Thursday, August 16, 2012

2012-2013 O-Pee-Chee Review

So now that all the 2011-12 hockey products have been released we can now move on to 2012-13 products!!! Wait a minute... 11/12 product have not all been released yet... despite still having last season's biggest card sets still to come, Upper Deck has released the first product of the 12/13 season - O-Pee-Chee. There's no more UD Victory this year (thank goodness) so this should be Upper Deck's lowest-end offering. Is OPC a worth buying? Let's take a look at what it has to give us.

Base Card Design -
If you like base cards, O-Pee-Chee has them in spades. This massive 600 card set is Upper Deck's largest offering of the year. It's also Upper Deck's most comprehensive. You're going to find players that often time never get their images on cardboard in other sets. Take Thomas Greiss for example. Greiss is San Jose's back-up goaltender. I'm pretty sure I won't see any of his cards in Artifacts, Black Diamond, SP Authentic, or the like this year. And that's what makes OPC a neat set of cards. It's nice to be able to find players on your team that don't get the spotlight too often.

In terms of design, the cards are standard OPC fare. It's pleasing enough, but doesn't stand out significantly. I do like the faded yellow retro-feel the cards evoke though - the cards are playful and will be enjoyed by collectors who like the old school cardboard feel. The graphics and images used in OPC are sharp too. I'm a fan of the little hockey dude in the yellow circle giving you an image of what position the featured player plays - very sweet. Because the cards are on actual non-glossy cardboard, the base cards would be perfect cards to get in-person or TTM autographs on.

You can really see the cardboard on the back of the base card. It's very cool to know that at least one set will have this tie to cards of old. In fact, a football collector I was talking to at the card shop mentioned that he wished there were modern football cards that had the cardboard feel that OPC does. Other than the cardboard back there is not much else of note. The backs have plenty of room for entire career stats, but UD chose not to include any written information - probably because the set was so big. The rookie card backs, however, do have more information about them as well as their draft statistics.

The Marquee Legend cards are back again this year as part of a subset of the main set of cards. These cards can be found in every two packs of OPC. Rather than being completely black and white, the photo image looks to be almost sepia in nature. The orange and yellow color scheme works well with the image process and the fonts used definitely evoke a retro feel here. These cards won't be worth much in value, but they are new cards of former players for collectors to get their hands on.

The Marquee Rookie card subset has a green and blue color scheme going for it. The color choice is obviously to give these cards a sense of freshness. And it does. The rookie cards are bright in nature and the design plays well off the standard base as well as the Marquee Legends cards. All the cards together make a cohesive set that works well form a design standpoint. The Chris Kreider card shown above may be one of the more desired cards to find from this sets group of rookies.

Base Card Design Score:

Inserts/Game-Used/Autos -
As O-Pee-Chee is a lower-end product, it is difficult to pull out hits (memorabilia or autographs) from the product. Collectors will only a few hits per case. There are, however, many inserts and parallels to be found in every box of OPC. They can range from very common to very rare.

The most common insert found in OPC are the retro cards. You can find a retro parallel in every pack. Retro cards in the past have ranged from extremely cool and desirable (check out 08/09 - those were amazing) to bland and pedestrian. Unfortunately, I'd have to categorize this years as the latter. The retro cards come with the player image on a completely white background and a bit of information in a colored text box at the bottom. Not a design I'm jumping up and down for. Imagine a binder full of these cards - it's just not appealing. I'm not sure why anyone would go for these (unless you're a collector who does the set every year, and in which case... good luck.) The legend and rookie cards have a bit more flair to them... but not much. Let's hope for better retros next year.

Sticker cards are a new addition to this year's OPC set. They are pretty common to find, and collectors will find quite a few of these per box. The stickers have a design that is actually quite retro. I would have rather had this design than the one on the actual retro card. As for the cards being actual stickers, I'm not sure who would actually peel these cards and stick them somewhere. I've never been a fan of stickers the size and shape of trading cards. It's just not a good size for a sticker in my opinion - it's a bit awkward and large. But as cards they look pretty good, and I enjoy them as such.

Another new card to find this year are the 'pop-up' cards. I put 'pop-up' in quotes because these are not truly cards that pop up. When I think of a pop-up, I think of a card that stand up or folds to have a 3D effect. These cards are just die-cut cards... plain and simple. These cards also bear a retro design. And it may be the design I like the most out of all the cards they put out in the set. The faded red and blue on yellowed cardboard is visually very pleasing.

Modern technology comes in the form of foil parallel cards. There are standard foil cards as well as black versions serial numbered to 100, though two of the black versions I found was missing the serial numbering where it should have been. These foil parallels can be found in every year of the modern OPC brand. They are nice and shiny and will be popular among player collectors who want to put together all the cards of their player's rainbow.

Also back are the blank-back parallel cards. Check out the beautiful back design on this bad boy above. These are the toughest cards to pull in OPC and are a nightmare for player collectors to get their hands on. You will know you got a blank back card because... well... it has a blank back. Only the retro cards have this variation so don't bother looking for them on the standard base cards. I have heard it speculated that print runs of blank back cards could be as low as 10. Most likely a bit higher, but probably not close to even 50.

