Monday, March 4, 2013

2012-2013 ITG Motown Madness Review

As with always, sorry for the late review of this ITG product. It's hard to get in ITG products right when they come out for me! But anyways, it's great to finally be opening up some new product. With this lock-out shortened season, hockey card products are few and far between. Though I do love the fact that there is something new to open... as a huge Sharks fan... this Winged Wheel themed product has me a bit skeptical. How do I like a product with all Red Wings in it?!?

Base Card Design -
The base cards in Motown Madness have been expertly done. ITG has done very well given the fact that they don't carry an NHL license. The colors and graphics are spot on for a Detroit Red Wings themed set. Each card features a large close-up photograph of the player within the Red Wing logo design. That design element is genius - I'm guessing it was different enough from the actual logo that they could use it. Also shown on card is the skyline of Detroit itself acting as a background to the player's name and the Motown Madness logo. Having the city there was spot on, but it is a bit too hidden for my tastes. I would have liked the image of the Detroit skyline zoomed in a bit more, or done in silver to make it stand out. Though I love the red foil covering the card, it does make the city less pronounced. Overall though, these base cards are soem of ITG's most impressive yet.

The reverse of the card is mostly standard ITG fare. As usual, there is an informative write-up on the featured player. A write-up in this case is the perfect way to go so as to focus the information solely on the time when the player played for Detroit. I especially enjoyed reading about players I usually associate with other teams, such as Rogie Vachon (above) and Adam Oates. It was enlightening to learn something about these players from a Red Wing point of view. As for design, the back is pretty spartan. There is a light backing on the card that I think is there to add a textural element... but I would have preferred a straight stark white backing with the minimalist red trimmings. To me that would have screamed Red Wings.

Base Card Design Score:

Inserts/Game-Used/Autos -
Every 12 card pack/box of Motown Madness comes with 2 game-used memorabilia cards, 4 autographs, and 1 patch of honor card along with the base. ITG has done away with any other non-hit insert cards with this product - great choice in my opinion!

This Game-Used Jersey card of Mike Foligno features a design that is instantly recognizable as ITG. Often times I enjoy continuity within brands and companies, but in this case I wish ITG would branch out a bit more. There is nothing wrong with the design of the card, but it just feels too similar to everything else ITG. Remove the red Motown Madness 'skin', and you have your standard ITG jersey card. Thought the card design might feel repetitive, getting jersey pieces like this never gets old. The jersey piece in this card features a huge seam that billows out of the jersey space. When I first saw the card I thought I had gotten a patch piece. Got to give props to ITG for their selection of jersey swatches.

My other game-used card was a dual jersey card of Danny Gare and Darryl Sittler. I like the idea of putting two players who played together from a specific period of time together, but in this case, I don't know who, other than hardcore Detroit fans, would want this card. Besides the lack of star appeal of the players, the design here is purely functional. There isn't anything artistic or eye-catching that makes this card stand out. There are some cards that look so good in terms of design that it literally makes collectors want to go out and buy them just because they look so cool. This is not one of those cards.

Thankfully, the autographed cards in Motown Madness are a bit better. Alone, they look 'ok', but when placed together - like in binder pages - the Red Wing theme really comes alive. Collecting them all is a huge challenge (there are some very short printed cards and the set is very large), but something that would be worthwhile to hardcore Wings fans.

Lastly, I would like to mention the Patch of Honor cards. These patch cards look great... they are unique and have a bunch of breaks or lettering... the only problem here is that they are manufactured patch pieces. They are replicas of real patches. I, for one, am not a fan of these cards despite how cool some of them look. ITG is known for their real game-used cards. Mixing in these manufactured replicas lowers the bar a bit. I will let you come to your own conclusions about them, but to me they are a miss.

Though I didn't get any, Motown Madness does have some pretty spectacular game-used and autographed cards. A wealth of Winged Wheel history is contained within these boxes!

