Wednesday, June 13, 2012

2011-2012 Panini Titanium Review

Another 'blast from the past' product comes out to collectors today: 11/12 Panini Titanium! This mid-high-end product comes in a funny shaped box with only 5 packs. Each of the 5 packs will contain a jersey/patch, autograph, or combination of both along with 3 base cards. Let's open up a box and see if we get something solid... get it? SOLID... as in titanium?!?! Never mind...

Base Card Design -
This being a higher tier product with the name Titanium, I was expecting a base card of a higher level than what I found inside my packs. The Titanium base cards are anything but titanium in nature. The cards come on medium glossy card stock and have a clean design that doesn't particularly stand out. The cards feature a large photo of the player on a primarily white/grey graphic. It is a little reminiscent of last year's All Goalies stand alone set, but with even less adornment. In that set, the base cards had silver foil highlighting to enhance that card. That is not found here at all. I would have expected at least the Titanium logo to be in some sort of foil. It isn't.

I really wish Panini would have give the base cards that touch of metallic texturing to match the name. As it stands, there is nothing really special about that base cards, and I don't think collectors would be too excited to collect them.

The back of the base card is more exciting than the front surprisingly. It features a different photo of the player in an action shot. The photo adds quite a bit of vibrance to the card and livens it up quite nicely. All the necessary vital stats are included along with a short write up of the player. As with many of the more premium cards, there is not a huge focus on on-ice stats - only the past season is covered in detail along with a career stat line.

The rookie cards in Titanium have a very unique nature to them that makes them interesting... but a real pain for people who might possibly want to collect a master set of it. In fact, these rookie cards are more than a pain. It is virtually impossible to complete the rookie card set. The rookie cards in Titanium are all serial numbered to the player's jersey. This is good in terms of this year's hottest rookie, Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, who has the number 93. But there are more than a few rookies numbered to less than 10. There is even Mikko Koskinen who is numbered to only ONE. Yep, so realistically, there is only 1 person in the entire world who could possibly own a master rookie card set of Titanium.

So I think I can safely say that Titanium is not a product for the set builder both in terms of card design and of course rookie scarcity.

Base Card Design Score:

Inserts/Game-Used/Autos -
As I stated before, each pack of Titanium will contain 1 hit - an autograph or memorabilia card. In this way it is almost like buying a box/pack of Upper Deck's SP Game-Used. Titanium is a very different product stylistically than SPGU though. In terms of the hits, there is a variety of different types of inserts to be found, and each carry unique and varied designs.

The most common hit you will get in Titanium is the standard jersey card called Game-Worn Gear. If purchasing this product by the pack, this is the card you will most likely stumble upon. As a standard jersey card this has been done many, many times over. The piece of jersey found on the card is relatively small, but comes in a unique geometric shape. The border of the card has the image of metal plating, but is not metallic. As with the base cards, a little foil on this card would have gone a long way in terms of visual appeal. The grey and black color scheme of the card is solid, but these cards do not stand out in any way, shape, or form.

Game-Worn Gear cards have numerous variations. This one above of Jordan Staal and Tyler Kennedy is a very short printed patch variation. The Game-Worn Gear cards will feature prime pieces of jersey, patches, and autographs. Though the standard Game-Worn Gear card may be pretty boring, it would be fun for collectors to put together the entire rainbow of cards for a particular player. I can see that being a  challenging thing for player collectors to do.

Fans of certain teams have the pleasure of pulling the Four Star cards out of Titanium. This good-looking card features four players from the same team along with jersey pieces from each player. This card of the Leafs is limited to just 75 copies. As with the Game-Worn Gear cards, there are different higher tiered variations of these cards that will contain patches or prime jerseys. And again... wouldn't it be awesome to get the entire rainbow for your favorite team?

Above is a card that I think will get very mixed reactions from collectors. This is an example of a Sweater card. I was pretty happy with this rare dual patch and autographed card, but I'm not so sure about the design of the card. I personally am not a fan of cards that don't feature a photo image of a player on card. These types of cards are somehow lacking for me. ITG is a company that had been forced to do that on occasion, but I couldn't see how any company with a license would purposefully choose not to use player images. Well, here's a card that doesn't. Do you think that the memorabilia and autograph are enough? Or are you like me and need to have that photo on there? Let me know!

In terms of autographs and memorabilia cards, there are more to be found in Titanium. Private Signings are back and have a few notable names such as Gabriel Landeskog, Eric Lindros, and Carey Price. There are also New Wave autographed cards as well as many other memorabilia cards to be found within the product. I am impressed by the amount of content Panini has been able to cram in here.

