Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Celebrity Autos in Your Hockey Box... Whad'ya Think?

Congrats go out to the Los Angeles Kings who won the Stanley Cup last night by beating the New Jersey Devils 4 games to 2 in a best of seven series. Being a Sharks fan, I thought I'd be a bit unhappy about this... but in the end I don't feel any highs or lows emotionally. The Kings were amazing throughout the playoffs, and good on them for winning it all!

Speaking of the Kings, I just received this beauty of a card in the mail today. It's from 11/12 Panini Pinnacle. I call this a beauty of a card for 3 reasons. Well, one, the obvious one is that Milano is HOT...


Secondly, this card carries a very nice book and street value and is quite desired by collectors. And thirdly... Alyssa Milano is HOT.

Milano has signed for both Panini's football and hockey products and both types of collectors have shown interest in her on eBay. This got me to thinking... Panini has recently come out with a lot more non-traditional autograph cards in their hockey products - cards like Fans of the Game and even announcer cards. What do you think about these types of cards? Do you collect them or want them? I'd be interested in your opinion. If you would, please answer the following questions in the comments section:

1. What do you think of celebrity autograph cards in hockey products?
2. If you could have a celebrity autograph appear in a hockey product who would you want and why?

In my opinion, I do like these card and I find them to be very interesting pulls, but I have heard on various forums that people do not like these kinds of cards. Sound off in the comments section and be heard!


  1. I totally love the idea of announcer autos. When you grow up watching and listening to them, they become just as important as the players (then again, I'm biased because I think they have the best job in the world).

    Celebrity autos are another cool idea because when we think of celebs, we don't necessarily think of them as sports fans like us. Whether it's actors/actresses like Alyssa Milano, or other athletes in others sports (Sam Bradford), it drives a sense of "they're just like us" home.

    That said, they shouldn't overdo it and insert them all over the place. I like them where they are: in 1 set per year.
    Although, I would like larger checklists for both.

    1. Oh. And klowd1661 is my handle.

    2. And because I can't read, if I had to pick one celeb, I'd go for Harrison Ford.
      Or any members of bands I like (to pick one, I'll take Rody Walker of Protest the Hero).

  2. nice card i like clebrity autos but i also think that if you buy a hockey products you should get hockey cards if the auto is an extra its great but if it takes the space of a hockey card it isnt soo good but i think will ferrell should appear in a hockey product hes always at games and hes really funny or the main character from the movie goon 'dough glatt' would also be a very cool auto thanks for the contest my youtube name is hockeykid968

  3. i like the celebrity autos card but i would rather have a hockey player instead i would think it would be funny to get players from the mighty ducks movie.It is a pretty cool auto thanks fro the contest youtube name is goaliefreak2943

  4. 1: Well... I do not like the idea of celeb autos in hockey products. I just think that you buy the product for hockey so you should get hockey back
    2: If i had to choose one celeb auto i would want i would choose adam sandler.
    Youtube username: Mpb7771

  5. 1: I do like the fact of celebriy auto's because they are very RARE!
    2: If I had to pull a celebrity auto it would have to be Ryan Renals (from Green Lantern & The Change Up), I have really enjoyed his acting lately!

    YouTube Username: TheYoungARTISTFTW

  6. 1. I love seeing the celebirty autos in the different products. I say this because it is a change and they usually can book pretty decently better than getting some bad rookie auto of someone.
    2. If I could see any celebirty in a product I would say adam sandler

  7. i dont like the celeberity autos at all cause when i buy my box of cards and it says 3 autos i want 3 player autos because i bought a box of hockey cards not celeberity cards

    i wouldnt like to see any special celeberity card cause i dont want celeberity cards in the first place


  8. I like the idea of putting celebrity autos in prodcuts. its something different, which is nice! Most of them are well known so i think its a great idea and one celebrity auto I would love to have is Bob Cole. Current anounncer for CBC, He is also from my hometown and is one of my favorite announcers by far!

    Thanks for the contest man!


