Friday, July 5, 2013

Cardboard Commentary #16 (Trading Cards - Sites to Check Out)

So let's say you have a you've been buying packs and boxes of cards for a while. What do you do with all the cards you don't really want in your collection? Well... trade them! Part of the fun of collecting cards is trading with other collectors. It's social interaction, it's bargaining and bartering... it's getting something you want with something that you don't. Trading cards with other collectors has always been a big part of the hobby. So how do you get started?

One of the best ways to get into trading nowadays is to join a card forum. A card forum is an internet site that allows collectors to talk about cards, show off their cards, and of course, trade their cards. Selling is also possible, too. There are quite a few popular forums that card collectors use for trading. Each one provides a relatively safe environment for people to make deals. To ensure that collectors are dealing fairly and not scamming or cheating others, these sites have their own moderator and feedback systems along with strong trading guidelines and rules. I feel safe when trading with members of these forums, especially members who have gained a good reputation of trading by earning a high feedback score.

If you want to trade cards, you have to join a forum! It's just too great an experience to pass up. Here are some forum/trading sites that I would recommend:

Sports Card Forum.
SCF is a place that has both an extensive inventory system for you to keep track of your cards as well as a great feedback system. There are many, many posts in their trading section everyday. Collectors can find all sorts of cards from all sports here as well as non-sports cards. Check it out here.

CNC is a card retailer operating out of Canada. They are very well known for their daily hockey group breaks. If you're into hockey cards, CNC is the place to join up with. The majority of their focus is on hockey, and you'll find many hockey collectors participating on their forums. Check it out here.

The Beckett website is the online portal of the Beckett Price Guide magazine. Collectors can find information about a variety of card topics here. Their forums allow members to trade with each other. Beckett also has an inventory system to help collectors organize their collections. You can also purchase the ability to use their online price guide. Check it out here.

Hobby Insider.
The Hobby Insider site is a bit harder to get into (when I joined I needed to have a reference from a current member), but there are some great traders on the site. My LCS's owner is a part of this site, and he has completed many of the sets he has built over the years by trading on Hobby Insider. Check it out here.

Blowout Cards.
Blowout Cards is an internet seller of cards, but they also have a huge forum system. Blowout Cards is very active on Twitter, and I constantly am seeing amazing cards that their members pull out of their breaks via tweets. The forum is very active. Check it out here.

One other site that I'll mention for trading is Youtube. I personally am a big part of the Youtube card community, but I'll be the first to admit that Youtube is one of the riskiest places to trade on. Youtube is not a site dedicated to cards. People have used it for showing off cards and trading, but there is no moderation and no safeguards on Youtube. That being said, you can find good traders on Youtube by watching peoples' mailday and trade videos. People who trade on Youtube have to spend a lot of time building a reputation. It's really sort of an old school approach. I have enjoyed trading on Youtube, but it's a place that you must use extreme caution. I will say that many of the best Youtube traders are also part of trading forums already.

If you have any other recommended trading site or forums, please let me know! I'd love to check them out. I've been very comfortable with the places I trade on, but it's always good to check out new places too. Tell me about them in the comments section.


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  2. Logan Couture with shark for a other 5 years. i'm sure your happy

    by the way, good article, as usual

    i'm gonna follow your advises and list up my collection.

    1. yep! it's awesome that sharks have signed couture for 5 more years!

  3. Do you have any New Jersey devils cards for trade

  4. I'm personally not a fan of YouTube trading as the first and only time I traded via the Tube, I got scammed out, whereas out of 140 trades on CnC, alone, I've never run into a problem.
    Obviously it's different strokes for different folks, but I'm heavily pro-forums.
    (I also moderate for CnC so sliiiiiiight bias there).
    Solid article, Luke!


    Premier card trading forum in Australia. Whilst the user base is predominantly Australian/New Zealander there's a few from further abroad (US, Indonesia, Malaysia, France). Apart from our national football codes, NBA is the biggest scene, but there are a few diehard MMA, NFL and Hockey collectors, as well as non-sport.

    - Reebz0r