Monday, July 29, 2013

2013-2014 Panini Score Review

I'm a little late to the party... but better late than never! Score came out a little over a week ago, and I'm just getting my hands on some of it today. Score comes in both retail and hobby versions. The retail version of Score comes in a pretty standard packaging configuration of 36 packs/box. They have been upgraded a bit as now each box comes with an autograph hit. Hobby boxes are jumbo sized. Each brick of a pack comes with 52 cards. Collectors can find hobby exclusive content in them. Today I'll be looking into a hobby jumbo box of Score. Let's check it out!

Base Card Design -
The Score base card is very simple and understated. Each base card contains a simple graphic with the player name, Score logo, and team logo below the player image. A white border surrounds the card. I like the card for it's cleanliness, but it's a bit too 'low frills' for my liking. After a few more sets come out, I'll probably forget the what these base cards even look like. Back in the day, Score used to really 'wow' you with their crazy graphics. I kind of miss those days. Since Panini has resurrected Score in hockey, each year has been just a little less glitzy. I will say that I enjoy this design much more than last year's effort... but I still want more! On the positive side, adding foil to the Score front is a sweet touch. Panini has given each card a little bit of shine that doesn't get in the way; it's very tastefully done. Also of note, the photography in Score is top rate. I'm really happy to see interesting, high quality images on these cards. Take note Upper Deck Series 1 and 2... Score's coming for you! Well, it's not at that level yet, but the picture quality improvement is very noticeable. Now they just have to get rid of that low-end white border. That's one of my suggestions on how to make these cards even better. Take notes Panini!

The back of the card is super spartan TO THE EXTREME! But it actually kind of works! Rather than trying to put out a card back design that will just be middling in nature, Panini has decided to make them very stark and utilitarian. There are design elements here, don't get me wrong, but these backs are probably the most flat and one-note that I've seen in a very long time. When I first saw them, I was a bit surprised, but I realize that these were probably the best choice for this set. I applaud whoever gave the green light with this back design - ballsy!

Three subsets come after the base cards in 13/14 Score. The Team Leaders cards feature four players from each team. These cards highlight the players with the most goals, assists, wins, and penalty minutes. The four headed design is very pleasing to the eye and is a call out to the old baseball team leaders cards. Like the base cards, these are very clean with just the right amount of foil. Unlike the base cards though, these have a design that isn't forgettable. The Team Leader cards look great.

Season Highlight cards give collectors a chance to remember some of the important moments from last season. This subset shares a very similar design to the base card. The addition of the Season Highlight banner and the player's accomplishment are the only differences. To me, there should have been a greater difference between these and the base. I like the idea of these cards, but Panini should have differentiated these cards better.

Finishing off the set are the Hot Rookies... and there are a lot of them! Each rookie card has a special Dual RC Class emblem in the upper corner of the card. These rookie cards have a dramatically different design than the base cards. The player fades in from black if looking from bottom to top. Highlighting the card is the 'HOT ROOKIES' logo in shiny silver foil. It's a generous amount of foil to celebrate the player's rookie card. Though the logo is large, it doesn't take over the card in any way. The 13/14 Score rookie cards are real winners in my eyes. They are just right in terms of look, design, and feel for Score.

Base Card Design Score:

Inserts/Game-Used/Autos -
Each box of Score, be it retail or hobby, will give collectors at least one hit. Retail boxes will spit out an autographed card while hobby boxes give out three hits - a memorabilia card and two autographs. The increased frequency of hits has bumped up the price of Score a bit... but not by too much. Though it might not be at the one dollar mark anymore, the much better chance to get a hit is worth the bump in price.

Let's begin with the inserts. Many of Score's classic inserts have been brought back this year with updated looks and designs. Netcams have been a collector favorite for a few years now. They had gotten a bit tired, but this year Panini has refreshed the look a little. Though some collectors may not need any more shots from inside the goal, goalie collectors should still really enjoy these cards - and I'm sure they will be putting together this relatively easy to complete insert set.

Check-It cards bring back the foil! Check-It cards have been around for a very long time... since before the Score reboot! They have always been a bit tougher to get than the other Score inserts. Maybe it's because of the foiling... a cost saving measure? I'm not sure. But they are sweet looking cards. There is a 90's retro feel to these that older collectors might enjoy. It's probably the most in-your-face design of the entire 12/13 Score line-up.