  9. 1. I love the celebrity autos because they look nice and go for a pretty good amount
    2. If I could have any celeb it would probably be justin bieber;) haha just kinding probably David Beckham
    Thanks Luke

    Youtube Name: cn2117HabsFan

  10. Well, I have to agree that getting a autograph of a celebrity would be a very cool thing to have. I like the idea of having things that are new and this is certainly a new thing in the world of collecting. It could expand the fanbase of hockey cards which would be great. Even if you don't like them, they are still of good value and you could simply trade it for a great hockey card you want(which is the beauty of collecting).One thing that I would like to see in a hockey product is an insert or autograph with the celebrity at a game showing the support for his or her team. To sum all of this up, the whole idea of celebrity cards would only do good for the hobby that we all enjoy.
    My youtube is papi9797

  11. i like how there adding in other cool ideas like celebrity autos, and they should continue doing this as its a neat card when you pull it.


  12. i just love pulling them . its neat to have a celebrity in hockey products .they also book pretty good value.
    i would like some soccer player or basketball player like kobe bryant or david beckham . that would be nice.

    youtube name -vancanuckman1234

  13. 1- i actually like it! i think it adds depth (so that people that dont normally collect hockey, would start busting packs/boxes) :)

    2- theres two celebs that id love to see get their own cards,

    Alyssa Campanella & Torrance Coombs! both are avid Canucks fans! Alyssa was miss usa 2011 , and Torrance is an actor!
    (luke .. alyssa would be up your alley ;) haha ) (yes they are a couple)

    YT - Canucks112785
    CnC - LuSchnied

  14. I personally think that the fans of the game is super cool
    Joffery LupulFan is YouTube name
    Also for a the other question, I'd love to have a David Beckham csrd

  15. 1: i think celebrity autos are great so then you can get a autograph without actully meeting them
    2: i like to see basicly any celebrity that enjoys watching hockey and is a actual fan like alyssa milano
    my youtube name is spartoin117

  16. i think they are pretty cool but if you are garenteed 3 autos it should be an extra auto. if i could get a celebitys auto i would want adam sandler.
    youtube name- phxfan19

  17. I like the idea of having celebrity cards in products. The only reason I do not like them is wen they are counted as a hit and you are denied a Hockey Player Mem/Auto card (thats why you buy the product). It would be cool if they had some more fans of the game sign...

    Mike Myers (Leafs)
    Vince Vaughn (Hawks)
    David Beckham (Kings)
    Carrie Underwood (Preds)

    - jtgoleafs (IT FINALLY WORKED)

  18. I like how they have celebrities/NHL announcers autos in the sets but, I would rather it be an extra hit than it counting as a hit for the box. It's cool and all but when I think of buying a sports product whether it's hockey, baseball, football or other sports, I'm looking for hits from that sport. Such a hit like this should be extra if it is actually pulled but they look nice and sell for quite the sum of money. They should really continue making sets like the ones in Pinnacle and Crown Royale but like i said previously, these cards should be used as an extra hit.


  19. 1. Like the fact that they are rare and have value
    2. As a habs fan, would like to see vigo mortenson ( think I misspelled it) he would look bada55 on a card

  20. I think they are awesome and cool to collect celebrity autos as I try to get any female ones I can. I have a load of Jennie Finch ones as Im a HUGE fan of her....Trying to get the Milano and the Beadle auto....hear there is going to be an Erin Andrews Auto coming soon as I would love to have that. Id love to see a Jenn Brown auto since Erin Andrews will have one soon but as for female autos I'd also love a Danica Patrick as well but those can be very expensive. If I could have a celebrity auto on a card I would say it would have to be Denzel or Al Pacino....it wouldnt make much sense but why not? I know its not gonna happen as it would have to be someone younger but you never know. Id take Michelle Monaghan (sp) as well since im a big fan of hers too

  21. 1. I don't really like celebrities in hockey products unless they are HOT like Alyssa Mirano haha... always a tough pull though
    2. I would want an autograph of Chad Kroeger because heis Canadian and the main member of my favourite band Nickelback. It would be cool to get bands/artists more connected with the game of hockey

    YT: OnlyTheMagnificent

  22. 1. I like the idea! Kinda wish they could get some higher profile celebrities and bigger checklists for these sets though.
    2. Here's kind of a cool site: http://bleacherreport.com/articles/795093-carrie-underwood-and-each-nhl-teams-biggest-celebrity-fan
    I'd have to say a Neil Young auto would be pretty alright with me!

