Tuesday, July 3, 2012

2011-2012 ITG Broad Street Boys Review

Continuing its trend in producing specialty hockey themed cards, In the Game brings us Broad Street Boys. Here is a unique product that focuses only on one team, and one team alone: the Philadelphia Flyers. Obviously this is a GREAT product for Flyers Fans. But I was curious to see if this box would bring satisfaction to a collecter who really doesn't root for or have any real interest in them. Will this product win me over, a San Jose Sharks fan? Will it appeal to me? Will it make me want to buy some more? Let's see!

Base Card Design -
Each box/pack of Broad Street Boys will come with 8 base cards. The base cards vary in theme depending on which era or facet of the Flyers the player represents. Despite having these different themes (and designs), the base cards have the same general feel and look to them. So rather than evaluating each subset of the base set individually, I'll take them all in as a whole.

I have to applaud ITG in their effort to 'up' their base cards. We saw in their earlier Captain-C release that foilboard was chosen rather than plain card stock, and this premium aspect was used here in Broad Street Boys as well. The base cards have a completely foiled surface that refracts light nicely. When the base cards are tilted you can easily see a rainbow shimmer across the front. Each card has a silver border which helps accentuate the rainbow effect. The base cards are also appropriately orange and black - the Flyers' team colors. Naturally, the color scheme makes a whole lot of sense here.

Though the quality of the physical card may have been raised, I feel that the design elements here have been taken a notch down. The fonts and design schemes used in the different subsets of base cards look dated and don't compliment the foil processing well. I get the sense that ITG tried to make the card design match the era that the player represented, but looking at the base cards gives me a sense of disjointed-ness.

I will also mention that the photo selection here is a bit lacking. Looking at all the cards together does not give me a sense of action... rather it is more like flipping through an old yearbook.

The backs of the cards are very typical ITG fare. These cards carry no stats, but rather focus on giving collector's more information on how the player contributed to the Flyers.

Base Card Design Score:

Inserts/Game-Used/Autos -
Each box of Broad Street Boys will contain 6 memorabilia or autographed cards. There are no non-hit inserts to be found in the set. I believe the division of the main base set did a nice job of creating an insert-type feel so non-hit inserts aren't really missed here. The box that I opened contained 2 memorabilia cards and 4 autos.

The most common type of memorabilia card is the standard Game-Used Jersey Black swatch card. These cards are vertically oriented, which I like because many of ITG's jersey cards are horizontal - so this is a little different. The cards carry a medium sized chunk of jersey and are limited to only 120 copies of each. The cards themselves are unnumbered, but the print-run information can be obtained from ITG's website. The Ron Hextall card shown above states on the back that the jersey piece was from a Flyers gamer. I certainly appreciate this knowledge. If I were a Flyers fan, it would give me joy to know the piece came off a Flyers jersey rather than a Nordique or Islanders one. In terms of the design, the card looks nice. The colors used are modern. Nothing to complain about here.

Goaltenders Jersey cards are limited to just 50 copies each. The design on these cards are more reminiscent of a typical ITG jersey card. Though the card seems rather plain, I do like the combination of colors on the card. The sea-foam green background works well with the orange and black. Again with this card, the swatch is guaranteed by ITG to be from a game-used Philadelphia Flyers jersey.

Here is an example of the standard autograph card in Broad Street Boys. As usual, ITG employs sticker autographs for these cards, but they blend in to the design so well that it is hard to tell they are even stickers. In terms of card design, these cards are pleasing. They utilize the Flyer colors well and have a busy-ness about them that prevents them from being boring. My only complaint would be that all boxes will have multiples of this type of autographed card so they could get tiresome. With a very deep checklist and star players being short-printed, the odds of getting a player you want may be slim when purchasing just one box.

Unfortunately, my box of Broad Street Boys was not too exciting, but I do know that there are awesome cards to be found within boxes of the product. You may find game-used stick pieces, patches off jerseys, and even entire letters off the back nameplate of a jersey!