Less in your face are The Franchise inserts. Like Check-It, Franchise cards used to be pretty touch pulls. It looks like they come out a bit more often now. The Franchise cards are nice cards to look at, but they don't stand out in any significant way. Maybe it's time to retire or re-think The Franchise.

The Future Franchise cards aren't too much better than The Franchise inserts. These Future Franchise cards are horizontal in nature and feature rookies. Because they highlight rookies, these cards should be quite a bit more popular than their Franchise brethren. Still, the design is a bit lackluster for me with these. The one thing that does stand out is the gold foil Score logo. It's like a little touch of class!

First Goal inserts give a snapshot of when an NHLer got their first goal. It includes the date and a photo of their achievement. Panini put these cards out last year... and I said I liked the concept, but not the design. This year i have to say 'ditto'. Still a cool concept, but still a design that just doesn't cut it for me! Let's try this one again next year.

Parallel cards are abundant in Score this year. The classic gold set has made a return. The gold cards look very good with their gold border and shiny gold foil. It's a really nice looking parallel card. The gold set is a parallel set that collectors can actually pull off completing, despite the enormity of the Score base set. That's because gold cards are abundantly available. Each pack of Score jumbo contain a pile of them! It'd be a fun challenge to go for the gold.

Looking even better than the gold parallels are the black ones. The black parallels give the set a mean look to it. Not only are the borders black, but so is the foil. Check out the Matt Irwin rookie above. The entire HOT ROOKIES logo is in blacked out foil - it's awesome. It's rare when I really, really like a colored parallel set. I can honestly say I really like these Hot Rookies parallels. I want to get more!

Team 8s eight-piece jersey cards are found one-per-hobby box. These thick cards have memorabilia from eight different players. Some cards feature all eight players of the same team while others have two different teams featured on each side. And still others feature four teams. There are a lot of configurations as well as print-run variety. If this were a few years ago, many collectors would have gone ga-ga over them. They are still nice cards, but the novelty of this many jerseys on a card has worn a bit.

Score Signature cards come on a card that could have been a base card. Just look at it! Doesn't it look like a base card from the year 20xx? Looking at the checklist for these cards, there isn't really a huge name to get excited about. I was very happy to pull this John McCarthy... but that's only because I'm a huge Sharks fan. If you get one, you're probably only gong to want the player who plays for your team. Keep your eyes out for Pascal LeClaire and Mikael Samuelsson from this set though. They are supposedly super short-prints.

The Hot Rookie autographed cards are the ones to get when you buy Score. The Hot Rookie design has been changed from the look they had in the regular set. Now they drop the standard background and add in a silhouette of the player. It's a different look, but still a good one. Again, very clean. I'm sure collectors will be grabbing these cards up, especially the bigger names. Panini has short-printed some of these compared to others so getting the biggest names will be difficult. Guys like Yakupov, Granlund, Huberdeau, Galchenyuk, and Schultz are all short-printed.

Though I didn't get one in my box, collectors will find old Score buy back autographed cards hidden in some packs. These are very rare cards that have had big sale values in the secondary market. Future Team inserts showing the player from ice-level up are also cards that collectors can look for. Alternate backs with red printing are supposedly extremely limited in nature too. Let me know if you're able to pull any of these difficult cards!

Inserts/Game-Used/Autos Score:

Overall Score -
Panini has refreshed their Score line. I felt that last year's Score was very weak... but I'm glad to see it come back strong. The cards look great, and the availability of hits is a real selling point. Panini has given both collectors young and old things to find and want from 13/14 Score. Younger collectors will appreciate all the inserts and parallels that are readily available. Older collectors will enjoy chasing down the very limited alternate backs, short printed autographs, and other parallels.

I definitely recommend getting Score in any of it's forms - hobby or retail. Though there has been a slight price increase, it's not by too much. I'd definitely want to get these over the 12/13 version, though those may be cheaper. 13/14 Score brings a ton of collectibility to the table. Find yourself something to enjoy from it and go for it!

