Tuesday, February 12, 2013

12/13 Panini Limited Hockey Video Review

Big thanks to the fine folks over at Panini for sending this 12/13 box of Limited for video review! Watch as I open and talk about the contents of one box. I will be giving away one of the cards from this break. Make sure you check the video and rules on how you could win!

I've asked the hockey card collecting community to tell me one thing they liked and one thing they disliked about 12/13 Panini Limited Hockey in the comments section. Check out the comments and see some real collector opinion regarding this release. For even more thoughts, check out the written review of Panini Limited a few posts below this one. Collectors have a lot to say!

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  1. One thing I dont like about 12-13 limited is the bronze back round. It doesn't match with the white on the card.

    YouTube micerule934

  2. Sorry my comment glitches. One thing i like about 12-13 limited is the jumbo jerseys. Really like the big swatch.

    YouTube micerule934

  3. I didn't like that the logo on the Phenoms patch wasn't bulging out, like it used to. They cheaped out and made it almost like an iron on patch.

    Youtube Username: MrHockeynut77

  4. I like that it's all shiny and stuff. I don't like the large white space next to the "patch"

    Youtube username: michaelczhang

  5. One thing I like about limited 12/13 is how thick each card is. The only thing I dont like about limited is the manufacture patches in how they are either wrinkled or the autographs are smeared.
    YouTube: bmurphy1325

  6. one thing i like about limited is that there is alot of price cards that i have seen one thing i dont like is the trophy winners it is the same as last years


  7. One thing I liked about this product is the stanley cup autos, they are on card and really look nice.

    One thing I dont like about this product is the fact that they now use screen printed "patches" on the phenoms patch cards. If they can do it in football and baseball why cant they do it in hockey

    Overall I dont think this product is worth the $100 price tag, but some of the cards look really nice!


  8. What i like: New thicker base cards, non-foily base cards which I prefer. I am the minority, but i really like the Phenoms manufactured patches. I just find they are very unique and different and not to expensive. The net asset cards.
    What I dont like: REDEMPTIONS REDEMPTIONS REDEMPTIONS. Weak rooking crop (intangible). Design of the Limited Jerseys

    Thx as always for the contest.

    YT: GTAHockeyCards

  9. one thing i like is that the trophy winner cards the foil is not crazy but it makes it look nice

    one thing i dont like is the manufacture patches i think they should be real patches and make them more rare


  10. I like: The base cards this year, I love the Stanley Cup Winners autos, those look sweet.

    I don't like: The Phenoms RC cards, I can't believe they found a way to make those cards less collectable. And of course the rookie crop. (Not their fault.)

    YT: SuckYourHeadphones

  11. I really like the trophy winners cards, look really cool. What I don't like are the manufactured patch autos and the bronze background base design. Both look pretty ugly to me.

    Youtube: 49ersfan619

  12. What I like: Overall set, and inserts
    Dislikes: Only one Jake Gardiner, quality of phenoms

    YT: Legomasta100

  13. I like how there is such a huge variety of things that you can get from a box. I've seen a good amount of limited opened, and have yet to see a duplicate card. I dislike the price. Of limited was $75 instead of $100 I think that more people would buy it.

  14. The thing i like about this years limited is that it has those die-cut inserts which IMO is sweet.
    Youtube: jtay132

  15. What I like about 12-13 Panini Limited is designs of most of the cards such as the Trophy Winner cards, one thing I dislike about this product is getting poor overall value of cards out of most boxes it seems like.

    YouTube: OnlyTheMagnificent

  16. I really like Limited this year but to me it is still a bit over priced. I really enjoy the inserts like the Leetch you got but I have never been a big fan of manufactured patches so the rookies and monikers do not really interest me. They definitely stepped up the base cards though this years designs are much better!
    Thanks Luke

  17. What I like about 2012/13 Panini Limited is the look of the regular game worn jersey cards.

    What I dont like about 2012/13 Panini Limited is the amount of redemptions I have seen so far, and also I think it is overpriced.

    Youtube username: NashPredators35

  18. What i like about 12/13 Panini Limited are the trophy winners cards, the base looks relay great and the autograph version looks great as well!

    What i don't like about 12/13 Panini Limited are the redemption cards! In every youtube video i seen at least 1 redemption card has been pulled!