Besides autographs and memorabilia cards, Titanium has two parallels to the main set of cards. There are the Spectrum Ruby cards that have a red foil board backing and are numbered to 99, as well as a gold Spectrum version numbered to only 10. These parallel versions are nice, but again, with a name like Titanium, I would have liked something more metallic in nature. Actually, the look of these cards would have been nice if they had been the standard base card.

Inserts/Game-Used/Autos Score:

Overall Rating -
For about $100 a box for 5 hits, I would say Titanium is worth it. As with all hockey card products, there will definitely be boxes not worth the money spent on it, but Titanium has quite a bit to offer to collectors. There are just so many fun possibilities to find in boxes of it!

The closest comparison I can make with Titanium is Upper Deck's SP Game-Used. In SPGU, collectors are spending around $180 per box for 6 packs. Here you get 5 packs for $100. In both products you get one hit per pack. I would say in terms of overall value, Titanium takes it hands down. SP Game-Used may have more monsterous hits, but for collectors who purchase only a few boxes, Titanium is the safer bet.

I would definitely recommend purchasing Titanium. It has a price point that works well for collectors who can afford to buy cards by the box. Though the base cards totally underwhelmed me, this product really isn't about the base cards anyways. It's about only one of those cards you get in that pack. And I'm pretty sure you know which card I'm talking about. Hint - it's the one that doesn't look like the rest.

Overall Rating:
(Not an Average)

Check out my box of 11/12 Panini Titanium that I bought from D&P Sports Cards:


  1. hey luke thank you for another amazing review. i think panini did an amazing job with titanium hockey. the design of the cards are so awsome and the way the rookies are numbered to their jersey number is awsome makes them worth more then normal rookie cards. you really get a bang for your buck.

    youtube name - Priceforthewin


  3. sorry but i think it should be more then a 8.5 i cant wait to get my hands on it really good cards and love the base look just didn't expect all the jersey cards but its a very good mix i thought it would be a lot like crown royal but a find a good mix between limited with the hits but a lot still like crown royal. LOVE this product.


  4. This seems to be a fantastic product. I'd certainly consider getting some InPerson autographs on these base cards! Thanks for the great review.
    YT: Skroeker24

  5. this product could be the product of the year so far, with 5 hits per box at $100 a box, and boxes always have a good hit. i love this product and may get more in the future!


  6. titanium is sick!every thing about is great
    one thing i like about it very pack has a hit and the cards look sick!
    new wave auto-9
    inserts and rookie-9
    other autos,jerseys,patches-9.5
    case hit-10

  7. i think this is the best panini product yet i compare it to sp game used wich it blows out of the water theres alot of patches or dual triple or quad pieces i like the jersey or patch cards with the players jersey in the middle and its dicut a little i really like it i think there good be more inserts though thanks

  8. Hey Luke , I love titanium and I love the idea of the die cut jersey cards.

    Youtube name: elijahking13

  9. i really like the die cut jerseys, just like the cammaleri you got. they look sick

    x Mooner

  10. titanium blows SPGU out of the water. same value at almost half the price. i don't know what is going on with people on ebay though. Paying $200 for a Zac Rinaldo RC card is just insane. I mean, really? all this rookie fever is driving up the box prices to the point where it may be a worse value than SPGU in the coming months.

    aronowm2 on youtube

  11. I think titanium is a very good product, but sort of hit or miss,although when you do get a good hit it is usually a really good hit, from what I have seen busted of this product it is nice but in my opinion not nice enough for the price point. YouTube- SJSharkzz3

  12. hey luke, i really likied the look of the jerseys, duals, hat trick triples, and quad cards. i have to agree with you about the base design it isnt that impressive for such a highly anticipated product.

  13. I Really like titanium i think it has alot of really nice sets in it... i want to get a box but im not sure if i will... im hoping to at least get some singles from it soon though...

    Thanks again Luke!


  14. I love titanium and im so glad im getting a box cause some of the hits are sweet! to bad the jersey auto cards aren't worth that much and i hope titanium isn't gunna be like 11/12 artifacts and the price goes up. Thanks Luke!!

    youtube name: cn2117HabsFan

  15. For me, Titanium is the best product that has been released this year. The value of cards you get for the price of this product is outstanding. I think this product is a cheaper SPGU but with a better chance of getting more value on average in a box. The design overall is great looking aswell. I agree with you about the base, they could be a bit better, seems like there lacking something but most of the sets look great. So yeah for me so far this year, Titanium is my favorite product, thanks for the contest luke!