Overall Score:

Check out my box of 13/14 Score from D&P Cards in Sacramento, Ca:


  1. This years score is a big step up from last year's score. Really like that all the cards have gloss, and that there is much more hits. I hope to buy a box but probably only get packs.

    YouTube micerule934

  2. I really like this year's Score cards! I have been really disappointed with last year's set, that I didn't even bought it!!! But this year I was so excited after seeing the preview and your break just confirmed my excitement. Lots of cards, with great pictures and nice and simple design, original inserts and the new Team 8's jersey cards are my favorite. The Hot Rookies look amazing too! Definitely going to by a box of this! GOOD JOB PANINI!

    Youtube: TheNumberOneHabsFan

  3. Score looks really great this year. Last year's was very weak as most of us know. The rookie class of course is awesome and the new team 8's are also very cool. I will try to pick up some packs and maybe a box if I get the money. Great review Luke!

    Youtube: mtn8ice

  4. This product is Great I wish I could buy a box of this stuff! Loving your breaks!

    Youtube Name: Riley Thomson

  5. This isthmus is by far the greatest year for score the card look a lot nicer and just so many hits to get. It's a great set for collectors and just for people starting this hobby because its not to expensive and it gives you so many nice cards also I love how your box was filled with sharks that was very lucky and cool. But overall I love this product about to get a box soon.

    Youtube- Josh k

  6. Score is a really good product to buy in my opinion, Affordable unlike some other products, and you get a ton of inserts/rookies/parallels it's insane! Which makes it really fun to open that I see in videos.

    The white boarder that you disliked about the cards I agree with you and i'm sure the creators of this product dislikes it too, but I think it must have to flow with the gold/black parallels as well...idk. But it makes sense if that's the case.

    Great Review Luke, can't wait for more reviews!

    Youtube - Datsyukify

  7. Your review and video really makes me wanna buy score this year because last year i was disappointed. As always your review and vids are great.

    Youtube- superryan3

  8. Great Review!!! I like score a lot, just sometimes all the base cards, there is just too many, I just don't get why so many cards.

    YT: money426

  9. I think Score is a real bang for your buck kinda product, so many neat Inserts and hits. Really like the Team 8's Jerseys, nice that you get so many Cards. Your box was nice coming from a Flames and Sharks collector lol. Great review and thanks.
    Youtube: SJSharkzz3

  10. Omg this product is awesome big improvement I think one of the main reasons for the step up is the double rookies
    YouTube: ottawafan4life

  11. Great product, added a ton of extra value with the Team8s, and the autos are nice looking. I think 13-14 Score is a slam dunk! Top 3 products of the year!

    YT = Luke Farmer

  12. I LOVE this years Score. The added foil on the base makes for a much cleaner and sophisticated look compared to last years cheaper feel and look. Not a big fan of the gold parallels, but the black's however look very sleek and futuristic. The Hot Rookies are stellar and I like them so much that I'm gonna do the set.Score is really the only recent product from the past few years that has WOWed me. Hats off to Panini for going above and beyond with this year's Score.
    And thanks as always Luke for the contest, very generous prize.

    YT: GTAHockeyCards

  13. I always loved score even when it was a 99 cent pack and i like it even more the base cards look great and i love the 8 way jersey cards panini took it to the nexy level with this years score great job panini and great review keep it up

  14. Score this year looks just incredible!

    Youtube-irbehockey cardcolect

  15. The selling point for me was the guaranteed "hit" of an auto per (retail) box. I had fun with the purchase. Good introduction to get to know the new rookies. The cards themselves were not bad. If O-pee-chee comes out this year. I think it'd lose to Score, unless OPC includes a guaranteed "hit" per box too.

    yt: ryannturnaa

  16. i really enjoyed your break Luke, i am a big collector of base so i was exited to see the amount of cards you got, the hits were very good and worth it but i saw no leafs hits lol the design of the cards impressed me and i am really looking forward to what panini does with score in the future.

    Youtube: C0nndory0ung

  17. Score is a very good product this year but i am really dissapointed about the autographed cards.Youtube username is Erik Karlsson.

  18. Awesome product, Great amount of cards for a great price!

    Youtube: MrThendro

  19. OMG i looove score so much this year the cards look great the rookies are great and the good rookies are easy to pull and it is such a fun break, i will be picking up a bunch of packs soon!!! cant wait so stoaked!