Inserts/Game-Used/Autos Score:

Overall Rating -
Earlier in this review I asked if this product would appeal to me, a Sharks fan. With the box I opened the answer would be an unfortunate 'no'. I didn't get anything that would excite me to purchase more of this product. And even if I had pulled something crazy out, I would probably just sell it and recoup my box money. For collectors who are not Flyers fans, I can't see much to want to get out of a box of Broad Street Boys. Most of the autographs are of players most people would not follow and probably would not care to own (sounds harsh, but true!). The base cards are a bit lackluster, and standard jersey cards of those same players just wouldn't do it for me.

As a Flyers fan though, I would buy boxes and boxes of this stuff. Though the product has its flaws, being a loyal Flyers fan would compel me to purchase it. And I would probably REALLY enjoy seeing all the Flyers come out of the boxes. Eventually I know I would have to pull out some very rare and unique cards that I would love in my personal collection.

So for this review I am giving two overall scores - a first for The Cardboard Review!

Overall Rating for non-Flyers Fan

Overall Rating for a Flyers Fan

Check out my box of ITG's Broad Street Boys:


  1. I think this is a really coo, product for flyers fans. Its col that they made an entire product about one team. Any flyer collector would love this.


    1. Cool review I see that it is just all from the flyers cause broad street is were they play nice cards but like most itg products I don't like hockeycardcollecters

  2. i think its a really neat product, i dont like itg products that much but i have to give them some credit because its a good product, just wish it wasnt all flyers.


  3. This has got to be one of the best ideas for flyers fans out there. It's a great treat for the fans.

    YouTube- beastsunleashed

  4. I really don't like the flyers (sorry flyers fans) but I think focusing on one team is a cool idea. I probably won't buy any of this stuff, but I'll wait until the CGY flames product comes out ;)

    YouTube username: flamescollector


  5. I love the hits but i don't think it will sell insanely well because there is only flyers in it


  6. honestly.. not one of my fav. ITG products.. , though if they started making sets for the other teams, then i would pick it up (im not a flyers fan) .. though about the cards themselves.. it looks way too busy for me, as a huge change from H&P and BTP.


  7. This whole project tanked. More uninspired tired design from ITG. Look for this stuff in the bargain bin soon.

  8. Solid and honust review. I'm not interested in this product nor a Flyers fan. It looks like the Enforcers product, kind of low value and not worth the doe.


  9. Not a Flyers fan, but I really like this idea, and I hope they continue it with other teams.

    That said, ITG's design philosophy is starting to tire. Time for a revamp over the off-season.


  10. Product has SOLD OUT. While the design is a lacking a little the concept is neat. As a Flyers fan I enjoy this. Wish they had a better selection of players GU'd. I am sure that if every team had thier own series it would sell well within thier market. Give credit to a company who does not have an NHL license. All companies have the same design which is thier signature.

  11. I wouldn't buy this because it is only about one team and that docent really make me want to buy this. But it is a cool product anyways.

    Youtube: EOJ18

  12. ITG is usually very impressive with their unique card style but im not very impressed with this product mainly because its a Flyers fan box

    Youtube: MattsSportsCards

  13. this is really cool i hope the try to put out more of this but as other teams like the kings,habs, or leafs


  14. I think that the idea of having an entire box full of one team is great for collectors that collect a certain team.

    Joffrey LupulFan

  15. I like the idea, and it looks like a great product for Flyers-fans. Products like this, with a special theme, is unfortunately something that ITG have to do when they doesn't have license to produce NHL-cards. I would love to see ITG making official NHL-cards, and by that way use full pictures of the players and write the whole teams name out, get more logos and stats etc. With their conditions I think they do a great job.

    Youtube: Majlfp

  16. Its like you said only really for flyers fans. The base are pretty nice lookin. I dont like the look at all of the inserts. Neat concept but would be awesome if they made this product for all teams.


  17. tbh im not really a huge fan of products like this and captain c but the cards still look cool

  18. i honestly dont like this product at all.i find there is no appeal to buy this if your not a flyers fan.the mem and autos they give are really midiocre.i find its a repeat of ALL other ITG products.if you only have flyers fans buying it thats not very good for buisness.my score would have been 3.5/10.(that might seem harsh but thats my opinion)there is no normal base cards like most ITG products wich i also dont like.i find they really over did the foil on the base.another repeat on the autos again the same as most ITG products.

    overall i just find its 1 big repeat of all the other ITG products and not fun at all for non flyers fans.MY OPINION


  19. very similar to decades. not a fan of how they single out one team and turn it into a product. leaves very few options and leads to an overall disapontment. other than this, panini seems to be really stepping up their game.