  16. Actually, I very like the design of the bases but I hate the design of the jerseys, patchs, etc. I always loved the cards of colour, I don't know what's their name but the red, blue.... I think they are awesome, I pretty liked the product. Your break was pretty nice, that's a good product and I like it.

  17. I thought Titanium was the BEST product for Pannini in the year of 2011-2012! I think the Game Worn Gear Cards should have numbered to /999 or lower! The numbered patches and Third Sweaters cards look AMAZING! As USUAL yoiur review was GREAT blacksheep

    YouTube Name-TheYoungARTISTFTW

  18. Hey Luke I love titanium and the jerseys but I think there should be two patches guaranteed in the box since it seems like such a good product Jonathantoewsfan19

  19. Titanium could be one of my favourite Panini products of the year! The price of the box is amazing for the value you get inside! Love the design of the cards and what you can get out of a single box. The only thing I dont like is that there are no real obtainable rookie cards for pc collectors. Being a Gardiner collector it will be very hard for me to get his rookies /17 and/or /51! IMO 9/10!

    Thanks for the contest!

    - jtgoleafs

  20. I really like the look of titanium, I think the base cards should be a bit more glossy but look nice anyway. I love the look of the die-cut jersey autos.

    Youtube Name: GBforce12

  21. overall titanium is a well balanced product of really cool memorabilia and autographed cards... however, i just really can't get over the die cut jersey cards... i don't know maybe its just me, but when i get a players card, i want the player to be on it, not just a picture of the jersey. They are wicked cards and the concept of it is awesome but maybe if the player was actually on it to the side or on the back it'd make it a lot more authentic. but overall a great product and priced reasonably


  22. luke i somehow missed your section talking about the jersey/sweater cards hahaaha and see maybe its not just me! i feel the same! the player should be on it since its their card!


    ps sorry for the second comment :P

  23. Titanium looks fairly specatcular. The multi-mem pieces look excellent, and I think they made rookies what rookies SHOULD be. RARE!
    With the base rookie numbered to just their number and the draft position parallel, there's still under 200 of each rookie. Rookies are always the big pull, but I find all products, and thus the markets, are always so overfilled with them. If you want a successful selling product, as well as have the collector's pick up a few bucks (with which they can buy MORE product), the rookies need to become much more rare. Titanium is the best showing of this, and the sales are proving it (over $50 for the no-name rookies).

    Trevor // TF3W // klowd1661 [YT]

  24. im am so going to buy titanium it looks sweet and my youtube name is spartoin117

  25. this product is loaded and going to buy a few boxes soon.
    youtube: bassplayer1801

  26. I am trying to get into hockey so I have been watching your vids. Anyway I think this set is cool especially with all the diecut autos. But there are alot of jersey and patch cards. You do get a nice patch though. I also thought the cards could of been a little bit more titanium color. Not like chrome, but shinier. I would love to get a box of this.

    Youtube Username- Celticbockers37

  27. Hey I really like titanium hockey I also compared to spend game used and came to the conclusion that titanium is the better product by a mile.I don't really mind not having faces in the card as long as you know who the player is(obviously).so overall me personally would give it a 9 out of very happy and hope to pick up a pack(unfortunately not a box:(


  28. I love this product i think it is one of the best sets this year!


  29. i like this product great design and i love how you get something every pack!!

  30. I really like this stuff, especially the thick rookies. I really hope the price doesn't get jacked up like artifacts. I agree with you about the base though, it's just so...vanilla. But the constant hits more than make up for it. Thanks for doing these contests.

  31. great product ...the only thing i didnt like was the game gear jersey's i dont know why just didnt like the design...great review luke---reistv11

  32. Awesome product, you can pull some really neat cards in this product which makes me give it a thumbs up!

    YT: OnlyTheMagnificent

  33. I'd have to say I completely agree with your review. Disappointing base cards, but decent hits, and a price point that actually seems agreeable makes this a solid product. I haven't tried any of it yet, but I might have to soon.


  34. Normally I am not a huge fan of these lottery style boxes, but I really like the design of Titanium. The base cards look sharp and I think they did a great job with the hits specifically the Sweater card
    Thanks for the contest Luke!!!

