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2012-2013 ITG Superlative Volume 3 Review

ITG comes strong with one of the heaviest hitters in their product line-up - Superlative. This super-premium release comes in a unique, very limited, package. The price point of this product is on par with Upper Deck's The Cup and Panini's Dominion. It's also equally exciting to bust into as well. Let's see what this book of hockey delivers!

Base Card Design -
What base cards? Unlike The Cup and Dominion, Superlative does not have any standard base cards. I think this is a great idea by ITG. While ultra-premium base cards can be collectible, they can clog-up a product. It's really sweet to open up a book of Superlative and have every card be a hit. EVERY CARD is very limited and has either memorabilia, an autograph, or both.

Base Card Design Score:

Inserts/Game-Used/Autos -
Well, like I just mentioned, Superlative is about only the goods. This is an extreme concentration of limited autographed and memorabilia cards. Each card comes in its own toploader sealed with an ITG sticker. All cards feature very low print-runs, however, some are so low that they have been individually hand-numbered. Excellent!

Perhaps the most lack-luster cards found in Superlative are the plain jersey cards. Though these cards only carry a jersey piece, ITG has given collectors a sizable chunk of it in the card. And while I usually harp on ITG jersey card designs, the Lindros above is very well done and has a more premium feel than the ones I have pulled from their other products. This card has a nice photo of Lindros, a bit of foil, and Philadelphia's team colors. The jersey piece is guaranteed to be from a Lindros Flyers gamer and has a print run of just 30.

Another only-memorabilia card is the Superlative Patch. Though I think the patch piece on these cards could have been larger, the card itself is designed beautifully. The space on the card is utilized smartly and the colors chosen on the card work well. This is simply a clean, modern, superbly designed card. This is the direction I'd love to see ITG move in with all their future products. I would definitely enjoy ITG cards if they were all like this one was in terms of design. It's definitely and ITG card, but without the 'third wheel' feel that ITG cards sometimes have.

Some Superlative cards will come with no photos on the front. I have seen creative ideas such as banner cards that celebrate players who have had their numbers retired in this product, but there are also cards like this Famous Fabrics Franchise Heroes card. With such hockey awesome-ness here, I really wish there were some player images. I'm pretty sure ITG can't use Gretzky's image, but there must be a better way to make these cards. Other than that, I do love this card for the hockey royalty on it... plus is numbered 5 of only 9.

Now here's a great way to handle multiple players on a card! The idea of having past, present, and future stars grouped together is a stellar one. This card design is all-ITG... it's familiar... but done in a better way. The colors used and the touch of foil give it a few notches over other ITG cards of similar design. Aside from design aspects, this card is notable because it features number one pick Nail Yakupov on it. ITG has had Yakupov in their products for some time now whereas Upper Deck and Panini haven't. For collectors wanting some high-end cards his, ITG is the only way to go at the moment. One more thing about this fabulous card... Pavel Bure. How awesome is that Canucks's jersey piece? Signature colors of the Canucks of the 90's. Oh, and this card... numbered 9 of 9.

Each book of Superlative features young rookie talent. I've already mentioned Yakupov, but many players yet to don an NHL uniform can be found here. This is both exciting and also a potential concern. While most of the cards in Superlative are of established, star players, these young players may or may not pan out to be great NHLers. But... I have to credit ITG for their inclusion because they act as a wild card in the product. For guys that become great players, these cards will have some extreme added value! Cross your fingers for these guys!

Now what can I really say about the Luongo shown above. That is one ridiculous piece of emblem - so many breaks and colors... wow! This card would be a showpiece type card for any Roberto Luongo collector. And in Superlative, there are many amazing patches, sticks, skates, and other pieces to be found.

Superlative is a treasure trove of crazy hits.

Inserts/Game-Used/Autos Score:

Overall Rating -
I just have to put this out there: Superlative is AWESOME. I've seen many breaks of it online... and it hasn't disappointed. The book that I bought was very solid, and I had a ton of fun and excitement opening it... just as much anticipation as with The Cup or Dominion.

The cards you get for your money have a super-premium feel. The autographs and memorabilia are carefully put together and created. I can tell a lot of effort was put into this product by ITG. It's like a labor of love. You just get that feeling upon opening it - it's hard to describe... but it's there... and it enhances the break so much.

If you can afford it... BUY IT! There are only 1,500 books out there. I'm sure they are going fast. I really wish I could get another one... but I'll just have to savor the cards I was able to get this time around.

Given a choice between a box of The Cup, Dominion, or Superlative... I think it'd be a coin flip between The Cup and Superlative. It's that good.

Yes, I'm gushing over this stuff!

Overall Rating:

Check out my book of Superlative Vol. 3:


  1. Wow that is the only thing I can say best itg product ever


  2. Looks like a solid product this year. I'd love to pick one up, but i don't have enough money. Compared to the other breaks, Superlative seems a lot better.

    (Youtube LoopedGlobe74)

  3. My favourite itg product-Youtube:Graboguru

  4. This ITG product kinda suprized me! usually I dont like ITG but this is a very good product!


  5. really nice cards but way to expensive

  6. I would def buy this product. I'm waiting for Christmas to open The Cup. I'll try Superlative after Christmas if I can wait that long... :p If you can get a HOF player's auto in every 'book', which it looks like, then that's a product I like.

