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2013 Panini Golden Age Review

Products based on historical themes have been very popular in recent years. Panini adds Golden Age to these lines of products based on bygone eras. Collectors will not only find athletes in their packs, but entertainers, newsmakers, and presidents too! It's always fun to see who and what made their way into the set. Today we'll see by getting into one box of the new 2013 Panini Golden Age.

Base Card Design -
Each base card comes on non-glossy yellowed card stock. The yellowing definitely gives the cards an older, more retro feel. The colors used invoke the sense that these cards are 'older'. Each image on the card is framed in an antique looking backdrop. The look of these cards are beyond the time range of what has been coming out recently. In that I mean that card companies have traveled back to nineties, eighties, seventies, and even sixties-themed card designs. This design feels even older than that, though many of the subjects featured fall into the afore mentioned decades. Even though Panini nails the super old school look, I can't help but feel these cards aren't as dynamic as they could have been. The muted tones take away any kind of 'pop' that could have been there. This could have been rectified by glossing only the subject of the card. The mix of glossy card on cardboard would have been pretty cool. Of course, that printing technique would have probably been cost prohibitive.

The back of the base card is more intricately designed than the front. It features paragraph about the card's subject surrounded by an artistic border. Purple ink was used for the entire back - which I think was a brilliant color choice. It's both different and retro. I have to say that this card back is spot on - one of Panini's best efforts in terms of card back design!

Base Card Design Score:

Inserts/Memorabilia/Autos -
Each box of Golden Age will come with an autograph and a memorabilia card. Besides the two hits, collectors can find a variety of inserts as well as parallel cards. Panini also includes a box topper card featuring an oversized picture from the golden age of America.

The box topper card comes in a giant copper foil pack. I really like the design of the pack, it's very elegant. The card, however, has a bit more to be desired. It's an oversized card that reminds me more of a postcard than a trading card. I suppose if you are really into this era of American history, this may be a fun set to collect. But for most collectors, I think they are just oddly shaped cards that most wouldn't know what to do with. When doing box toppers, I would prefer to see more standard card offerings. That way at least they can be stored with relative ease. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with the Harry Houdini card I pulled.

Mini card parallels that look exactly the same as the standard base card are found one-per-pack. The only difference with these are the card backs. There are a variety of card back themes in Golden Age. Like their oversized box topper cousins, mini cards can be tiresome to store and display - though card storage companies have mini card storage solutions available to collectors.

One of the more interesting insert cards to be found in Golden Age are the Playing Card inserts. There are 52 of these to be found as well as two joker cards. I guess if you collected them all you could play a game with the deck you create. The playing cards appear to come on playing card stock and have the rounded corners that standard playing cards have. The backs are all the same. In fact, the back says: Premium Playing Cards. I wonder if anyone out there will actually put the entire deck together and play a game with them. That'd be really interesting to see!

Delong Gum cards replicate what an old baseball card might look like. These simple cards are likable additions to the set. They, out of all the cards available in Golden Age, are the most sports card-like cards to be found. I particularly like the back of these cards. There is a line that says: 'PLAY BALL GUM is as pure and as fine quality as any made - contains real chicle.' I want to try some Delong Gum now!

The Headlines insert set is designed to look like a newspaper. Do young collectors even know what newspapers are anymore? Hah! I'm sure they do... but in the near future... who knows! They'll be asking why in the heck this card looks the way it does. I've seen newspaper cards done before; and I've always found that because of the nature of the format, the picture used is always a bit too small, as is the print. It is a fun way to signify important events on a card though. Maybe in the future, rather than a newspaper, cards will feature web-browser designs. You heard it here first!

This Kelly Leak card is part of the Tip Top Bread Label die-cut set. These cards share the same die-cut shape as the Bread for Energy insert set. If they look familiar to you, Panini used the exact same thing in last year's Past & Present basketball card set. As simple as these cards look on the front, the backs are even more so; they just have a word or a phrase in a field of empty space.

The Three Stooges get their own little insert set in Golden Age. The Stooges have a huge fan following, but as time goes by, I wonder if their popularity will remain high. Fans of the Stooges will enjoy this insert set though. Panini used a black & white and blue color scheme on the card I pulled. Not only did they color the front, the back is done in the same way. That's great to see because I would have expected just a plain black & white back. Good on Panini for doing a little extra on these Stooges inserts.

My one memorabilia card from the box was of Eva Gabor. Unfortunately, the card does not specify what the piece of cloth is. It could have been from a dress, a shirt... really anything. It would have been nice to get specific information. But other than that, the memorabilia card looks great. The square themed design frames the image and the memorabilia piece nicely. I especially like the border of the cloth. Overall, the card is pleasing to the eye and appropriate for a set like this.

My autographed card came in the very last pack of the box. I was actually afraid this box was shorted. Thankfully, the best came in last - which is ironic because the autograph I pulled was of IndyCar racer Mario Andretti. Though the card has a pretty plain design, it's done in a tasteful way. The autograph is on-card and looks great in the area Panini provides. I can't say that I'm jumping out of my chair with the way the card looks, but it is definitely serviceable.

Though I didn't pull one, lucky collectors can find one-of-one parallel cards and Historic Cut autographed cards in Golden Age. Just as in the regular set, the Historic Cut autographs feature both sport personalities as well as other famous celebrities.

Inserts/Memorabilia/Autos Score:

Overall Rating -
Panini Golden Age is a product that definitely feels like it goes deep back in time. Looking at the subjects of the set though, that's not really the case. Golden Age is a quirky set that packs a lot of interesting things inside it. Is it better and more interesting than other sets of its ilk? I can't really say that it does. I would honestly chose other products over this one when it comes to a product with a lot of historical variety. That being said, Golden Age is not a bad product. I would suggest looking long and hard at the checklist. There are things to be found here that aren't found in other products. If you see a vein of interest that you like, then Golden Age might be the retro product for you.