  20. im not a flyers fan but these cards look alright i thing they should make a product like this for every team youtube name spartoin117

  21. I don't really like this product overall. I think if you are a flyers, this is the perfect product. For a non flyers fan this is not a good product. But the cards look nice. I like the design of the broad street bullies nd the autos.

    thank you

  22. i dont really like this product . i think these cards will be in the bargin bins at card shows.but i do like the base . i like foily cards.
    youtube name - vancanuckman1234

  23. i think the design is pretty nice but i really dont like the fact that its only the flyers... if they had one for each team that would be sick but with only one theres not very much draw to it...

    Thanks Luke!

  24. Great product, the cards have a nice design. I like the jersey card design and the amount of autographed cards per box was very generous.

    Youtube: 14opc

  25. I'm not a flyers fan but it's still a nice product, the base card's design is not so bad, it's like Captain C but for me, the design of the base and the inserts isn't good, except the autographs cards. For the inserts, I liked that they put a lot of autos cards but you didn't take a lot of good players, if it was something better, it would be awesome.


  26. I'd chance a Winnipeg only set... Interesting idea-niche market.

  27. This product is a Flyers fans heaven. But since not all people are Flyers fans I think they should have done an Original Six box with all the teams that consisted of the original six. But to get back to the box I think the base cards are awful. For some base cards design they either put to much work into and its just too much or it looks like they put no effort into making the card and it looks like it's homemade. But I think the jerseys/autos/inserts are what make the box just decent. They all have the classic ITG design.This product is overall a 4.5/10.

    Youtube username: MrHockeynut77

  28. Definitely agree with the idea of ITG putting more effort into design. I honestly couldn't stand BTP's design, and although the is an improvement, they still need work. Great review!


  29. In my opinion, Broad Street Boys is another flawed, bad decision by ITG, along with Enforcers. I have no idea why they would choose to surround an entire product around Phili, when they could've easily at least used an original 6 team with a much larger fan base. Even still, the idea of a one team product turns off alot of collectors, especially considering the designs are quite poor as well. Lastly, ITG needs to scrap their Autograph design, and maybe add different sets of Autos? This might attract alot of collectors to collect the different Autograph sets, rather than consistantly use the same autograph format in every single product. Just a thought... I give this prodect a 3/10


  30. I'm a flyers fan and think that it is a great product for us flyers fans that are loyal to are team. I am also a sharks fan, my 3 favourite teams are...
    once again I think that you are a great collector.In a town near Stratford,Ontario ,Canada they have a Logan couture game were lots of NHL players come for something like an all-star game . you should come to it because all the players sign autogaphs before the game so you could get a few autos or photos with Logan.
    youtube username: spencerandashlyn (one word)
    p.s. if you have any Matt read hockey cards I would be interested in buying them of of you or trading them.

    1. wow, thanks for the info spencer! and thanks for reading my blog. i'd love to check out that game one day.

  31. i LOVE THAT vintage style! It makes the memories to come back :)And also i like idea of this set :) Im gonna try to get whole set

  32. I do not like this product because I don't like the Flyers and I do not like ITG products.

    Thanks again for the contest!!!


  33. Interesting comments on the base card design. We retained an Upper Deck designer to design these base cards for us.

    Glad to report that the product did not "tank", it sold out before release date and is strong in the secondary market.

    This product came out on time and had not redemptions in it. Not like my competitors.

    Brian Price
    In The Game, Inc.

    1. WOW! Thanks for reading Dr. Price! I do appreciate that your products come out on and and have no redemptions. That is a very admirable thing and I totally respect that aspect of your cards. As for the design in BSB, it's surprising that a UD designer came up with the base card design - it is very un-UD like to me. Anyways, keep up the good work. LMK if you want to sponser my ITG breaks! :)