    YT: ryannturnaa

  7. What I love about Superlative (mind you ive never busted any cause of its price) is that you are pretty much guarenteed to get a solid hit /10 of a widely known player (ie Luongo, Fleury etc.) Opening a tin of the Cup however, you may get a solid hit but some of the time it is somewhat of a no name rookie.
    I still believe it is personal preference (as well as everything in the card-collecting hobby). If you are a young kid (like me) you may tend to shy towards the Cup as you are more familiar with the current players. I would pick Superlative just for the uniqueness of the product (book style not box, no base cards, product #'ing etc). I believe ITG has outdone themselves in putting out yet another home run product! This is just my 2 cents however and you may not agree.

    YT Username : GTAHockeyCards

  8. Not my fav design but the value is great! I love how it's hard to lose with this product. The odds of getting something awesome are not slim at all. Overall, solid product!
    Thanks for the contest!

    Youtube: NothinButHockeyCards

  9. crazy product

  10. Don't really ever like itg, but this is a little different. Love the design of the patch/auto cards. Sick luongo!


  11. ITG provides again! Beautiful product, cards are great. The value on these are fantastic. Haven't seen a box where you can't get at least half of your money back. Product of the year. Thanks for the contest!

    YT: InkredibuI

  12. Best bargain for your buck that ive seen in any product before!!!!


  13. Great break--everyone's a winner-thanks for the contest

  14. Superlative is an awesome prdouct, I don't like that pretty much all the cards have no beckett value due to scarcity, it's a good thing but a bad thing since you have no clue what it's worth. But I wish I could get a book but it's way to pricey for me.
    Youtube Username: MrHockeynut77

  15. It looks pretty cool but I am not a huge fan of the design of ITG products.

  16. i love itg superlative hockey. so happy they brought this back you get the most bang for your buck way better then the cup. thankyou for another amazing review and contest.

    youtube name- Priceforthewin

  17. Never been a huge fan of the ITG stuff but with a product like this who can't be. If I had the bankroll I would be all over it. Great review though, and some great cards. Nice to see you get something for the PC every once in a while.

    Keep the videos and contests coming!

    Love the Couture PC!!

    YouTube - Dan Ezard

  18. great review. i would get this product in a heartbeat if i only had the money

  19. Great looking product but too pricey for me. Great review!

    YT: blackhawks61895

  20. Amazing box so lucky to have


  21. Great product and a certainly great pull. I like to see the products but I won't be opening an high end products because I just can't drop that kind of money. But the base in the cup & Dominion made those fun to get so I had at least 1 card from their products. But doesn't look like I will be getting any superlative soon. The case/book is REALLY cool though.

    Youtube: kosimitz

  22. Superlative is a sick product, and ITG shows another time that they are one of the top two card companies out there. The problem is the cards without pictures, I don't like them even if Gretzky is on them... With a NHL-license Superlative could have deserved 11/10!

    Youtube: Majlfp

  23. Nice itg has raised the bar a lot higher relay like this stuff!
    Thanks for the contest Luke

  24. Best product yet....should of rated it 100 out of ten. Itg totally stepped up there game! !!


  25. what can i say.. superlative NEVER dissapoints.. the only gripe i have.. is that ITG needs to get a NHL/NHLPA liscence, to revamp the designs :) Luke.. that luongo.. im drooling over it! (yes i collect luongo)

    YT - canucks112785

  26. Cant believe such a great producet from them! really love this one, Great box you got aswell!

    Youtube: MrThendro

  27. What a product! Really look forward to opening one of these! Mpb7771

  28. best itg product out there.username is Erik Karlsson

  29. its a very good product.username steven stamkos

  30. Wow those cards look really cool. I have to get my hands on one of thos boxes. Every card seemed to be amazing. ITG outdid themselves this year.
    YouTube username: papi9797

  31. Great product this year and sweet cards


  32. Wow because of this product I'm going to buy more itg products, btw nice cards


  33. Love that ITG is still trying to challenged the licensed Big Boys. Great idea to remove any base cards - which are really non-collectible for this type of product. Excellent review yet again!
    YT - Skroeker24

  34. This is a very solid product!

  35. Awesome product! i love how the boxes are numberd

    Youtube Sports149

  36. nice break! not a fan of ITG but defiently a big improvement and a good product in Superlative.

    YT: adlsam19dew

  37. I really like this product. Nice break, some really solid cards!
    Youtube: reimer134

  38. Superlative is suprising amazing to me!!!! I norally hate itg but this product is awesome. Its an okay price with decent enough hts that are already in top loaders. Its cool getting products were you dont really get disappointed. I love not have ing base and just solid already packaged hits. 9.5/10 Amazing itg product


  39. i love this product! never dissapointed in it ! great break

    youtube: brandynzawadiuk

  40. I think this is a very nice product the only thing i dont really like is the cards without pictures... but overall i really like the product!


  41. very exspensive for what you are getting in return. the sub sets have the same design each and every year. itg should be looking to continue to improve their products rather than live in the past. i find this with alot of their products


  42. Really excited about superlative, i think it is a great product and I can't wait to get into a group break with it!

  43. This looks like a fun break, more variety than the Cup and better selection of prospects. Probably won't ever buy this, but always fun to watch youtube breaks of this product.