    Youtube username: TheYoungARTISTFTW

  20. score is so improved from the last few years now they pu jerseys and autos are a little more easy to get so i give this product 9/10

    youtube thesidkid8787

  21. nice review luke. this year for panini i like the way they added more hits. next year if they do the same i'll be happy. another thing i like the look this year and i think it is impressive espealy the pictures.


  22. This is the best score hockey has ever been. they photos look great the foil is awesome. the inserts are very cool. The rookies look abesolutly sick. Hits are actually possible to get. Overall for the price this is just a great product made very well and has a great price which no one can beat. The only thing I don't like is the card stock its printed it feels much cheaper than previous years.

    Youtube: Capitals103

  23. Great newly introduced and pretty loaded product when it comes to JUMBO SCORE this year. I love the fact that each box contains at least 3 hits. The gloss on the cards stand out much more than previous years because they were paper types of surface.

  24. Sweet it looks awesome next time I go to my Lcs I'm definetly going to pick up some packs. Lucky it was so sharks oriented username is beast37171611

  25. score is awesome! i am going for the hot rookies set for the second year all the design and pics are great and at a great price to got to blasters to open soon on camera

    youtube canucks rule

  26. Hey Luke here's my review
    Score this year is probably my favorite brand I love the new design and it's not to expensive also I love the idea of the jumbo boxes I went into a break of it and I got a lot of nice stuff the base is awesome the photography the foil they are awesome the hot rookies are nice especially having the double rookie class all around everything looks ten times better than any other year

    YouTube name JDjrtv

  27. Score is cool! Ive been waiting for you to do that, You got an amazing sharks box with the hit and the black parrelel. I find that panini enhances the color and definition on their pics a bit too much, but on some cards it look awesome

    youtube DeadlineTV2

  28. I like the sliver lining of the cards and its a great product aswell well thank

    youtube: simon anctil

  29. I love how Score always has awesome photo's on the cards. Score has always been my favorite product because of how many cool inserts you can collect.

    Youtube: iCollectBoston

  30. Wow! You had a solid box! I really like the new jersey cards in the Hobby Jumbo Boxes. As well as the two signature cards per box.

    YT: desarge44

  31. Great product! I love it every year because it is one of the few products that I can afford every year.

    -NotSo CasualGamer

  32. score this year blew me away im very impressed with the memorabilia there is almost no eight way jerseys in the hobby and it came into one of the lowest end products and turned into a big hit for collectors this year.

  33. First of all, nice box luke! I cant wait to get one for myself. Score did a fantastic job this year, and really did blew all the collectors away. Keep it up, bringing us great videos, Thanks!


  34. Score looks so great this year! I love the team 8's jersey a lot. Also you had a great box Luke!

    YT: BlueJaysFan65

  35. Score really stepped it up. I think the fact that younger collectors will enjoy is that both retail and hobby versions of the product have hits. The fact that retail will have all the fun of scores inserts parallels and rookies as well as a hit might be the reason i think score will be so successful this year.

    Youtube: andicardsnstuff

  36. Great review!

    Base card set looks great and loving he inserts.

    If more could be numbered that would be awesome.

    YT: Sven Greg

  37. I love how Panini made SCORE a more better product then the other SCORE. Panini has done a good job with this product this year!

    Youtube: jtayl132

  38. Score has totally been revamped. Like you said, something for the younger collectors and older. Great set to chase where possible 2 jumbo boxes could knock it out. Parallels for player collectors (like myself) could get tough but just adds more fun. I do like what Panini has done with score. YT: Alex Parr

  39. I really like score this year. I love the jumbo box you can hit some crazy stuff and its so much fun to open. I really like the team 8 jersey card that is very cool.


  40. Score this year is really cool. The base set design is nice. One thing I hope is they put an update set that features the draft picks from this year. I hope to get a box soon.


