Thursday, September 20, 2012

D&P + CardboardReview Contest (Stamkos Auto'd Puck)

Hey guys! Chris over at D&P Sportscards in Sacramento has generously donated an autographed Steven Stamkos All-Star Game puck for me to give away in a contest! It was actually given to him by a Panini representative when they came to his store for a special Panini Night a while back. This puck is guaranteed authentic by Panini and comes with an authentic Panini sticker on the back... yup, it's awesome!

I've been thinking long and hard as to how to give this puck away. I didn't want it to be too easy - I know a lot of people are interested in this little gem. So here's what I came up with:

Contest Rules

There are two ways to get entries into the contest.

1. Take a picture of your top two or three cards. The picture must include a reference to both and Here's an example:

This is sort of a boring example, but you get the idea. Your picture can be worth up to 2 entries. A picture like mine above will get you just one entry. If you have a creative picture that is unique or especially well-done, it may receive up to two entries in the contest. Please email me your picture along with your YOUTUBE username to: Please title your email to me STAMKOS CONTEST PICTURE on the subject line.
***Please keep in mind that I will be posting the picture you send me, so please keep them appropriate... and make sure it is something you don't mind being posted in public.***

2. The second way to earn entries into the contest is to make a creative commercial for both D&P Cards as well as The Cardboard Review on YOUTUBE. Your commercial must provide links to both The Cardboard Review as well as D&P Sportscards. It can be funny, serious... however you want it. But I hope it's creative! Depending on the quality of your commercial, it will receive anywhere between 4 and 6 entries. Email me a link to your commercial along with your YOUTUBE username to: Please title your email to me STAMKOS CONTEST COMMERCIAL on the subject line.

So that's it, feel free to ask me any clarifying questions that you have. Take your time and come up with something great! I'm looking forward to seeing all the stuff you guys can come up with.

This contest ends on Friday, October 12th 2012. Each entry in the contest will be put in a random drawing via I will post a Youtube video on it via my Youtube channel like I usually do. I wish there could be more winners... but there can only be one! Good luck to you all!

Also, if you don't mind, say thanks to Chris on his D&P Cards Facebook page! Click here. Give him a shout out and a like!


  1. WOW, this is a HUGE Contest and Will definelty give 100% to this contest for that Amazing price.

  2. thanks for the contest luke, both my entries have been emailed to you. glad i can finally post on your blog. woohoo lol


  3. WOW! thx for the contest!!!

  4. oops, name


  5. Awesome contest! Thanks!


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  7. Will enter later this week, thanks! Very generous of you and Chris, and liked his page on Facebook!