Sunday, October 14, 2012

Retail Review #18 (12/13 Score Blaster)

Wow! Here comes a really fresh from the factory Retail Review! I've been opening up a lot of older products (and will continue to do so in the following weeks),  but this week I have a 2012-2013 Score blaster to bust open! I have to be honest and say that Score did not impress me this year. I gave it a lower rating than I have in the past and couldn't say that I would really recommend it. But hey, here's a chance for it to change my mind. Let's see if it does!

Price - 

Packs - 11
12/13 Score Packs

The great thing about Score is its price. With 11 packs in the blaster, it comes down to less than a dollar each - and that's a great deal. Also, as opposed to other products, you get a healthy amount of cards per pack so there is plenty to look through and check out once all the cards are out. For collectors who love looking at their cards and learning a lot about stats and facts, this is an awesome product to buy. I know that when I was a kid, these were the types of cards that helped me gain a lot of knowledge about the game and its players.

All that being said, this year's product seems to lack a 'wow' factor. It might be the underwhelming design or the lack of strong rookies... but I just am not as excited about it this year. For the past two years Score would always be a brand that I could pick up a few packs or a blaster and rip open. I am hoping that a sweet blaster will encourage me to do that once again.

Well, let's see what I got in my 12/13 Score blaster box:

Review -
The first thing I would like to mention is the size of the blaster. I love it. I have never liked the fact that blaster boxes waste so much space on the inside. This new type of blaster is small and compact. It's the prefect size. I'm glad that Panini has gone to this format. This fact alone made me excited about the break!

Unfortunately, the rest of the break did not even reach the level of excitement that I had for the size of the box - and that's just sad! Though each pack came with a gold card and/or some sort of insert or rookie, never did I feel an anticipation for the next pack. And no, it's not that it's a low end product. It just might be that Panini needs to refresh the Score brand a bit. For the past two years Panini has gone with the same insert sets and format - and they're getting a little tired. I would like to see then mix it up a bit more. Score used to have a bunch of crazy insert themed cards. It just needs to be spiced up! Hah, I'm already looking forward to next year... sorry 12/13 Score!

Here are my top three cards of this break:

Top 3 Cards

#3 - Henrik Lundqvist Card No. NC2
Like I just mentioned, it may be time for Score to change up their insert lines. Net Cam cards were a huge rage with collectors when they debuted... and last year they were still 'alright'... but this year I have actually heard collectors on hockey forums say this insert set has run its course. And I agree. Though the set may be in need of some new-ness, this King Henry card is still pretty cool. That ceiling just screams MSG!

#2 - Phil Kessel Card No. F27
Probably my favorite insert set this year are The Franchise cards. These cards have a fresh look to them and feature silver foiling! I'm not sure why Panini chose to implement foil here, but it really works! It certainly makes these cards stand out from all the others.

#1 - Evgeni Malkin Card No. 372 (Gold Version)
With such a gigantic set, it can be hard to pull star player parallels like this Malkin. I always get a little thrill when I'm able to get a parallel card of a good player. Back in the day, some parallels only came one per box, so getting someone good was very difficult. I still remember that feeling when pulling star parallels... it's awesome. So that's why this gold Malkin gets the top spot!

Overall Value -
In terms of value, Score is king when it comes to the amount of cards you get for what you pay. That's not all I'm looking for though when buying cards. It doesn't matter if cards are high-end or low-end, they have to deliver interest and value. At the beginning of the break I was wondering if this blaster box of Score could change my mind on the product. Well... it hasn't. Though there is a ton of Score left at my local Target store, I don't think you'll see me loading up into my grocery cart.

Let me know what you thought of my 12/13 Score blaster box down in the comments below. Have you ever gotten anything good from one of these? I'd love to know!

Overall Value Score:

Every Sunday look out for another exciting installment of Retail Review!


  1. I think Score blasters are a fun, low end product to break. It's one of those products where you may come back from work (in my case from school) and feel like breaking something. I would go for a couple packs or even a blaster of 12-13 Score when I am in the mood for some cards. The Net Cam inserts are my fave set! I bought a Score blaster the day it was released & I pulled a gold Sven Baertschi rookie (just what I wanted) lol so a product is always more fun when you pull a pc card. :)can't wait for the next retail review!


  2. Ed Giacomin played from 1965 to 1978 with the New York Rangers and the Detroit Red Wings. He was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame in 1987.