Inserts/Game-Used/Autos Score:

Overall Value -
Obviously, for a Red Wings fan, this is THE product to get... and get a lot of. It was tailor made for you. The history embedded within Motown Madness is crazy! The autographed set would be especially tempting if the Wings were my team. What an amazing opportunity to get autographs of players with specifically designed team-themed cards. I'd be in card heaven with these. And besides that, the base cards in the set are great themselves as well. I think using them for autographs with a silver Sharpie pen would be off the charts.

For me as a Sharks fan... this is a product just to try and be done with. I was hoping to pull something nice... maybe a Howe or an Yzerman... that would have been awesome... but this box pretty much was a strike out - I'm not sure there are many boxes worse than this one (I certainly hope not!).

Hockey fans are crazy about their teams, so I find it hard to imagine anyone other than Wings fans busting this stuff too extensively. It's the same feeling I got when opening the Flyers themed Broad Street Boys, and to a lesser extent, Forever Rivals (featuring Toronto and Montreal). Maybe one day ITG will do a Sharks themed set (in my dreams)... I'd be all over it!

So for Red Wings fans... this is for you. I'll go ahead and rate it a 10 for you. As for everyone else, the score gets lowered. The product has its ups, but as seen by this box, there are cards in it that could be quite uninteresting and undesired to the non-Wings fan.

Overall Value:

Check out my box of ITG Motown Madness!


  1. I like this product. I mean, it's amazingly biased, how can you not like it, haha! It's cool though, I product with one team, I would buy Detroit in group breaks every time! Really nice design and hits, all sorts of players, really well done! Thanks for the contest!

    1. really nice stuff i like it probs the only itg product that i like


  2. Sedin4ever
    I thought it was pretty good and the designs were nice but I can't imagine opening many of these boxes because it would get boring just pulling red wings

  3. Really like the design of the product... Can get some pretty nice hits... But I'm not a big fan of the "one team biased" sets. But I do like the product. My overall score 7.5/10.

  4. not the biggest fan of one team sets, but amazing job for not having a license

  5. I really like the manufactured patches in this product they look sharp, ITG comes through again!

    YT - MapleLeafsFan4Life

  6. Very nice product. Was going to do a group break for it, have no what happened to that.


  7. I love everything about Motown :)

  8. It's cool how ITG can get around the copyrights which are interesting. I dont really like how the some jerseys or patchs are not game worn. I'm a big fan of the "one team based" sets. I like the product, but it would be awsome if they came out with a vancouver Set.


  9. I think this product is great, besides the base. The jerseys are solid, and the autographs look sick, with the awesome background where the player signs the card. I hope ITG does a Big Bad Bruins set. Great job by ITG.

    Youtube Username: MrHockeynut77

  10. Not a Detroit fan, but ITG has done a great job with this set. Love the fact you get multiple autographs and jersey cards. Hopefully ITG does more types of these products.

  11. Want to try this but I know I wouldn't enjoy it unless I got a big name autograph which seems rarer than extremely rare. Adam Oates was okay and Jordin Tootoo seems to be the only other Wing of note I've seen. The jersey cards are pretty much the same as other ITG products. I am a fan of the manufactured patches, seems like a cool bonus card, a 7th "hit". A cool idea of product I think. Vancouver next please.
    YT: ryannturnaa

  12. I really like this product a lot! They should do this with every clubs!
    Youtube-Irbehockey cardcolect

  13. Pretty decent autos, Not a Wings fan but great product for such an fan!

    Youtube: MrThendro

  14. As a Red Wings fan this MOtown Madness set is great. One of the coolest lookinh basecards set i`ve sen, with the photo framed by the wheel. And overall a very nice product. plus for the photo behind the autos.. :)

  15. It is a very cool idea based on Detroits history in hockey, I feel they just used Detroit as a test and they will release one each year untill the Original 6 are covered.
    The base cards are really cool how the players face is in the center or the base of the wing I guess is how you would describe it.
    The manufactured patch is alright, it is a nice insert for people who are Detroit Fans and just want it for their collection.
    The autographs are very nice I like how the arena is a backdrop and how the Detroit logo remains on the card.
    Overall I like this product which is hard to say because I am a Sabres fan but in the end that does not matter ITG nailed this product. Hopefully they keep doing a new team each season.