    Yotutube-Irbehockey cardcolect

  19. for this years limited i really like the trophy winners auto cards but i like last years design way better... and what i dont like is the overall design on all the cards like the base and the jumbo jerseys last year i loved it and bought as much as i could this year im not a big fan so i dont know if i will get any...


  20. Hey Luke,

    I really liked the base card design this year, more so the bronze than the silver, I really like the background of the kassian.

    I do not like the manufactured patches, the lecavalier you pulled earlier looked very sloppy. I just think for the price you should be getting something used.

    YouTube name - Dan Ezard

  21. i love the base card design very classy and clean looking, especially the bronze color.

    Personally I'm not sure about the manufactured patches, very dissapointed on the lecavalier patch. Not very good quality for the price of the box.

    Thanks YT XplodingmonkE11

  22. Like: The Stanley Cup/Trophy Winners auto set looks great. Limited Travels is a great idea too!

    Dislike: Seems to be bad quality on some of the manufactured patch cards, and not as good as it have been previous years. Maybe time to try a new design soon, maybe with a smaller patch and logo?

    Youtube: Majlfp

  23. One thing I like about limited is the new acetate cards. They are a cool new looking card to put into this product.
    One thing I don't like, is the price of limited. With it being so hard so get something worth $100 it's a big risk.

    YouTube: MrMat18033

  24. I agree with you completely. I don't think you even come close to getting your money back. There's no quality rookies, and all the real patch cards such actualy sell are hard to get. 5/10 for me


  25. I really hate how the manufactured patches are cheaply made, but love the thickness of the base cards! YouTube: Graboguru

  26. Itas unfortubate how many redemptions come in this product


  27. Like-
    I like the phenoms set actually and I think it would be a cool set to put together.

    Don't like-
    I don't like how common redemptions are in this product, I like to actually have the card in the box instead of having to wait for it.
    YouTube- capecodunicycles

  28. One thing I LIKE: The on card autos are FAR BETTER than sticker autos for the "Monikers." As long as the pen doesn't bleed too much on the manufactured cloth.

    One thing I DISLIKE: Not enough redemptions, I like having all my cards as redemtions. Something to look forward to in the mail down the road. (Seriously I don't mind the redemptions)

    Youtube: ryannturnaa

  29. The monikers are SOOOOO much better this year because they aren't sticker autos!

    youtube: aronowm2

  30. I like how they added the rookie redemptions this year. I'm going to try and do that set. I'm not a fan of the material used for the monikers and rookie autos this year. They feel like cheaper material than in years past. I also think the base cards took a step down this year. I personally liked them more last year.
    YouTube: Kaplan397

  31. I like the Trophy Winners cards as they look very nice, especially the autographed cards.

    One thing I dislike, which is minor is the patch cards with the "silk screen" patch as you noted in the video.

    All in all, I enjoy the set and think it's worthwhile to buy a box.

    Youtube: CSMegadeth

  32. The one thing I like about Limited this year is how the cards look brighter. Example last year all the cards had black borders and were tinted black. This year was the complete opposite. They only used black to sharpen the pictures in the base cards. Which leaves a much cleaner look.
    With good comes bad. I am not a huge fan on the bronze coloring in the back of the base cards. Its a very odd and uncommon color used. I also do not like how most packs you don't get your money back. They could have made it a bit better.

    YouTube: RyanQuirk97 (Quirkcards)

  33. Hmm, they look better in this video, I can feel the temptation growing. But redemptions! Getting the run around from Panini on a bunch as it is. Plus it's real damn hard to get a good return or PC hit from a box of Limited.

    Love that Trophy winners card though, and being a Canucks fan it means there's probably a card or two in that set for me this time! :D

    - reebz0r

  34. Love the base cards from the year way more than last year. Good amount of hits for the price and much better hits than last year. The only thing I don't like are the Phenom cards. Like you said, the manufacturing on the fabric is horrible.

    YT - 16royta

  35. I love the new hits in this year's Limited but for some reason the base cards look terrible to me. It's just the bronze color makes them look weird. That's probably just me but great review once again!

    YT - blackhawks61895

  36. I like the Trophy Winners cards. Those look amazing!
    I dislike the amount of redemptions, with the weak rookie crop this year they shouldn't have added so many.