Thursday, March 22, 2012

Box Rippers Contest (Free Limited Eberle RC Auto)

Contest is now over.  Thank you to all who joined in!
Keep an eye out for the next one!

How would you like to win this?

So as many of you know, I am partnered up with Box Rippers. Box Rippers is a forum site for sports card (mostly hockey) discussion as well as group box breaks. The guy who runs Box Rippers is Tiger, a respected person and real class act in the hobby world. People who have been involved with group breaks with Tiger can surely attest to that. He is super generous and fun to talk to. Anyways, I've been trying to help Tiger get traffic to his site - to participate in the forum discussions there. So to generate some traffic and interest, Tiger has generously given me a 10/11 Panini Limited Jordan Eberle autographed to give away! There's not much to the contest, but people who want to win the card will have to put in a little bit of work... fun work though, I promise!

This is what you have to do in order to be in the contest:

1. Join up on Box Rippers (free and easy!). Just create an account. Click here to get to the site.
2. Watch this video on Youtube and enter your Box Rippers username along with "I'm in" in the comments section.

3. Make 50 posts on the forums. But please don't spam posts, those won't count. The mods will be watching (oh yea, I'm a mod on there!)

That's it! I know 50 posts seems like a lot, but we're really trying to get the forum booming with lots of talk and discussion. I have actually recently become a lot more involved in the forums. I've started numerous threads to get the discussion going. Please go check them out and participate - make Box Rippers a site that you are an active part of!

One last thing as a side note. One thing that I really appreciate about Tiger and Box Rippers is that he doesn't put any pressure on anyone to join in on his group breaks. They usually fill pretty easily, but he (and I too) would just like collectors to have a place to go and talk about our favorite hobby and to grow the hockey card hobby as much as we can!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the comments section. Thanks and good luck.


  1. Hello,

    I've recently just went on Box Rippers and saw the Top 20 Pulls. Just wondering if you could ask him if the 2008-09 UD Be A Player Hockey
    CARD--Evgeni Malkin autograph is for trade? I am extremely interested, as I am a huge Malkin fan. Please let me know! Thank You!!

    Beware The Hockey Card Closet

    1. i all ask him and see what he says!

    2. Thanks Man, I would love to add that card to my collection! Will trade BIG for it!!



      Also, do you happen to have an email I can contact you at? I might be interested in some of those cards in your photobucket.

    3. Hey Luke,

      I was wondering if these cards you have are for trade:

      2010-11 Panini Certified Evgeni Malkin Mirror Red 2 Jersey Pieces and from that same brand I found in your trade list the Evgeni Malkin Fabric of the game Blue piece.
      Also wondering if the 2010-11 Luxury Suite jersey card of Sidney Crosby.


      Kyle :)
      Beware The Hockey Card Closet

    4. alright, heard from tiger... unfortunately that card has been gone for a while now. as for my malkin, that can be for trade. i don't have the crosby or other card anymore, though there are some people asking me about the malkin at the moment.

    5. Ok thanks for asking him. Can I have your email so I can PM you what I have to offer for that Malkin? Thanks

  2. I'm in----I'm kazi-thanks for the contest

  3. i'm in

    user jclouie

  4. Hey Luke, Not sure how to get in touch with you but as I read your reviews thought you might be interested in a Certified Black parallel (1/1) of Ryan Clowe. I collect Leafs and my e-mail is LMK if you're interested.