  35. This is not a bad product, i really like the cammaleri its a very unique and nice looking card. This product isnt bad i might consider buying a box

    Youtube Username- MattsSportsCards

  36. Was keen for Titanium, now I'm on the fence. Bit over plain looking un-numbered jersey cards, and some of the sticker autos are pretty ugly.

    Still for a $100 a box, there is a chance for some great pulls as well.

    I do agree that the base cards could've done with a little foil to give them a lift, and the jersey die cut is a novel idea but it does feel weird there's no player photo.

    - reebz0r

  37. I agree with your words on the base cards how they are plain and I also agree with your argument on how impossibly hard it would to collect the rookie set. Big Fan! Spencer v
    youtube username: spencerandashlyn(one word)

  38. What can I say more than that Panini has outdone themselves yet again! They are always coming up with unique ideas to keep the collectors wanting their products, and Titanium gives them that.

    Titanium is the perfect product for the price point in which is it set at. Pack wise, it might be a bit of a gamble, but the quality of the hits are excellent. And I am okay with there being many variations of Game Worn Gear along with a strong checklist for all their autograph sets. I particularly like the New Wave autographs.

    The base look fine to me and I just hope that I can use these base cards as perfect TTM cards because they are clean in design.

    I am starting to love collecting everything Panini has to offer. I would give this product a 9/10. Thanks!

    YT: gkolodziej1108

  39. Really awesome review!
    I have some of the old titanium cards in my collection.

    Joffrey LupulFan

  40. Hey Blacksheep
    I actually never knew about Titanium until this year. Saying this, I think this is product is a boss. All the cards are awesome except for the regular jersey cards. I find them kind of plain and boring. Everything else though looks really good. OVERALL 10/10. I also want to ask you a question if you know that upper deck is going to make The Cup this year or not. THANKS feel free to pm me about it cause i am CONFUSED.

    Youtube Username: teeheekid1

  41. I really like titanium because its so cool to get a hit in every pack! I also really like how the rookies are numbered to the jersey number. Thats amazing! There is a one of one rookie!!


  42. I like the rookies #ed to their jersey number and the 4/6 piece relic cards, but the jersey auto with no picture just seems odd to me... All in all though I think it's a nice looking product with some good hits to be found!

    Youtube name: YourSportsNation

  43. i actually like titanium.. better price point than SPGU , and you also get a hit with every pack! it also seems that its easier to hit the single player 6 mem pieces more often, than just rookies /699 + non-numbered authentic fabrics. my fav part of titanium.. the idea for the die-cut jersey cards.. those are amazing!

    YT - canucks112785

  44. only a few words I LOVE TITANIUM
    yt name-hockeyleafs100

  45. i really like the hits in the box and i think the base cards are nice

    youtube username TheJETSMAN1234

  46. At first, when I saw the preview pictures from Panini, I didn't like this product at all. Now, after seeing a few cases on youtube, I have changed my opinion.

    I agree with you that the cards should have been nicer with some more foil on them. With foil I should have liked the base cards very much. Of course it is a bit boring to pull a single Game worn Gear jersey, but the design of the card are still cool (would have been better with foil).

    The cards that I dislikes most are the golden cards, like patches of Game worn Gear. Of course it's nice with patches, but the all gold background makes the card pretty ugly in my opinion.

    Overall I think Titanium is a good product, and it's much cheaper than SP Game Used wich gives even more jerseys...

    Youtube: Majlfp

  47. I think you're right about the home/away/thrid jersey cards. They should have the player's picture. I like the product overall though. I'm still hooked on buying it.


  48. I don't really like the base design either. I wish they added foil to it because it would give a more luxurious look to the base cards. The Spectrum Ruby looks really nice. For the memorabilia, I thought that the jersey cards were plain and unattractive. But the other memorabilia like the patches and the Four Star cards look stunning! It looks more amazing to pull. Personally, I'd buy Contenders instead because I prefer hard signed autos. Overall, I'd rate this 4/5.


  49. Nice product. I like Hat Tricks jersey and patch cards.


  50. I really like this product,One of the best Panini has done. I love that you get an hit in every pack and the jersey/patches looks awesome! Good price and stunning cards and colours. Well done their panini!

    Youtube: MrThendro

  51. Titanium is aan awesome product, probably my favorite so far this year.I love the look of all the cards, except for the base cards. I really love the jersey and auto card with a jersey on it. It just looks awesome.Overall, this is an awesome product

    Thank you

  52. I think that titanium is a really good product. However, like you, I would have rather had some foil on the base cards. Also, I think that the standard jersey cards are a little bit boring


  53. i love the design!