    - jpbboyle

  23. Personally I do not like celebrity autos in hockey. Things like coaches and announcers are one thing but most of the celebrity autos have very little worth to me.
    Thanks Luke

  24. Ehh not too big on the celebrity autos, but I would probably love it if I pulled someone I like. I feel like Will Ferrell would be really popular and maybe that pornstar from behind the Devils' bench (not). Thanks for doing this contest, Luke.

  25. I like these cards!
    The biggest advantage is that you can sell them on ebay if you dont like these cards but many collectors really want these cards!
    1. If they are extra cards that's sick and good! If they are not extra whatever only if its not Bieber!

    2. And if I have to choose i would say Arnold Schwarzenegger that will be cool because you can pull stronger people than hockey players!

  26. I personally think that I would be pretty disappointed if I bought a $100 box of HOCKEY cards and managed to pull an autograph of someone who didn't play HOCKEY. I can see the idea being cool to some people but it's not for me. However, if I happened to pull an auto of someone who I especially liked it would be kinda cool... Just not from a hockey product.

  27. 1. Is nice that celebrity fans are in sets. I like them and its nice see who is fan of a some team.
    2. I´d like to have Alyssa Milano.

    Youtube: 64AllSports

  28. I would only like to have celebrity autos in hockey products if they were an extra. I would not want to get a celebrity if it is one of the autographs that is guaranteed in the box.
    If I could get a celebrity I would be mad if it was not an extra and I wouldn't care who it was.

    Youtube Name:EOJ18

  29. I like the idea of these autos in hockey products. I think it would be great to have more of them in future products. If I could have any card like this it would be of Donald Trump, as he is a NJ fan and I saw his interview at one of the games!

    YouTube: 14opc

  30. i honestly do not like the fact off them in hockey products. i think it takes away all the exitment especially if you get some no-name person

    But if i did get one i would want it to be david bekham mainly because i dont open soccer cards and he is one of my favs


  31. I think they should only be in Pinnacle, it keeps pinnacle some what cheap but still having valuable nice cards. I think they should be autos of people who were in hockey movies or where in the miracle on ice and stuff, or be of announcers. My youtube name is Connor Justin

  32. I don't like the non hockey autos at all. Alyssa Milano, for example, is someone that I never heard of. Maybe it is because I'm from Sweden, but I would be very disappointed if I pulled that instead of a hockey player in my box. Fine, as an extra hit it's great. But I don't like the idea to replace hockey autos with other celebrities at all.

    If I had to pick one celibrity it probably should have been some like Barack Obama, or someone that are famous to the whole world. But over all i prefer hockey cards, not actors...

    Youtube: Majlfp

  33. 1. I actually love this, Its a change of thing you like. Hockey as sport is huge and many celebrity watch it and i have not yet got an celebrity autograph in hockey but cant wait to get one.

    2. I would like to see huge movie and sport persons. Like Adam Sandler,Bruce Springsteen or Jim Carrey. These persons autograph is hard to get so would be cool..

    Youtube is MrThendro.

  34. 1.) I think it is a great idea to have celebrity cards in card sets, it makes it seem even more cooler than it already is.

    2.) I would have Jack Nicholson auto because of the fact that he has gone to many sports game and is a great actor.

    Youtube username: beastsunleashed

  35. 1. Well it's an interesting concept to say the least! I do like the celeb fan idea. That way maybe you can find out something of your favorite team that you didn't know before. :)

    2. I would probably like to Cobie Smulders from How I Met Your Mother since she's a big Canucks fan.

    Youtube name:arrivingfern57

  36. 1. I don't really like the non hockey player autos because when I open a hockey product I would like to get a hockey player. That the reason I collect, not for fans autographs.