  41. I really like what score looks like this year and i hope i can get some retail boxes soon. great review Luke! YT- CUB3Jsg22

  42. This year, Score took a big step up. The base design is nice and they also have foil on the cards too. I like the inserts and the parallel cards as well. Previous years, Score was a cheap product, about a dollar a pack. Now it's about 2.50 a pack. Hopefully Panini can keep Score the same next year. Hope to get some of these cards soon.

    youtube name: kolong192

  43. I really enjoyed Score this year. They stepped up to the plate and hit this one out of the ballpark.. Lots of Beautiful Photography, Very nice layout.. Inserts were great.. They had a lot of stellar rookies. The Autos are nice and the addition of 8 player jersey cards are sick.. Im very impressed and hope they step it up even more next year.. I opened some yesterday too and I was very happy.. Love the cards

    Youtube Name: Daazelwurm

  44. Score really needed a facelift and boy they did it.

    All the cards this year have a more modern feel to them. They almost feel futuristic.

    Young bang for you buck is a lot better as well now.

    The 8 Way Jerseys and simply a great addition.

    Score is the perfect entry level set to build and it just got better.

    Thanks again for the review.

    Youtube: Starnsfan00

  45. I really enjoyed your break and this years score product! I just opened my box of score and got a few sharks hot rookies and other awesome rookies and inserts.

    YouTube: Brennan Osinski

  46. Scire looks awesome. I think panini really stepped up their game this year. The 8 way jersey look really cool and it seems like a solid product in my opinion. The cards look great.

    Youtube: Sports149

  47. score looks really well put together this year for being such a low end product. it should hit well with the heart of young or mild collectors. i am looking to get back into the hobby and this just might be the set to do it with. great base card design and very refined subsets

    yt 3jackjohnson3

  48. I think that this year’s Score is the best hockey product in a long time. This should not be categorized as “lower-end” because that does not do it justice. From a price-point perspective, it is “lower-end”, but from a product quality point-of-view, you can put it right beside Dominion. The transformation from last year to this year is one which will be looked upon years from now as a “game changer”.
    The value that this Jumbo box provides is one that many collectors can appreciate and admire. More that two pounds of high quality, great looking, rare and box exclusive cards definitely pushes Panini head and shoulders above the competition. They took took the rare opportunity of a dual rookie class, ran with it and did an awesome job.
    What a way for Score to make its memorabilia debut with the TEAM 8 jersey cards. Awesome cards for an awesome product. With Jumbo come the chase for the box exclusive alternate red backs. Another set from the brilliant minds at Panini is the Future Team Score set. What a great idea getting the players on the Plexiglas. The photos and cards turned out great! i like that there is foil on every card to give the cards a sense of unity and uniformity. Vertical and horizontal design also allow the best and most unique picture representation of the player.
    My favourite part of this product will most definitely be trying to complete the base card set and subsequent subsets. With a large base set, we get to see some 3rd-4th liners that we wouldn’t otherwise see in other products. Those players can also be featured on the Team Leaders set. I like that it showcases different aspects of the team. It shows that not only leading your team in points is good, but that players can lead in different areas and ways.
    For next year, there is not much to change. I would add another insert in addition to Team Leaders that is a more common occurence. I was not a fan of the Damien Brunner rookie not being a “Hot Rookies”. I think it took away from the rookie set and also the Dual RC theme. The reason behind Brunner not being included given by Chris is that there were too many rookies to fit in the Hot Rookies set. That reasoning did not sit well with me as with the celebration of a Dual RC, it goes without saying that there will be plenty of Rookie cards, in fact 2X more. Thats my though process during that instance.
    All in all, it was a great edition of Unwrapped, the product looks great, Panini definitely hit a homerun with this product and with a few minor tweaks, it will be a grandslam next year!

    *My thoughts on Score left as a comment from Panini blog.

  49. Hey Luke!

    Great review as always!

    Where do I start with this years Score? How about this... It's ten times better than last years for multiple reasons.

    First off, there are jersey cards. Not just any jersey cards, jersey cards with 8 players on it. That is significant.

    Second, there are more autographs and sets to go for, not to mention red-backs. This makes the product more exciting.

    Third, there are more cards per pack, by far. Now this one is interesting but I think it really helps. For one reason, you can't really do bad in a pack. You will always get some cards. This is great for everyone, especially children and beginners.

    So there are some reasons why Score is really great this year. There are many more points but I gotta stop somewhere.