    Youtube: Starnsfan00

  16. I like the base design on the product, but as usual don't like the way ITG packages their cards YouTube: Graboguru

  17. Very neat design for the motown!
    I'd like some of these cards - lots of red & white
    great review, fair & balanced
    YouTube: Skroeker24

  18. Great product! Especially for Detroit collectors.

    Youtube: jtayl132

  19. Not too big on the packaging, but this would be great for a Detroit fan. I really like how the autos have a picture of Joe Louis Arena in the background.

    -Youtube: mukmukfan89

  20. Not a Detroit fan, but ITG has done a great job with this set. Love the fact you get multiple autographs and jersey cards. Hopefully ITG does more types of these products.

  21. Cool! I really like the base card design. The autograph set looks really cool as well . The one part of it I don't like is the manufactured patches.
    YouTube- capecodunicycles

  22. A HUGE upgrade from BSB. The design is just 10 times better. Product has already sold say that itself is self explanatory.
    Huge thumbs up to ITG for getting pieces of The Olympia boards in a select few cards as well! Great overall product.

    Thanks again for the contest - GTAHockeyCards

  23. Clearly a very interesting product, but maybe I'm a bit tired of products like this now. There have been very many team specific products from ITG now, well go and get a NHL-license now - I want to see real NHL-products with logos and full player images from you!

    Youtube: Majlfp

  24. Obviously if you're a wings fan, this is one of the best products that you can get. If not, then maybe try a box and you will probably stop there. Overall, I think that ITG did well with the design elements, but it is such a specialized market, that I don't see too much of selling.

  25. Great product... for a wing fan lol

  26. I thought that the face inside the wing in the base cards was great!
    Awesome set!

  27. Hockeycards131

    This is an Sick Box!!

  28. More garbage from ITG. Same lousy design they've had for eons replastered with a bunch of nobodies. Let us know if you get back more than 12 bucks from that junk box.

    Looks like Price is reducing his costs by using manufactured patches also. Not so long ago he was making a big deal about other manufacturers making these. Looks like he's as big a lemming as the rest of them.

  29. You mention the Darryl Sittler card had not star appeal. He is the most loved Maple Leaf of all time and once scored 10 points in a game.

  30. Wake up folks. Trading cards are one of the biggest scams on the planet...right up there with religion. This whole industry is just one in a long list of those that pander to and stoke human greed. Buy all this crap and maybe you too will get that "awesome pull" - code for that card that will make you rich by selling on Ebay. And why not - Beckett says its "book value" is $400!! Well, I challenge you to go to Ebay and see how many cards bring anything even CLOSE to the values they publish.

    I was just there, and now, less than 2 years removed from the release of this product, inserts from this set aren't even getting bids @ $5. And how much did you pay for that box when new?? A hell of a lot more than what you could actually sell them for (Dirk’s right). And why? Because the industry continues to flood the market with this stuff year after year. A book containing just the hockey card sets since 2010, if printed in a normal size type, would be the size of the Dallas telephone directory. I mean, do we really need 50 game jersey sets every year?? To say nothing of the fact that by doing that we are cannibalizing hockey’s very legacy.

    Oh, and BTW. What about the other 95% of the cards you get that aren’t so “awesome”? You might as well use them for kindling – you can’t even give them away. I know - I have boxes of that detritius, accumulated before I regained my sanity and stopped chasing the latest lead balloon.

    The comment history on this very page tells the story - not 1 in that same 2 year period!! Where have those people gone?? I’ll tell you: they’ve long since moved on to the latest “hot” product…or 50th (which, of course, is EXACTLY what the card manufacturers want you to do).

    I wonder what they’d think of those “sick” boxes now. How much is collecting dust in a storage area somewhere? Of course, that would take some self-reflection, so we’ll probably never know, but if they did I bet they would be sick…to their stomachs. Oh well…it’s only money. No wonder the median IRA balance in the US is only $20k.

    So I implore all of you: save yourself a whole lot of wasted time…AND MONEY! Stop being manipulated by just another bunch of hype-meisters and spin doctors. Stop reading card industry propaganda, and go read a book instead…