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2011-2012 Score Review

Low-end shmo-end!  Panini brings out a solid product that any collector would have fun busting.  Score comes at you with a ton of great cards and special surprises.  Unlike some low-end products, this one actually gives you a chance at some pretty heavy hits.  This year's Score is hard to beat at its price point!

Base Card Design -
Last year when Panini returned to the hockey card world they decided to give collectors products that felt like they did in the past.  10/11 Score had a very 90's look and feel to it.  This year it seems that Panini is staying away from the retro base set feel, and giving us an attempt at a more contemporary design.  The basic Score card is extremely clean and sparse.  It has the most minimal pieces of information on the front - player and team with the score brand and team logo.  That's it.  The team's colors give the photo a nice border highlight to encase the player.  I have to say that I enjoy the look of these cards.  They are very bright and feature nice photos of the players.  But how much do I enjoy the cards?  Well, I can't say that I'm jumping out of my chair for them, but they're 'good enough'.  They look nice and are pretty much what I would expect from this type of product.

The backs of the base cards give a complete career statistics of the featured player.  The design of the back lends itself very well for displaying information.  Impressive job Panini!  If there was one thing I would add, it would be nice to have a head shot of the player.  This, I believe, would really make the backs look like a full-statistical readout of the player that you might find on NHL.com or other information source.  I do have to commend Panini on the write-up of the player on the backs of the cards.  It's great to have a bit more than just numbers to look at.  These make for a fun read and help collectors learn more about their favorite players.

Included within the base set of Score are Season Highlight, All Rookie Team, and other subset cards.  The cards have a very similar design to the basic cards of the set save for a special graphic indicating the subset type.  These cards point out significant players from last season, and give collectors extra opportunities to pick up cards of the players they collect.  The Season Highlight cards are especially notable because they particularly point out special events that should be remembered.  One of my favorites is shown above.  It's Penguins Legend Mario Lemieux playing at last year's Winter Classic.  Awesome!

The Hot Rookie cards are back again to fill out the rest of the set.  These cards have been improved from last year's design.  The cards do a nice job of making the rookies jump out at you.  Notice how Cody Hodgson's image is in front of the Hot Rookies graphic.  It's a nice job by the designers to do little things like that to make the cards better.  I really enjoy how different these rookie cards are from the rest of the set.  They certainly stand out, and I think collectors will enjoy collecting these cards.

Base Card Design Score:

Inserts/Game-Used/Autos -
In the 1990's, card collectors were crazy about insert cards.  It was all the rage.  Inserts cards are far less prevalent now than they were back then, but Score does a pretty good job of reaching the amount of inserts you can get within a product since way back in the day!  The inserts you can find in 11/12 Score actually have their roots in the early 90's.

This Franchise insert card of Taylor Hall is a good example of a modernized 90's insert card.  I remember trying to pull Franchise inserts in high school... they were tough pulls!  These Franchise inserts actually probably match the same ratios as the ones in back then, but unfortunately, they don't have the same appeal or value they once carried.  The same goes for the stunning looking black and white Score B inserts.

Another thowback insert card type is this die-cut NHL logo insert.  It's hard to tell in the scan, but the top portion of this card is die-cut so that the NHL logo is pointy on top.  I wasn't sure how these cards would turn out, but I think they actually look quite nice.  The points on my Eric Staal card are razor sharp!  This is definitely an interesting and fun card to pull out of a pack.  I am sure younger collectors would especially appreciate a card like this one.  Another die-cut card available out of score are the Snow Globe inserts.  These cards come back this year with a slightly updated design.

And of course how can I not mention parallel cards when writing about Panini!?!  There are gold cards like the one shown above, black bordered ones, as well as the one-per-pack glossy cards.  I am very glad that this year the glossy cards have a special notation on the back that says it's the glossy version.  As a collector, I like to put all my cards in penny sleeves... and it was very difficult to distinguish the glossies from the regular cards.

Though I didn't pull any in the box I opened, I know that Panini has done some sneaky things with Score.  Last year there were French back versions that were rumored to be limited to 5 or 10 copies each.  This year I think there might be thicker photo variations of cards inserted into Score.  They might be as rare as the French backs.  I'm not sure though.  If anyone has specific information about this, please leave it in the comments below!  I'd love to know all of Score's secrets!

And finally, I love that you can pull autographs from Score.  There are rookie autographs as well as base card autographs.  They are a difficult pull, but definitely worthy of a chase since they are a pretty rare find.

Inserts/Game-Used/Autos Score:

Overall Rating -
This year's Score improves upon last year's offering.  I am amazed at how much value and fun Panini has packed into this product.  It is a product that anyone can afford to buy, and there are amazing cards to be found within.  For autograph hunters, the base cards are a superior choice to get in-person or TTM autographs.  They are bright and have a great surface for autos.  Collectors like me who collected in the 90's will enjoy pulling inserts and remember what it was like to chase them back then.  And everyone will appreciate getting the opportunity to get a certified autograph from a pack that costs about $1.  I highly recommend getting some of this product.  Great start to the hockey season Panini!

Overall Rating:
(not an average)

Watch me open a box of Score!


  1. great review! I love the new score. :D

  2. I've busted 3 boxes of this and I must say, you get a lot of value from it. I've hit 4 SP'd rookies (including RNH) as well as 2 rookie autos. The inserts are varied and have cool ideas (Making an Entrance for one) and the big set at such a low points makes building it a challenge, yet affordable. Easily my favourite set so far this year.
    Great review as always.