    Thanks for the contest!

  50. Panini really stepped up score this year for sure. With all the different variations in this set, t really gives set collectors a challenge. Great rookie class, has autographs and jersey cards make score for me a must buy product!!

    YT- bmurphy1325

  51. I really look forward to more of your reviews on score products. I enjoy the new photography and find it to have better taste then the older cards. Keep up the Good work.

    Youtube: nhlhockeyfan2

  52. really nice cards nice look and lots of nice rookie a inserts and really nice 8 mem cards also sick autos

    YT: TheHockeyCardCollector

  53. Loved the cards in this break Luke! I'm thinking of picking up a box, with two guaranteed autos and a 8 piece jersey, you can't go wrong! YouTube Spuds CardCollections

  54. I love score this year! I especially like the score hot rookie autographs because of the look. The base card design is awesome because they kept it modern with the foil and everything and they have awesome photos. Thanks for the review!
    YouTube: Nashpredators35

  55. Just like everyone else that has commented on your review, I love Score this year, and I like how you get hits wether you buy a retail or hobby box! I like the photography a lot this year. The Hot Rookies are by far my favourite looking card in the set. I think the Black on the card really makes the white border stand out. I also like the dual RC Class logo on the top right of all the rookies! The only thing I don't like about this years score are the card backs. I think I would like them a lot more if instead of being all black, they made the team logo coloured. Bur The best thing about score, is its still affordable for young collectors

    As always thank you for the review!

    YouTube: ABZCards

  56. Loving the fatpacks and the buybacks from Score. Perfect review!
    YT = Skroeker24

  57. Like that each box contains one eight way jersey. Definitely agree that the hot rookies look great. Great Review!

    YouTube: lukelou11

  58. This year Score looks amazings the base cards look great, the hot rookies look sweet and the jerseys are awesome.
    Hope to get some boxes.

    YouTube: Cam Schneider

  59. Score looks awesome! I really like the base cards and the hot rookies look great as well. Also, that 8 way jersey is pretty sick! I'll definately look to pick up some of this product. Thanks for the review!

    Youtube: reimer134

  60. Great Product ! You get a jersey and a auto ! Way better than last year !
    Youtube - CJ Jansn

  61. I'd say it has not improved much from last year, it is better but i prefer 2011-12 score over this or last year. My rating this year-7-10

  62. I did not get anything but base in 1 box

  63. i love score this year it is so much better than last years and love how score added 8 way jersary and made more autos and how they made jumbo boxs

    yt:alwamwejwemw breaks

  64. This set looks great, I have to pick some up!
    youtube: MrCardCollector97

  65. Score this year probably my favorite of all time, already picked up a blaster a a few packs and love the hot rookies design and gold rush is looking great, also really liking that they put in jersey cards this year that brings score to the next level!
    YouTube: mncards22

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  67. I love your review I like the glossy feel to the base and love the sigs and the cervenka sig cause he is from the flames (home town)�� and I would really want some cards cause I probably won't get any till oct 13 and I also had to make a YouTube channel to enter challenge
    YouTube: braeden lockhart

  68. I really love Score this year! Well at least the retail product, since I'm not a huge fan of the opening of jumbo packs.. With jumbo packs you don't give any special attention to every single card since it's such many cards per pack. But when opening the retail product you get around 10 base cards with an incredible photography, along with a nice addition of foil and gloss. I really like them this season, a big step up to last years base set! Even the Hot Rookies are a big step up, the dark design works really well to the card. One thing to change though is to erase the white border, which doesn't really give them that classy feeling. That can't be that tough, right? And of course it's great that you are guaranteed autos in Score. Maybe I would have liked to see the SSP ones to be even more harder to find, and maybe with an addition of inserts etc. with a more shortprinted amount of produced cards (numbered?) which could be a big hunt. So to summary this, Score this season is really good, but it's not top notch..yet... If they take care of all the comments and keep the good things from this year next season or so could be fantastic. But only if they keep the affordable to all retail version!

    Youtube: Majlfp

    1. And as an addition; All different parallells and inserts etc. should be able to find in every single version of the product. Jumbo/retail/rack pack only parallells/jersey cards etc. is one of the worst things I know.. Especially for set collectors!