Though I didn't pull any in my box, there are actual autograph and memorabilia cards in O-Pee-Chee. One of the popular autographed sets are the Team Canada autographs which feature players in their Team Canada jerseys. Those always get a fair amount of money on eBay. Speaking of eBay money, there are very limited Ovechkin and Crosby buy back cards to be found this year. Those cards are the rarest of rare to find in OPC and would bring in a killing on eBay. You just hit the jackpot if you pull on of those.

Manufactured patch cards are also new this year in OPC. Upper Deck has had great success producing some very nice patch cards in other of their products. Though I didn't get one, if these cards look as nice as their brethren, I'm sure they will be a hit with collectors. They range from pretty difficult to get to extremely difficult to get.

One last thing I'd like to mention about OPC is the wrapper redemption program this year. You can redeem wrappers of OPC to trade in for special red-bordered packs of OPC. Each of those packs will have a few red-bordered cards and a special all-star card. The redemption program is only good in Canada.

Inserts/Game-Used/Autos -

Overall Rating -
O-Pee-Chee is Upper Deck's newest low-end product. Is it better than Victory was?


OPC has a variety of interesting things to find within it... from fun insert cards all the way to cards of great value. There are hits, parallel cards, buy backs, and more. OPC is just a far superior product to Victory in every way, and I'm glad they decided to have OPC anchor the lower product line.

That being said, O-Pee-Chee is still the lowest-end product. Don't expect to find card of great value in your standard hobby box. Boxes of OPC cost around $65 so it won't set you back too much. You get a ton of packs to open and enjoy. This was definitely one of the products that took me the longest to open and then sort. But that was fun, it brought me back to when I used to do just that as a kid.

I recommend getting a box or two just to try it out. If you're a big set collector, this may be the set for you. There is a huge and challenging base set and near impossible parallel sets to go for here. Just have fun with this set with however much you choose to buy of it, whether that be one box or many, many, many boxes. Best wishes in your pack busting!

Overall Rating:

Check out my box of 12/13 O-Pee-Chee:


  1. Usually I'm not a huge fan of O-Pee-Chee, but honestly I think this year's set looks great!

  2. I'm a somewhat fan of OPC. With my luck with it so far, I'm biased (2 blank backs and a quad mem from 2 boxes and 2 blasters in 10/11, 2 autos in 2 boxes of 11/12). But they really stepped their game up this year. I really do like the Pop-Up set (I might go for it) and the addition of manufactured patches (I'm 1-for-1 on those) add a really fun collectable to the set. As well, due to the vast amount of inserts and parallels as well as how many cards you get at such a cheap price, this is a great group break product in terms of balance.
    Definitely surprised to see it out already, but so far, it's a winner.

    1. You'd think I'd remember this by now...

  3. love the set!!! and are going for it

  4. Ithink that it is an ok product, thought last years was a bit better but i really like those retro cards.


  5. love the set going for it and the pop-up set


  6. i love how o-pee-chee has so many base so the odds of your pc player being in it is good. i like how they have the rookies of legends. i like how they have added the patches

  7. I really don't like too much of this years set except the pop ups and the patches. Although it's almost impossible to get hits but it is nice.


  8. I'm really digging O-Pee-Chee this year. Especially the Retro's and Pop-ups.

    YouTube- TheEdgeHead41

  9. Hey Luke. Saw your video. And liked the review. I personally like how the retros look this year. And I like the pop-ups. What really suck is that the pop-ups card don't pop up and stand up.
    Youtube name:elijahking13

  10. O-pee-chee looks a little bit better probably going to bust a box
    YouTube - muellerfan88

  11. im not a big fan of opc and still am not cuz its too low end. Im not planning on buying any of this product

    Youtube- MattsSportsCards

  12. the best OPC ever made and the best low-end set ever made!!

  13. love the look of the pop ups. the base look nice too


  14. The base looks nice but the retros leave something ro be desired. But the rainbow foils are somehing i absolutely love! It must be nice to actually get a good hit in this, though.

  15. I think that Upper Deck should enclose a few more hits than they already have in OPC, just to put it over top of Victory!!!


  16. the sets really nice nice but its o pee chee its not good to get!


  17. I always think Upper Deck does a great job with O-PEE-CHEE it's always a solid product, and it's priced reasonably. It defintley suceeds Victory

    Youtube Username: MrHockeynut77

  18. really love how all the cards look in this years OPC. The one thing I don't like is that the product came out so early!! I would have liked to see all the good rookies in the product. Glad to see autos added in as well.


  19. I think its cool that UD's low end, accessible to everyone product is also retro style, showing young collectors what it was like way back when. For the price point there's nothing wrong with OPC, definitely an upgrade from Victory!


  20. pretty goodlooking cards ive always liked the marqee rookies


  21. I really dislike this product this year! I have never liked it that much but even more so this year. It just does not look good at all. I would have like if upper deck got rid of o pee chee rather that victory because that looked a lot better than this did. Also I think UD should bring back MVP because it always looked really good and it was on the cheaper end of products but you still got a jersey in a hobby box.

