Saturday, December 8, 2012

12/13 Panini Classics Video Review

Panini occasionally sends me boxes to review for them. When they do I make a video review. Yesterday a box of the new 12/13 Classics Signatures showed up at my door from Tracy over at Panini. I want to first thank him for sending it to me and allowing me to review it! Check out the video review here:

Though I have my comprehensive written review in my post below this one, I would like to add a few things I addressed during the video review.

First of all, collectors have been a bit taken aback by the $180 MSRP of a box of Classics Signatures. I have to agree that the price is most definitely on the high side. And seeing numerous breaks, a very small percentage of box breaks of this product will recoup the original money spent. I will say, however... and I mentioned this in the video, that another product (Upper Deck Parkhurst Champions) came out last year and guaranteed only 1-2 autographs per box. Those boxes are currently $80 a pop. So going by autographed-only content, the Upper Deck product (if you were lucky and got 2 autos/box) would cost $240 for 6 autographs. Now obviously there are other things to find in those boxes (minis, inserts, chance at a Gretzky, etc.), but the price is still much steeper than here with Classics. Collectors did not cry outrage at last year's Parkhurst Champions like they did for this year's Classics.... just sayin'.

Secondly, I have to commend Panini for really putting in a lot of players that collectors don't see much. Now you might say... well... so does ITG! And to you I would say true enough... but here's the thing with Panini... FULLY LICENSED PRODUCT. After opening my initial box of Classics I was wondering why these cards felt different than other cards of retired players... and the reason was seeing them in their full, non-covered up/airbrushed/chopped-off team logo glory. Usually when I get a product with retired players, it's ITG and some Upper Deck. But Upper Deck really focuses just on the biggest of names. Here we have a product that delivers players you don't get to see as much in fresh new photos wearing their NHL gear. It's pretty awesome.

So there you have it.... just a couple more things to think about when considering 12/13 Panini Classics Signatures. Let me know if you have any opinion on this in the comments below!

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