value. Almost forcing guys to buy cases to make sure they get the case hit. Personally bad year for me and Cup, all Tavares autos which are only 3 different are Redemptions, sniff sniff. - Dean

  13. Bought 4 tins... Looks like I'll get about 300 in sale value back.
    Big ouch.

  14. Congrats on a great break! I always enjoy your candid and detailed reviews. Thanks.

    SCF: Dogg

  15. Another amazing product by Upper Deck. Like yourself I did not think that they were going to come out with this product.

    One problem I have with it this year is the number of error cards. There have been a lot of people on Upper Decks site saying their Jerseys cards are blank. I know error cards when corrected are worth ALOT of money but with there being so many it is hard to tell if that will be the case.

    Other than that cards you pulled are simply insane mainly that Crosby out of 15.

    Congrats and hope to see you pull more nice hits out 12-13 the cup.

    Youtube: Starnsfan00

  16. Really awesome cards that Crosby/ Lemieux is awesome. I dont know about the cup its too hit or miss for me to spend that much money on, maybe If i had some extra cash so that if it was a miss I could try a different box or something.

  17. Really amazing stuff, I think I enjoy dominion better tho, I'm not sure why. But congrats on the Crosby/Lemieux!

  18. I LOVE The Cup, only if I could buy it

    YouTube micerule934

  19. The cup is interesting because you hit of like you did or you can a awful box, which puts me on the fence about buying the cup. Great review luke hope to see more review's soon.

  20. Hands down best hockey product! The best of the best, makes Prime look tame. Nice Crosby/Lemieux hit!


  21. This years The Cup is much more loaded than last years with bigger and better hits averaged out per case.
    Youtube: Graboguru

  22. great break looks like 11 12 which was great thanks for the great givaways

    canucks rule yt

  23. I love the cup... who doesn't but the price makes me think other wise, I will have to get into a group break and pick up a couple cards instead of just watching tins be broken when I'm not involved in them. BTW really nice tin!
    YT: mncards22

  24. i love the cup!!! your break was amazing!!

    youtube user name - Pens Fan

  25. Just a little concerned by the Hit & Miss nature of this set, a little pricey to gamble on for me but I congratulate you on the Sid/Mario dual! How much would you want for it - hypothetically if it was for sale...

    YT - David E

  26. having the cup every year is a joy every big time collector looks forward to it. this year i didint.... not very many good rookies the best being baertchi kreider and krug but i was surprised!!! the other hits made up for the bad rookie players and that is allways an upside.

  27. Love the cup this year! YT: BHawksFan45

  28. I don't really know what the appeal was of 12-13 products. Upper deck took a huge risk of releasing a 12-13 product even though the amazing 13-14 rookie crop is out. I think prime is better then the cup this year and if not better time to be released.


  29. Great Product ! I love the look and the value you get this year ! Wish everyone could get a tin like yours ! I love having Ultimate and The Cup together !
    YT - CJ Jansn

  30. Nice break on The Cup, i wanna try that product one day.

    YT: Chris20lee

  31. really cool product cool review

  32. I love the Cup! Upper Decks big product of the year to wait for! Congrats on the amazing hit there :)

    Youtube: MrThendro

  33. i like THE CUP and all other ud products because you can actually get same or more value cards back than you invested in purchasing box! THE CUP is the greatest hockey product on market every year, with tons of great looking patches and TONS OF ON CARD AUTOGRAPHS!!!!!!

    yt martinspridstavlaet

  34. I liked the design from last years cup more than this year but... it is the cup so I expect high quality cards and some great patches auto's and more. Glad it's back!

  35. ^^^ YouTube iCollectBoston ^^^^^ oops :)

  36. awesome cards! Im going for the ultimate rookie patches /65 set since I cant fork over the big bucks on a box. Great product though.

  37. Amazing BREAK!!!!! wow what a nice card you pulled. You probably wont read this but Chet Pickard was coached by my dad and we see him all the time and if I win I will show him the card and tell him where I got it from.(IF) Great Break anyways and save up for dominion now!

    Youtube Name: Riley Thomson

    1. i read all of the comments! and... that would be awesome if you won! up to the randoms though!

  38. Nice ratings and really nice box for you!! A nother great year of the cup!
    Youtube: gottalovehockey12

  39. Awesome looking Crosby/Lemieux card!

  40. I got to say the day I started watching your videos seems like you always pull the best cards ever wish I had like you that Sidney Crosby and Lemieux card is insane, can't wait to see what you pull out of dominion if you getting it. But for the new cup I love watching people break it and seeing all the cool cards but I think it's a little pricy for me but your box is a easy 10/10
    YouTube Josh k

  41. Great Break!! That Crosby/Lemieux card is something i can only dream of pulling in one of my breaks. Really love the design of the cards. I actually dont like the regular jersey cards that much, even if they are limited to only 25. Great review!

    YT- bmurphy1325

  42. Nice to see that they added the ultimate pack. It's nice to get some extra cards and the things you could out of the pack are sweet. All this before you get to the main event. Again that was a sweet tin and i know you can't expect that from every tin but the cup never disappoints.

    YouTube: andicardsnstuff

  43. Amazing product, love the look of it

  44. I love the look of the of the cup every year! It has such a classy look and is so appealing to the eye! I Love the Crosby that you pulled it is such a nice card! Thanks so much for the contest!

  45. this years is much better then last years in terms of quality of hits in each box!
    Youtube: Kirk Shepard

  46. Pretty great box there, if that dual wasn't a case hit, then the Cup is totally loaded this year.


  47. Great product. Great looking card thanks for the video. I hope I will get some PK Subban for my PC

    YT Christopher Leblanc

  48. awesome break i think i already commented but it didnt show i thought your break was amazing esepcially the crosby. i really like your cardboard review for this product
    YouTube: Mackenzie Timlock

  49. the cup always is the best selling product and still looks good.
    Youtube Ralfs Virkstenis

  50. the crosby and Lemieux card is an awesome pull.
    by the way I really like the cup this year
    youtube: lfou998

  51. My rule of thumb is if you get one card that's worth the price of whole box, treat yourself to another. You surely did that with the Crosby/Lemieux hit. As for the overall design of the product . . . yawn. Pale and washed out appearance does not equate to cool and elegant in my humble opinion