    Thanks for the Contest!


  22. Once again, you've done it. after seeing some of the penguins cards in this set & checking out the review, i have ordered yet another product thanks to your help!! The set looks awesome this year! Its been awhile since ive purchased OPC, but this has changed my mind. i love watching you open new products, aswell as the ever exciting retail reviews. In my opinion, i love your commentaries with the products!!

    YT User: Nelsonelson533

  23. Another great review as always! I like the layout of this years OPC but I wish the big rookies were in it!

    YT - GelzySports

  24. i actually like OPC. just because its at a great price point, so anyone can pull decent stuff out of it. im loving the retro theme.. IMO 100X better than the playoff beard variation from 11-12 OPC. thanks again luke!, keep up the amazing work!

    YT - canucks112785

  25. im dissapointed in opee chee this year . i hate the pop ups . but i do like that they added patches this year .
    - vancanuckman1234

  26. I really like the look of 12-13 OPC. The base cards are the nicest out of the OPC products since OPC Premier. Rookies and Legends are also looking better than 11-12. I'm not crazy over the Pop ups, and I think the 12-13 Retros are a step down from the 11-12 ones.
    The hits disappointed me though. I really loved the look of the autos in it last year but this year I find them too crowded and unappealing. The manufactered patches are OK, but I'd much prefer the Quad GU jerseys from previous years.
    Overall I'd give this years OPC 6/10

    Thanks again for the contest


  27. i dont like it this year. very poorly made ans stickers are kinda childish. seems very half ass made. definatly not gonna buy any with lame inserts poorly numbered and ugly base
    youtube capitals103

  28. I dont like this years o pee chee and never liked it, but its fun to open.

  29. personally, i love opc this year. As, a hockey ttmer i am glad you don't have to prep these cards.


  30. I doesn't like this years OPC at all. I'm not a big fan of the retro design, and to be honest the only card set that I like in this product is the black border foil base cards...

    To be very honest, I liked last years Victory more They at least had a bit more classy feeling, with their gloss and the nice MVP cards. :# This is just a bit too much retro. Maybe nice to somebody, but I don't like them at all.

    YouTube: Majlfp

  31. Looks like a super fun product to bust - i love the variations and retro insert design. Very good review!

  32. YES NO VICTORY!!!! I think o pee chee has always been a fun product to break. You can get various cool inserts.

    YouTube username: flamescollector

  33. I can respect how card companies are trying to hurry and get the newest sets of the year out to the public, with that said, if Upper Deck would have slowed down, they wouldn't have missing numbers and backs. I understand this may be a low end card, but you don't have to make it look like a low end card by making mistakes and saying oops oh well. I agree with some of the comments that the POP- UP cards are cool because they are the old school diecuts. If anyone can remember the really old Topps baseball cards then you will know where I am coming from with the next comment: if UD want to really give you that old school/retro look, then on the back if the cards, instead of it being blank or empty, they could put those funny facts about the athletes...ex. Crosby eats 3 hotdogs before every game (not a fact I hope). I think OPC, since it is a more low end product, should really target gets kids to start collecting, and with the stickers and POP-UPS, I believe they are almost there.

    YT- jdlax99

  34. O-pee-chee sucks. Why make it so difficult to get a vuluable (mem/auto) card? Waste of cardboard. On the bright side, I like that all the RC's are new rookies.

    Thanks for the contest.


  35. Nice reveiw Luke! I totally agree that the Retro cards are just a bit too plain and wouldnt be all that appealing if you collected a could chunk of the set. I think i liked last years retros a bit more. However, i dont mind the rookie cards, they have a decent design.

    Youtube username: reimer134

  36. Great review! The base cards look very retro this year. I' not a big fan of O-Pee-Chee but they do look great this year. Thanks again for having the contest also.

    Youtube: blackhawks61895

  37. Awesomme review! Love the look of the retro cards, Huge fan of O-Pee-Chee, cant wait to get a box this year.

    Youtube: MrMinecraft230

  38. personally I love opc, I love the retro cards, the cardboard back and the legends/rookies design. I will for sure be busting some soon. Thanks for the contest.


  39. i really like OPC this year compared to last year i like the design and really like the patches... i hope to get one soon! Thanks for the contest!


  40. I love O-Pee-Chee and I think it is the biggest set every year.

  41. I enjoy the o-pee-chee set, I had 15 dollars, and got a 14 pack blaster of this yesterday, I just got it at London Drugs (A canadian electronics, pharmacy, and such store). So I did not get it High-End-Retail or at a special card store. I did end up pulling some nice cards including a Retro-Marquee Rookie- Silver Parallel (Silver Parallel is what you would call it, right?) of Joe Sakic (I don't know why they made him a rookie card... ) So it was a bit of an all-in-one. I also got 18 other inserts including 5 first round rookies! I though, that for 11 dollars, It was a pretty good set to get your money worth out of.

    I guess that was kind of my review....