  3. Seeing as I posted my comment before the contest started, is it still eligible? If so, klowd1661 is my YT name.

  4. i like score this year. I love the bases and glossies, but i don't like you only get one short printed rc :). I love how you get 18 rc even if there a no-namer but there fun to look at. I wish panini would this product a little better all around. My rating 8/10
    My favorite card is RNH rookie card. He is celebrating his first goal using his signature celebration! And the young gun design is awesome!


  5. i like score, its one of those products that you buy for a cheap price, sit back and get some rookies, my problem is that there are no jerseys, so that sucks, but its just a fun nice product and i like it!

    - KingsColleter31

  6. I love score, the price point is great, and you could pull those great sp rookies.
    - Canuckscollector

  7. I think score was upgraded big time this year from last years. I love the base card design and the nhl shield die cut they added looks great! Overall for the cheap price score is a great product for collectors in my opinion.


  8. i like the new score i like the look of the base and inserts but i think that autographs should be like 1:3 boxes not case hits because no jerseys but i would give it 8/10

  9. I actually opened up a box of this myself this year. I would say the product definitly pays for itself. You get 36 packs and you are going to get atleast 1 hit in ever single pack! The base designs are to date, and are very clean. Its really fun to grab some of those hot rookie cards, its a very cheap way to get some good rookies! Very fun product to open, even though it is low end. I would like to bust some more in the future


  10. I'm so glad Score is back from their long hiatus. I just think that the brand is perfect for young collectors with tiny budgets. That is how I started out, and it is a great "gateway" brand to get into more higher-end stuff, as collectors grow up.

  11. I like this years score better than last years I thought the base cards looked better!

    Thanks for the Contests!!!!


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  13. I like this years score, the look of the cards especially. I love the inserts, The nhl shield inserts are awesome! and the rookie cards look cool. Great review Luke! :)

  14. I like score and for the price it just makes it nicer. Out of all the cheap products its probably one of my favorite. I like the new format but it still seems a bit plain. However all the inserts are very nice. I really like the die cut insert of Staal (even if he is playing horrible this season). Overally I would agree with your rating a great product

    youtube= CanesOnTheBrains

  15. i have seen a couple of breaks of this product now, and i`m actually ordering it next week.
    I love the fact that the glossy cards are marked, with something so you can tell the difference =)
    And the rookies stands out from the base cards, wich is nice.
    I really like the Making an entrance cards, cool looking photos on them.
    i saw you pulled a NHL shield die-cut.. one word for those cards. WOW..!!
    Hope i get something similar. =) Thanks for the contest..!!
    Youtube - ROggan_47

  16. This year Score truly delivers for the wallet and for the collectibility. The Hot Rookies design are color coordinated like last year with the respective team. The base design is nice and clean and I think the backs are better and more desprictive then they were in 2010-11. I love the one SP rookie card per box. I know last year I tried to get some of the SP Hot Rookie and it was a struggle trying to find any on ebay. Collation of base is okay through two boxes but I will be busting more boxes of Score for sure.

    gkolodziej1108 on Youtube

  17. I like this years score as the base set is just laid out nice as it is simple looking for this year. I like the different insert sets you can get as well for this product as it is very affordable and you can pull some pretty nice valued cards in there too. Score hits again this year for the value...I just dont like that there is no hobby and its pretty much all retail...that can be good and bad. The looks and colors on some of the inserts are nice as ive been a fan of the hot rookies as I think those are very nice cards....Hope this helps

    Youtube is SlyStealth

  18. i like score and the price of it and the new design of it and this year hot rookies

  19. Now, I haven't broken 11-12 Score yet, but i know it is better than last years score. You have a bunch of SP rookies and you get rookie autos 4 per case or something like it. It isnt bad, it is definitely a product for younger collectors since it is more affordble. I dont mind Score, but there isnt much value in it even if the rookie is hopkins. Overall i would rate it 7/10

  20. Definitely a great, fun product to open especially at the low price where anyone can afford it and have fun busting packs. I really do think they improved from last years.

    Hockeycardfan1000 on Youtube

  21. To me, score is a nice product. It is just a better version of victory I think. The price point is nice and low, which is good if you just have a few spare dollars lying around. The hot rookies are pretty cool looking this year and the die cut inserts are neat as well. The base cards are decent looking but last years were nicer I think.

    -Wilsonethan6 (youtube)

  22. i like this product because its price is not higher than most collector's price range i think the cards looked better last year though my youtube name is reistv11!

  23. Ahhh... Sweet Panini Score!! I'm surprised I haven't broke any of this product yet as it is one of my favourite products to break. For the price it bring a lot of fun and you will never be disappointed as you almost get something in each pack! This hobby is all about the fun. If it wasn't then I wouldn't be collecting. It's always great to break some wax. Weird how I can't find any score here in my area besides the blaster boxes. You always have a chance to pull something really great as well like a recollection auto or even a SSP RC! Panini Score 11-12 is probably one of Panini's most successful products.

  24. compared to last year, the inserts are way better then last year and panini even added more inserts.The only thing that I do not like from this year's score are the base cards, I think that there is too much white on this year.

    Thank you!


  25. CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED... but feel free to comment on my review or tell me what you think about 11/12 Score!