In terms of price, Golden Age is definitely one of the more affordable breaks. I've seen it selling for under $70 per box. For that amount of money you will get a good amount of mini cards, an oversized card, and two hits. Oh... and of course... a lot of fun looking at the cards!

For collectors who enjoy breaking historical products, I'd suggest giving one box a try at first. See if this is the product for you. If you're all about sports and sports cards, you may want to give this one a pass.

Overall Rating:

Check out my box of 2013 Golden Age:


  1. Oh once again panini makes really similar product to other company products! This time this is like godwin champions! I dont like style of these cards and i dont know why some one would like these cards! I hate when different sports & this time some other shits are mixed together!

  2. I really this product. It give old timers hollywood stars and golden greats from history.It's like Goodwin Champions but more cooler cards. I like the playing cards insert. It feel vintage.Very awesome to get the whole set.

    Youtube: James wong

  3. I think this product is ok. It really didn't wow me, and there were other products I would chose over it if I were to get a box in that price range. I would possibly buy a blaster, because it does seem cool to look through!
    YouTube: MrCardCollector97

  4. I really dislike this product because I think having non sports cards in there just ruin it. If u r going to buy a box of cards and u get a relic of an unknown actor it really stinks. I only like the playing card inserts and the baseball throwback card inserts

  5. this is always fun to open. It reminds me so much of Goodwin Champions, because it has like people from all different sports and that is what I really like about Golden Age.

    Youtube: Jtayl132

  6. Golden Age is always a fun product because of all the variety in it. Golden Age is always one of my favorite products even though I'm Canadian and the set is about America lol

    YouTube micerule934

  7. The base cards look very vintage. This product reminds me of allen of ginter (baseball cards) and Goodwin champions) Just like those products there's neat cards.
    In the end not to rant on Panini I think they copied a idea. I like fresh out of the box ideas like prizm cards.
    Thanks for the contest luke,

  8. i dont like this product they copied godwin champion but i have to admit its cool well nice review Luke and nice break hope i win the contest

  9. Once again Panini and Upper deck compete and this time at the mixed sports level. I would compare Golden age to Goodwin Champions from Upper Deck. Too be honest i think Upper Deck won this battle. I would definitely go for Goodwin Champions. I think the set is better put together and the inserts mesh better with the rest of the product. Good luck next time Panini
    Youtube: andicardsnstuff

  10. Mmmm... Less baseball, more basketball, hockey and for sure more football cards could be nice. More girls could be interesting for panini to sell to women a bit more (maybe).

    I don't buy that kind of products, but, it's different, and fun to look at it sometimes.

    This product need much more juice.

    1. Sorry! YT: Jean-Claude Des Champs

    2. It reminds me a ton like a mixture of allen and ginter and maybe a twist of obak and some champs hockey. Very odball like product but very sad hits. Nothing too amazing and if so they are insanely hard to pull.
      My youtube is Brandonn1193

  11. I can't understand why panini has like 20 products a year in every other sport, and hockey only gets 7 and only 1 or 2 are actualy good


    1. Wow typing messed up and didn't work

      Next paragraph

      Panini always makes all these sport products, barly make hockey and instead of making a product with a large fan base hockey, they go out and make a product like this.

      First of all there is no hardcore card collects out there collecting Eva Gabor.

      Second of all this product would of been outstanding If It was a hockey, baseball, football mix. Those are the main older sports and could of put a chaser 1/1 cut out auto of babe ruth

      I give it a 5/10 for being unique

  12. this stuff is Awesome i am definitely gonna try to get some it looks awesome
    Youtube: clarkeesportscards

  13. I think this product is unique but not worth buying if only interested in one sport. I like how they put other people then athletes inside. Eye Catching for othe collecters.
    youtube:Riley Thomson

  14. It is good if you like this kind of this stuff but i dont like it

  15. I wouldn't purchase this product as I am not into collecting all sports in 1 set but for those people who are this product looks very nice.

    The designs are incredible. They look old and its hard to tell from the photos but they probably feel old as well. Very cool insert cards, there is a lot just like most Panini product but these are different like the football review below.

    My favourite two cards are the Gum cards. Something about it reminds me of the good old days buying a pack of cards and getting the chalk flavoured gum.. it tasted horrible but you still ate it.

    My other favourite card is the newspaper headlines. I love the design.. That is one sub set of the product I would collect mainly because it would look really cool in a frame or in a binder like a newspaper.

    Overall I will give this product a 5.
    Low rating yes but only because there are too many sports for me and that I just cannot seem to get over.

    Youtube: Starnsfan00

  16. They are nicer cards for older collectors I think but for kids I wouldn't buy that product the cards aren't that nice overall they are about a 5/10

    YouTube : Josh K
    Email me to get in touch if I win :

  17. Golden Age definitely have a mix of Everything, and sure it's cool to look back at some of the memorable moments and persons. Espacially for older collectors. You also have to know a lot about the big cultural people in America, since there are many people that aren't worldwide famous. But still, some of the cards are nice looking, and I especially appreciate the look of the Headlines cards and Museum Age!

    Youtube: Majlfp

  18. Another awesome review!

    I hate to say it, but I'm not the biggest fan of this product. I'm not sure what it is but it did not appeal to me at all. I just wasn't intrigued. Nothing really caught my eye.

    Anyways, it was a good review and I appreciate it!

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