    2.I would like to see a Will Ferrell auto because he was the fan i liked the most at the Stanley Cup Finals.


  37. 1. I wouldn't collect them because I'm only into sports related cards (Hockey & UFC). It's not bad that these "fans of the game" are included though. I'd be happy to get any of their autographs and especially if they're of someone I like. I recall Johnathan Davis from KORN having an autograph in a Panini product, that'd be cool to pull.

    2. I would want Keanu Reeves's auto to appear in a hockey product because I read a great short detailed blurb on his life on 9gag.com and apparently he's super down to earth for a celebrity. Also I've been told I look like him.

    Youtube username: ryannturnaa

  38. 1. i Like seeing the celebrity autos, its a nice addition to all sports products, it gives it a nice twist. It is very interesting that they came up with this idea. It is a good one though.
    2. A celebrity i would like to see have a card in a hockey product would be Seth Rogan. although he has absolutely nothing to do with hockey i like his movies
    Youtube username

  39. i don't mind the celeb sigs its a nice sub set i don't mind it but i not sure that they have to be based on hockey maybe like a other sports player and there fav team and u then can make a auto for it but its not a bad i idea just i wont freak out for one or try and get one


  40. 1)I think it is a good and clever idea. Helps mix up the checklist a bit, to help add intrique. Currently, i would not collect any celeb autos from a hockey product.

    2)One Celeb auto I'd LOVE to have is a Gord Downie autograph (Frontman of The Tragically Hip)on a Boston Bruins card.

  41. 1) I like seeing celebrity autos in hockey products because it gives the product a nice touch. Usually the celebrities are well known and I think it'd be awesome to pull a celeb auto.

    2) There are two celebrities I'd like to see to have a card in a hockey product; Ed Sheeran and Chris Martin from Coldplay.

    Thanks for the contest Luke!


  42. 1. I like the idea of celeb autos in products because it is coolto put in and makes the hobby a bit different
    2. If i pulled a celeb auto i would want it to be from Adam Sandler
    Youtube user micerule934

  43. 1. Celebrity autos are AMAZING, but there are some celebrities auto that i dont know so which kinda sucks. I love celibrity autos and i think it is awesome! Why is it awesome? it is awesome because it connects celebrities with hockey. It builds the connection and it tells us hockey collectors that celebrities to watch hockey :)

    2. If there was a celebrity that i would like to see on a card would have to be rosie huntington. One reason. SHE IS STUNNING, HOT, GORGEOUS, BEAUTIFUL and most definitely SMEXY ;)

    Thanks for the contest luke!

  44. 1. I love Celebrity autos...cards like the Justin Bieber autograph bring unexpected value to products.
    2. I would want Trey Anastasio, the lead singer of Phish, to appear in a hockey product. he is a huge flyers fan and would be a great addition to "Fans of the game"
    aronowm2 on youtube

  45. I think its a cool thing to get aan auto of a celebrity or announcers. I would want the auto to be of channing tatum because hes my favorite actor

  46. The one above is MrMat18033

  47. 1. I think its a a really cool thing and would love to pull some but the only thing is would you rather pull a celeb or a PC hockey player?....
    2. i dont know who id want to see...

    Thanks for the Contest luke!

  48. i kind of like the idea of celeb autos in the print run i think it is kind of cool because if u collect other sports or like celebrities. if i could see one celeb on the auto checklist i thin it would be a star in a diffrent sport like david beckham or someone like that im not saying i like beckham i think it would be cool to see other sports autos in hockey so ya if i could choose a celeb it would be meghan fox kuz shes a deasent actress and shes soooooo hot like alyssa milano ;)

  49. I am subscribed to you on youtube and I agree with your review on titanium I have also got a box of 11-12 titanium
    and got a game worn gear of calvin de haan, sam gagner, lars eller, a matt frattin rookie card #39 and a new wave auto of dwight king,
    youtube username:spencerandashlyn (one word)