Saturday, September 21, 2013

Cardboard Commentary #27 (I Thought this eBay Seller Would be A-OK)

I love using eBay to find cards for my collection. It has been reliable for 99% of all the transactions I have made. Of course, nothing is perfect, and sometimes you can come across scammers or bad sellers. I have found it to be rare though, as most people I deal with through eBay have been stellar. Well, recently, I bought a rare Logan Couture card for my collection on eBay. It was at a great price... but after a month of waiting on the card, I am beginning to question if I'll ever get it.

Here's my little story. A while back I noticed a Logan Couture Dominion Printing Plate 1/1 on eBay. I already have a printing plate from that set, but it's always good to add more, as they are pretty unique collectibles. The seller was asking a pretty high price for it, and nobody was biting. So I kept it on my watch list for a few months just to track it.

As it wasn't selling, the seller decided to drop the price on it. It went kept going down until it reached a decently low Buy It Now price... but still no takers (including me!) Truthfully, printing plates have definitely lost popularity over the years as more and more of them come out. But anyways, I could see that it would be frustrating to have a card you think would be a fast seller just sitting for a long time.

One day I noticed that the seller decided to just put it at auction with a .99 cent starting price. I figured that would be my time to jump on it. And yes, I did win the card at auction...

...for under $13.

As you can imagine, I was pretty excited! I probably would have been happy getting it for over $20, but at $13, it was a definite steal.

The seller 370 positive feedbacks with a 100% rating on eBay. To me that tells me the seller is a regular old card collector like myself who just sells cards he or she doesn't need on eBay for some extra money. Usually feedback like this would make me feel pretty confident.

Well, as I was checking my purchase history a few days ago, I noticed something about the auction link. It said the user was 'no longer registered'.


Does this mean I will not get my card? It has been almost a month with no communication from the seller. The seller is located in another country (not Canada by the way), so I'm not sure how I could go about figuring this all out. I'm not sure if the hassle of contacting eBay or other resources is worth my time for a $13 item.

But it's just too bad that things like this happen. Still, being as the card is coming from another country, it may just still be in transit. I really hope that's the case.

If it comes, you'll be the first to know!

I wonder, though, did this seller quit eBay because of this Couture selling price? That can't be it, can it?

Have you had any bad eBay experiences? Or have you ever done wrong on eBay? I'd love to know about it in the comments section!


  1. Man that sucks Luke. In my opinion, you took one for the team to get rid of people like this from the community.

    YT: Thesens8

  2. Ive made 50+ safe purchases on ebay many on bargain prices ($3 for quality hits, etc) and even then ive had good luck. thats really too bad especially for a 1/1. I did once see a scammer on ebay he kept selling the same 1/1 card for $5 (a teows printing plate), He is still on ebay with perfect ratings today though, so I dont know what was happening

  3. The second card I've ever bought on ebay was a scam the guy had 1000 feedback. I paid $10 for a lupul rookie jersey /500 and was SO happy. It would have been my 4th jersey card. The seller had no communication and ignored me when I asked for a refund


  4. I was scammed one time. The sellersold me a Patrick Kane auto and after a month of nothing and no return emails, I filed a claim with ebay and they refunded me. His feedback was growing more and more negative as other also were scammed.
    Then after a good 6 months I noticed the same Kane auto appear with a different seller, I flipped out! I emailed this guy saying, "Hey man, I bought that card and you never shipped it." He denied it. I think these scammers have cards and they so send some to get good feedback, then they and dont send the others to rip people off, then cancel their accounts and create new ones months later. It's bullshit.