Friday, December 24, 2010

Logan Couture PC Update

Logan Couture Printing Pate from 09/10 The Cup 1/1
(Acquired from a trade from Dogg on SCF! Thanks Dogg!)

So a while ago on my blog I announced that I would be starting a PC (player collection). I was wondering who to collect when I started noticing Logan Couture of the Sharks. I thought he would be a natural player for me to collect for these reasons:

1. I'm a Sharks fan.

2. I started collecting cards again in 09/10 and his RCs are all coincide with that making it sort of a natural fit.

3. He was pretty affordable (more on this later)

4. He's a great young prospect.

5. He really reminds me of my old housemate Alex (who happened to be from Canada). Really nice and has a goofy smile.

Well, it all started off well and good. Logan Couture's cards were CHEAP. I was able to pick up his UD Young Gun for like $3 delivered from eBay. His SPA Future Watch Autos were also readily available for under $10. And his The Cup rookies were also not that bad... maybe around $60 or so dollars on average about a month and a half ago. Well guess what... Couture got hot. In fact, he was probably the only reason the Sharks were winning games. He scored and played good defense - a real 2 way player this kid is. Well, now he's getting a bit more national recognition and his card prices on eBay reflect this. His Young Gun is now around $15 or so, His FW Auto is near $30 and his Cup rookie is around $150 depending on patch. I definitely got into a few bidding wars recently where the prices just sky-rocketed with seconds left in auctions. (If you tried to win some higher-end Cup Couture cards recently and the price jumped a lot... that might have been me... sorry!)

The good thing is I started collecting just before the prices went up for the most part. Now is probably not the best time to get his cards because they are all bloated. I guess if I sold my collection I could probably triple what I paid and get a profit... but I'm not going to do this. Haha... collecting cards isn't really about making a profit.

Hopefully Couture will continue to do well and lead the Sharks to the promised land. And I'll have a gem of a collection! If not... c'est la vie...

Let me know if you have any Couture cards for trade. I'll definitely trade for the or even buy them outright if I don't have them. Oh yea, one more thing... I only collect Couture cards with him on them by himself (no dual, triple, or quad player cards) and only with him in a Sharks uni. If you have other good sharks cards I'd also be interested in them as well. Right now I'm trying to pick up some Ryan Clowe and Jason Demers stuff. Lemme know! If you're on SCF my username is blacksheep.

For now, I'll leave you with this. Today (Christmas eve) I got three packages in the mail from eBay. I'm expecting some more, but this will definitely tide me over until after Christmas!