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Retail Review #37 (08/09 Be A Player Blaster)

The last Be A Player blaster box I opened was a stinker of a box... so... I hope this isn't a stinker...
 I hope this isn't a stinker... I hope this isn't a stinker... I hope this isn't a stinker... I hope this isn't a stinker... I hope this isn't a stinker... I hope this isn't a stinker... I hope this isn't a stinker... I hope this isn't a stinker... I hope this isn't a stinker... I hope this isn't a stinker...

Price - 

Packs - 2
08/09 Be A Player Blaster Packs

Since my 07/08 BAP blaster was so terrible, I had to come back to 08/09. My last few boxes of 08/09, while not by any stretch amazing, were decent and enjoyable boxes to open up - I had gotten some respected players of the game. I hope the same thing will happen with this one.

As with all BAP blasters, there are only two packs contained within each box. It's a very fast break, but it's always great to know that an autograph is waiting inside. Certainly somehow makes busting so much more enjoyable! But though I'm certain to get a hit, what that hit is... is the new question. Will it be of a desirable player? Or will it be like my 07/08 BAP blaster box - I really hope not!

Let's go ahead and crack open this blaster and see what comes out!

Review -
The first pack I opened was the one that didn't contain the autograph. And unfortunately it was all base cards - no inserts or rookies inside to provide a bit more excitement. And to continue on with the little-to-no-excitement theme, the second pack tossed out an autograph of a player that (though an NHL veteran of 17 seasons) I had never heard of. That was the entire break. It was a sinker...

...AGAIN!!! ARGGGgggghhhHHhhHhhh!!!

Top three cards, here we go:

Top 3 Cards

#3 - Evgeni Nabokov Card No. 153
I see teal! And usually that means an automatic inclusion into the top three unless there are some really good cards from other teams in the break. With two packs in a blaster, that was unlikely. Here we have a Nabokov card to put into my big box of Sharks base. I'm pretty sure I have this one already, but it still goes in!

#2 - Patrick Kane Card No. 38
Ouch, it hurts me to put this one in the top three. The Blackhawks have played lights out hockey since the season began, and the Sharks have lost to them three times already, so I'm not happy putting Kane here. Sigh, but he was the best player found in the box so Kaner gets the number two slot.

#1 - Scott Walker Card No. S-SW
I was like Scott who?!?!? But looking up his information, he played for 17 seasons and had a role with Team Canada. So I guess he was a player with some longevity and significance. He retired the season I just got back into watching hockey seriously so it's no wonder I had not heard of him. Though I spent some time trying to find out more about Walker, I'm still not that excited about this card... but I do feel that this box was a tiny bit better than my last one.

Overall Value -
Like the Sharks of late, here is another strike out and disappointment. Again, I still recommend getting these Be A Player blasters at less than ten dollars a pop, but my last two breaks have soured me a little to them. Hopefully it won't sour you though! You can just tell yourself that Luke from the Cardboard Review got all the bad ones out already!

Let me know what you thought of my 08/09 BAP blaster down in the comments below. What have you gotten out of these blasters? I'd love to know!

Overall Value Score:

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